Two more weeks passed and Kate and Lilly's tummies grew. Also all the pups in Alpha school had come back home. Garth and Humphrey, and a few of each of their pups were out hunting.

And they were all pretty excited about the news of havin some new bro's and sisters, along with some new cousins to.

Also, once again. Even though they had been impregnanted almost at the same time. One of their bellies was bigger than the others.

This time it was Lillys was the bigger one. Kate looked like she swallowed a canalope whole, Lilly looked like she swallowed a mellon

"Looks like I'm having the bigger littler this time sis," Lilly said rubbing her giant tummy. "Huh! They're kicking,"

"We want to feel!" Koda, Alexis, Bold, and Sasha putting their paws on their mothers belly

"Say can I feel to?" Dylan (a boy pup that looks like Kate) asked wanting to feel his ants pups

"Huh! Mine are kicking to," Kate said All her pups went to feel her womb

"Kate this feels even more wonderful than the last tie," Lilly said "I love being pregnant,"

"Me to," Kate said rubbing her belly

Just then Kate and Lillys stomachs growled. Combined the pups thought their was a giant bear around

"Ah! Bear!" they screamed in terror

"No pups," Kate said "That was just are tummeis,"

"Those baby puppies must be very hungry," Bold said

"Or theirs just a lot of hungry puppies in are moms tummeies," Dylan said

Just then Humphrey and Garth, and the other pups came home with four carabou, and some berries

"We're home Kate," Humphrey said

Kate and Lilly seeing the food rushed over and began to devoure one carabou each

"See," Humphrey said to Garth "You said hunting more would just be more work,"

Garth was in awe at Lilly's eating. Even with her first litter she didn't eat so wildly

"Gosh Lilly you were hungry," Garth said suprised

Lilly was already halfway done with the carabou

"Now you know what I went through when Kate was pregnant," Humphrey said as he, Garth, and the pups ate the other carabous.

"I wonder how many LIlly is carrying this time," Garth thought

Later that night, when Kate, Humphrey and their pups went home

Garth, Lilly and their pups were asleep in their den

Yet just then Garth felt something bumping him.

"Yawn, Koda go back to sleep," Garth said tired

The bumping continued

Garth got up to see that it wasn't his pups bumping him (well technically it was) it was Lillys tummy

Garth pup his paw on the white female wolves puppy tummy. It felt like the pups were playing around in her womb.

"Hi pups," Garth whispered "This is your daddy, you should all stop maing such a fuss in your mama, she needs her sleep now.

The kicking continued

"I don't think their listening," Lilly said awake "They just want to play, play, play in me,"

"Lilly you're up?" Garth said

"With my bely feeing more like a bounce house how can't I?" Lilly said

"I'll go get some meat and berries," Garth said putting his paw back on Lilly "Will that calm you all down?"

Garth felt a giant kick just then

"Hehe," Garth said going out for the meat and berries

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