Percy's POV

Annabeth gapes at me, vomit coating her face and torso. Her dress was completely ruined and there was puke in her hair too.

I take a step back and put a hand over my mouth, completely mortified.

No one knew what to entirely do…they just sat there with their mouths open.

"I'm...I'm sorry." I whisper. My mind goes into auto-pilot and I find myself running out the door. I run out the building, but I don't stop there. I run across the street then turn the corner and I keep on sprinting. I don't stop until my feet are basically blistered and I'm so far gone that I'm lost. Thankfully, the cold weather sobered me up a bit, so I wasn't a blubbering, drunken mess.

Panting, I sit on a nearby bench and burry my face into my hands. Okay, I'm completely humiliated that I threw up on Annabeth…but now everyone knows that I…I…love her. Everyone knows. Worst of all…she knows.

"I hate weddings." I mutter.

"You're not the only one, son."

I jerk my head up in disbelief when I hear the voice.

"Dad? How the hell did you find me?"

Poseidon smirks down at me, his hands buried into his coat pockets.

"Your old man is in better shape than you thought, my boy." He sits down next to me and we both stare at the ground.

After a moment, he turns to me. "So, your life kind of sucks right now."

I offer him a short, humorless laugh. "That's the biggest understatement of my life."

He shrugs. "And you like Annabeth?"

I glance at him. "Never mind…that is the biggest understatement of my life. I love her."

Poseidon looks perplexed.

"Love, eh? You definitely didn't get that emotion from me—"

"—your genes gave me lust" I interrupt bitterly.

He continues on, pretending that I didn't interrupt.

"You must have got that emotion from Sally. You may look like me, but you are your mother's son." He tousles my hair like he use to when I was a kid and gives me a fond smile.

"Too bad she raised a total screw up." I sniff, looking at my hands.


"Gee, thanks for the support pops." I say sarcastically.

Poseidon gives me a frank look. "Percy, you couldn't tell the girl who you've known for years that you love her…that she's the only one you'll love. Annabeth found out because your one night stand girl had said it! Now what does that say about you?"

I make a face.

"What happened after I left?"

"Rachel went to inform the employees who work at the banquet that there was a…spill. Thalia took Annabeth to the ladies room to get her cleaned up."

I didn't look at my dad as I asked the question that was on my mind. "How was she?"

"You know how Annabeth gets. When you really want to know what she's thinking, she completely shuts down so no one can know. She had on her poker face."

I could imagine her with a poker face, marching towards the restroom. "And Luke?"

Poseidon made a face.

"He was a little…out of it. He got up, muttered excuse me, and left. It was odd, I suppose."

"That doesn't sound good…"

"Percy, you do realize that you're breaking up a marriage, right?" Poseidon turns to look right into my eyes; two pairs of the exact same sea green eyes staring each other down.

I sigh, and break off our little staring contest. "It's complicated…"

And I know that I have to tell him everything.

Poseidon sits still for a long moment, after I'm done my story.

"So you see…he's marrying Annabeth to get Athena's inheritance. He's a complete psycho, dad. He'll do anything to get his hands on the money. And he doesn't even care about Annabeth. I have to stop him."

Poseidon nods, looking a little dazed. "He seemed a little rough around the edges…but I never thought he would be this…"

"Psychotic? Evil? Crazy? Power hungry?" I suggest, filling in his sentence. He smirks at me, despite our situation.

"So now what do I do?"

"The wedding's tomorrow…and tonight Annabeth and Luke have separate bachelor and bachelorette parties to attend. Honestly, I'm not the best person to go to when it comes to this, but…" Poseidon's stare burns a hole through me.

"Go get her, son."

Third Person POV

"OH YEAH! You can frisk me any day!" Rachel laughs maniacally, her words slurred and eyes glassy. She waves a crumpled bill in the face of a stripper, who wore a police officer outfit with sunglasses in the middle of the dim lit club.

Thalia sits next to Rachel, simply shaking her head and smirking at each of the male strippers. Unlike everyone else, she knew how to hold her alcohol.

Silena wasn't able to attend the Bachelorette party…things were a little rocky between her and Annabeth, and she still wanted to spend as much time patching things up with Beckendorf.

And where is the bride-to-be? She's sitting at the bar, her composure broken –for once- as she repeatedly downed shots.

"I'm just so confused, you know?" She sighs. She peers at the bartender with bleary eyes.

