Hey everyone! This is my first AU story. I've always wanted to try different versions of Percabeth and for a while now I've wanted to write an AU story. I usually write stories where Percy and Annabeth are around 16-18, but in this story, they'll be about 25.

This first chapter is a Prologue, and they're 19—after that, it's a big flash forward, and BAM! They're in their mid-twenties.


Disclaimer: Nope. I don't own Percy Jackson. All characters in this story belong to Rick Riordan.

Percy's POV

"Per-cy! Per-cy! Per-cy!" They chanted as I reached the other side of the track. I turn to them, doing the backstroke, and raise my hand in a lazy wave. Through my goggles I could see a massive group of girls eagerly waving back. When I reach the end of the track, they mob me.

"Percy! This is your eighth competition in a row! How do you feel?" I forgot her name—she writes the school paper. I take off my goggles and wink at her.

"With you by my side, I feel like I could do anything." I grin at her expression and I trudge through the crowd. I distantly hear the coach calling for everyone to break it up and get back to the dorm rooms.

I sigh. It's just another day. As I get my towel, I overhear a couple of students.

"He's only a freshman yet he's the most wanted guy on campus! Percy Jackson…Man, what I'd give to spend the night with him…"

Urgh. I have to get away from here. I hurriedly get my stuff and jog towards the locker room. Of course, I forget the most basic rule that I've ever learnt when it comes to swimming; don't run by the side of the pool.

My bare feet are slick against the watered floor and suddenly the air whooshes past me. I black out.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

The smell of chlorine fills my nose and I blink through the water. A girl –a freshman, from the looks of it- crouches above me. Her hair glows due to the fluorescent lights above, giving it a platinum blonde color. The contrast between her tanned skin and light hair was fascinating, but not as much as her eyes.

It was her eyes that held me—grey, like storm clouds just before it rains. I blink again and I realize who I am and where I am.

"I can hear you loud and clear, darling. Say, would you be a good girl and help me up?"

She narrows her eyes at me and stands up, now towering over me. I stay on the floor and link my hands behind my head.

"He's ok." She calls out to the approaching life guard and then bends to get her bag. My eyes follow her every movement, wondering who she is.

"So, what are you? A Virgo?"

Her eyes widen and then narrow in disbelief. "Excuse Me?"

I sit up and shrug with a smile. "Just asking you what your horoscope is."

She laughs a hard, bitter laugh. "Whatever. I think you hit your head a little too hard."

"Can I get a name?" I try again, ever so persistent.

"Umm…how about no? I've heard about you, Percy Jackson." She says, swinging her bag over her shoulder, on the verge of walking away.

"Oh…so that's her tactic." I mutter to myself.

"My tactic?" She repeats slowly, her face blank.

"Yup. I have a theory. All girls have some sort of strategy when it comes to approaching me. They can either be just friendly, or flirty, or competitive, or taunting, or just plain smothering."

She crosses her arms and gives me a stony look. "So hypothetically speaking…What's my tactic?"

I smirk at her. "Hypothetically speaking." I say in a snooty voice. I haul myself up, and now I'm the one to tower slightly over her. "You're tactic would be to play hard to get."

She gives me a mocking slow-clap, shaking her head.

"I can't believe you figured it all out!" She says, feigning an awed voice. "My oh my…you really are the one for me!" She bats her eyelashes then laughs, for real this time.

"I like you." I say bluntly, after laughing along with her.

"As a friend?" she clarifies.

"As a friend." I confirm.


"I promise. What? You think I'd lie?" I pretend to look offended.

She gives me a half smile and begins to walk away.

I watch her walk away. I realize something, just before she turns the corner.

"Hey, playing-hard-to-get girl!" I call out.

She stops and turns to me, an exasperated look on her face.

"I didn't get your name! Or your number!" I say slyly.

She rolls her eyes. "The name's Annabeth Chase. And I'm not giving you my number…friend."

With that she turns around and walks off.

At that time, I found it kind of peculiar—a stunning looking girl, who was only my friend?

As the years passed, we graduated and she became closer to me than anyone else ever had. Of course, we didn't dare break the promise. As boyfriends and girlfriends came and went, Annabeth was always there for me as I was for her.

For a long time, I thought that's how life would be. Me and her against the world.

But that's where I made a mistake. I let myself think that life wasn't hard at all—that Annabeth wasn't too complicated.

That's when I found out she was getting engaged. And that I could have stopped it.

And so, this is the story of a love triangle. My love triangle.

Between my best friend, her fiancée and I.

I really hope you liked this! I'm kind of not sure about this—it's OOC, but it's supposed to be that way. I mean, when you take away the stress of saving the world and fighting monsters…Percy and Annabeth would probably be at least a little different, right?

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