A week had passed since are four favorite wolves "got down." The snow was already staring to melt, and alpha school would be over soon.

Anyway Humphrey had just gotten back from a hunt.

"Kate I'm back," Humphrey said as he reached their den with a big chunk of carabou in his mouth

"Bonjur," Marcel said as he and Paddy flew down near the wolf

"Marcel? Paddy?" Humphrey said "What're you doing here?"

"Touring Japer to see where the best golfing spots will be this year," Marcel said

"Yes from the looks of it they'll be a smashingholes to play," Paddy said

Just then Kate came out of the den, she looked kind of sick

"Kate are you okay?" Humphrey

"Oh my she dosen't look well," Marcel said

"I feel kind of...kind of..."

Suddenly Kate barfed barfed all over Marcel

"That's disgusting," Paddy said. Only to then have Kate accidently barf on the little duck

"Whoa Kate," Humphrey said "You haven't barfed like that since..."

Humphrey them remembered their "sexy time" from last week

"Kate do you think you're..?" Humphrey said

Kate was about to puke again. Thinking quickly Humphrey grabbed Paddy and used him as a sheild as Kate showered the duck with more puke

"Sorry," Humphrey said

"I feel so gross," Paddy said

With that Kate and Humphrey went to see Winston and Eve

Sometime later, at Winston and Eves den.

"Oh I knew it! I knew it!" Lilly said happily as she danced around

"Puppies!" Koda ans Alexis said

"I knew it," Garth thought

Yes Lilly had just found out she was pregnant.

Just then Kate and Humphrey came walking up

"Humphrey, Kate," Eve said "What brings you here?"

"We've got some big news," Humphrey said

"Really? We do to," Lilly said

"Ya I think I'm..." Kate began, yet as she finished her sentence Lilly burted out

"Pregnant," both female wolves said at the same time

"Wait you're pregnant?" Kate and Lilly said still in sync

"She's pegnant?" Humphrey and Garth said also in sync

"They're both pregnant?" Eve and Winston said in sync "Again?"

Eve phainted

"Ya!" Kodaand Alexis said dancing some more "Aunt Kates having puppies to,"

"Having pups at the same time twice in a row," Winston thought "This has got to be a first in the world,"

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