"Of course I know, princess." He smiles worriedly. He wonders if he should cut her off…

"That's enough, sweet. You're a little unsteady…"

"NO!" Annabeth barks, her piercing eyes daring him to take away her drink.

'Oh-kay then…' He slowly pulls his arm away, knowing she would rip it off otherwise. Angry, drunk brides? Oh yeah, total nightmare.

"I mean, what's the whole deal with Luke and Silena? Do you really think that he could…?" She hiccups, her eyes filling with tears.

"That he could…she could…they could…" Her eyes overflow and she lets out a wail, laying her head onto the table. She stays like that for a few minutes.

The bartender pats her arm awkwardly, wishing he could be anywhere else but here. He nonchalantly sneaks a peak at the clock behind him, and curses. He still has a whole hour left of his shift.

"I'm sure it's not what it looks like."

"BUT IT IS!" Annabeth stares at him in horror. "It is what it looks like! And I'm just a stupid little girl, who had no freaking clue!"

"And Percy…he said he loved me…" She says softly. Wincing at the thought, she looked back at the bartender.

"Give me 5 more shots of…whatever magical thing that you poured in there the last 20 times."

Uh-oh, Thought the bartender. Anymore alcohol and this chic won't wake up till next week…how can she still be conscious?

"So…" He tries to distract her, pretending not to listen to her order.

"Tell me about this Percy guy."

She giggles dreamily and closes her eyes.

"He's beautiful. Dark messy hair, sea green eyes…a face that makes people stop and stare. He acts stupid just to get away with things, but don't let that fool you! He's as sly as a fox. He's sleek and cool and sexy and…" She grabs the closest drink to her, despite the protest of the bartender, and gulps it down.


"NOT GAY!" Someone shouts inside the bar. Annabeth eyes widen and she swivels around her seat, searching for the familiar voice.

Percy pushes away two male strippers; both in only underwear. One wears a firefighter costume, while the other clad in a bedazzled police officer suit.

"I am NOT gay! Why do people always think that?"

She stares at him. He rakes his fingers through his hair in frustration and her eyes get drawn to that gesture, like moth to a flame. She bites down a giggle, picturing Percy as a male stripper, wearing a sailor suit. In her drunken stupor, she discovers that she's oddly turned on by this mental image.

"PERSEUS JACKSON!" She shouts at the top of her lungs.

Everyone stops and turns to her, their stares a cross of amusement and curiosity. She manages to get up and stand on the table, her eyes blazing as she glared at Percy. His eyes are wide and he nervously shuffles around as people glance at him.

"You're supposed to be my best friend. BUT, in these few months you've wrecked my engagement party, mocked my mother, picked fights with my fiancée, ruined my bridal shower, destroyed my rehearsal dinner, and vomited on me!" She screeches, flinging accusations at him. He winces at each one of them.

"And lastly…" She says in a low voice. "You stole my heart."

His head jerks up and he stares at Annabeth.

"So, what kind of freaking friend are you? Oh ho, cheers to me for a long, miserable life with a cheating husband, a horrible best friend, and friends who would rather stick money into men's underwear rather than comfort me!"

A faint "heeeeey!" can be heard throughout the room, as Rachel attempts to defend her 'good-friend' reputation, but is too intoxicated to do so.

Annabeth's sudden flare for drama disappears, and she attempts to climb down the table but ends up stumbling. A hand flashes out to grab her and she's suddenly looking into the deepest eyes she's ever seen.

"Let's get you out of here." His voice is low and his breath fans across her burning face. She feverishly nods and feels a glow of warmth as his hand slips across her waist, pulling her to him for support.

No one stops them as they leave the bar, into the bright, chilly night. They reach Percy's car in silence, and he helps her into the passenger seat.

He gets into the driver seat himself, but doesn't start the car. He sighs, and sneaks a peek at her through his long, messy fringe.

"Is what you said in there true?"

"That you're a horrible best friend? DUH." She giggles hysterically, her head feeling light and woozy.

"Annabeth." His hand grips her upper arm, sending searing heat from her shoulders to the tips of her fingers. He says her voice in a way that makes her toes curl. She blushes, looking down at her hands. After a few moments, she finds a burst of courage; she shoots up and presses her lips against his.

He starts, but doesn't jerk away. Pressing his lips hard against hers, he turns to face her, his hands cupping her face.

