The snow had completly melted in Jasper now, spring was here.

Also Kate and Lilly were getting really close to their due dates now. Lilly's belly was simply gigantic now, yet Kates belly was pretty big to.

Anyway the two pregnant wolves, and their husbands were at their parents now with their pups. And Garth's dad Tony was there to.

"Oh I feel like I'm going to burst," Lilly said

"At least you're pups are using our insides as a dance floor," Kate said feeling her unborn pups kick around her like crazy.

"At least they don't have mood swings this time," Humphrey whispered to Garth

"Are you two making fun of us?" Kate snapped

"Kate why are you being o mean?" Lilly said and started o sob

"I stand corrected," Humphrey said

"Oh my Lilly," Eve said seeing her daughters belly. "You're bigger than Kate when she was pregnant with her first littler

"Looks like I'm going to have a whole bunch more grandkids," Tony said

"I just wish they'd be born so we can see them all," Garth said

Then, as if on que. Kate and Lilly's water broke.

"Here we go again," Eve said taking her daughters into the den for a double puppy delivery

"AHHHHH!" Kate and Lilly screamed as the both gave birth

Humphrey, Garth, and Winston took the pups away from the den. For obvious reasons.

About an hour later Tony came and said they could all see the new puppies. Their were a lot of puppies

Lilly had fifteen puppies! Ten boys (of which five looked like Lilly) and five girls (of which two looked like garth)

Kate only had six three girls (looked like Humphrey) and three boys (looked like Kate)

"Fifteen..." Garth said supried. Then passed out

The first born puppies all looked at their new brothers, sisters and cousins.

"Oh they look so cute," Alexis said

"We're going to teach them to hunt, and play games and..," Dylan said

"Okay, pups," Eve said shooing everyone away. "You're mothers are very tired, they need their rest." With that everyone left.

In time Kate and Lillys new pups became great alphas, with a few omegas as well.

Yes everything was going to be as wonderul as before

Except when the new pups were teething and Paddy and Marcel came to visit

"AH!" Marcel screamed as the puppies attacked him

"I'm not a chew toy!" Paddy said trying to escape the new pups.

The end