In one smooth movement she slides out of her seat, and she's suddenly in the driver's seat with Percy. He blinks at her boldness, but his clutches tighten as she wraps her legs around him.

"This is so not comfortable." She mutters against his lips, a little hint of amusement in her voice. With each passing moment, she seems to be sobering.

"I can fix that." His hand swoops down to the side of the seat, and suddenly the seat reclines all the way down. She laughs and props her legs up, bending her face down to meet his.

Before she kisses Percy again, she hears him murmur.

"I love you."

Her breath catches in her throat, while her heart picks up speed.

"I love you too." In a flash, she takes off her father's college ring –her most prized possession- and gives it to him. He stares at it in awe. She kisses him.

They stay like that for a while, just kissing, until Percy begins to reach for her shirt…

"Woah! Percy, wait up a sec." Annabeth pants, sitting upright. Her scrutinizing stare makes him feel uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" He says gently, placing a large hand on her tiny waist. She cringes from the contact, looks down, and realizes that she's straddling him. Faced flush, she crawls to the passenger seat and buckles up.

"What's wrong?" He asks again, his breath steadily going back to a normal pace.

"What we're doing is wrong. I'm getting married tomorrow, Percy. Married!"

"TO SOMEONE WHO'S CHEATING ON YOU!" Percy shouts. She blinks at him, startled by his sudden anger. She forces her face to relax, and puts on a calm, blank face.

"I would like to go home."

"When you said you loved me, did you actually mean it? Or were you just saying that, so you can vent out all your freaking sexed up tension by using me?" He snaps.

Annabeth stares at him, beyond words. Without saying a word, she opens the car door, slams it, and briskly walks away. He winces, knowing what he said was wrong.

"Where are you going?" He jogs to catch up to her, gently pulling her arm.

She doesn't turn, doesn't look at him.

"To get my purse, and then I'm calling Luke. I need a ride home."

"Annabeth! God, just stop being so stubborn and listen to me!"

She swivels around, all traces of intoxication on her face gone.

"Please, I love you. And you love me. Luke doesn't deserve you! You're smart and beautiful, and just perfect. You don't deserve a cheating scum like him. Please, just stay with me?" He whispers, despair filling his face.

She stares back at him, her delicate face somber and pale, and drops her gaze to the ground.

"Just let me think, Percy. Can you get my purse?"

Percy sighs, and removes his hand from her shoulder, shoving it into his pocket. He offers her a weak smile and turns away, heading towards the club.

Annabeth leans against his car, eyes closed, breathing shallow and rapid.

Percy's POV

Shit. That was a total mess.

She was fine one moment…then she leaped into my seat, kissed me and said she loved me. And now she's back to being all icy again. How the hell can I show her how much she really means to me?

I turn the corner, heading back to the parking lot, when I see Luke there, standing on the abandoned sidewalk.

He smirks at me, his face cold and hard.

"Hey there Prissy." He says casually, giving me a small wave.

"What the hell are you do—"Is all I get to say, before something –or someone- knocks me out from behind.

I black out.

Annabeth's POV

It's getting really chilly. I rub my hand against my arms, in a vain attempt to get warm. Where's Percy? It's been atleast a half an hour. I think it's time for me to check on him...

"Hey babe." I freeze, collecting myself. Slowly, I turn around to face my fiancée, mustering up a cool and confident look, which is harder said than done when you're practically wasted. Gods, how did I allow myself to get in a state like this?

Luke looks me up and down, in a way that makes me internally shiver.

"What are you doing here, Luke?" I ask, feigning a pleasantly surprised voice.

"Percy called, and said that you needed a ride." He brings out my purse, and hands it to me with a guarded face. I take a step back.

"What do you mean? You're lying."

A look of pure rage crosses his face, but passes so quickly that I begin to doubt if I actually saw it. He sighs, and pulls something out of his pocket.

"I hoped you wouldn't pry, but here…he told me to give you this."

My breath gets stuck in my throat; in Luke's palm was my dad's college ring, the same one I gave to Percy today.

"What…why?" is all I managed to say, my voice breaking. Luke walks over to me, and puts his arms around me.

"It's okay, baby." He coos. "Forget about him, he's nothing but trouble. It's late, I'll drive you home."

My heart stutters but my cheeks are dry.

This can't be right…Percy wouldn't leave me…would he?

"And plus." Luke pulls back to look at me, his eyes flashing.

"We have a big day tomorrow."

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