Lo; Toast!

As a prince of Asgard; Thor had often been privy to the court jesters. Yet even as a child he thought of them as idle things-prancing around, barking wildly at the foot of his father's throne, tripping over the odd pigeon. Be it they were harping on about nagging wives or juggling with fire, while impressive, he just couldn't describe them as...well...funny.


Midgard's affairs however, specifically Jane's, were another matter entirely.

Her face was priceless, just so stoic beneath the black gristle splatters. Bargaining the toast's current hostage situation wasn't going well.

"No." butter knife bared in defence of her defiled corporate jacket "Not today." and as she leaned in close, and the metallic contraption valiantly defended its' borders with the remains Jane's singed breakfast, Thor knew that it was war.

He couldn't help it, he had to bow his head at the laugh bubbling beneath his throat; better to drown in his coffee than by the daggers she was glaring his way.

"It would have to be today, wouldn't it?" she snatched a napkin from under his arm; practically stabbing at her stained lapels as Thor came, offering up a handful of the soft sheets apologetically,

"An imporant day, I take it?" he was careful to shelve his drink on the counter before coming within striking distance

"Only if you count the most important merger deal of the year," was she supposed to mop around the grease or into it? Why was it soaking through?
"This deal could do wonders for the museum's tourist influx, not to mention-the rocking chair!"

The mighty Thor stumbled verilly as Jane span away, heels thundering across the tiles and into the bedroom leaving the sputtering deity grasping at falling napkins.

"The, ah...rocking chair?" dispensing the tissues on the counter, he quirked an eyebrow as she cluttered back, cradling a sweater in the crook of her arm and rifling through a handful of notes "A vital asset?"

"Very," brown eyes danced warilly back and forth across the crumpled papers, shifting as manically as she turned them "It's an heirloom, my aunt's sending it over, she's moving cross country y'see, so she didn't want it leaving it's home town; something about her husband carving it from his own tree,"

"I didn't think your aunt would've been old enough for a museum exhibit!" her brow jolted up to meet his genuinely awe-struck face and for a moment, Jane Foster was genuinely unsure whether to burst into laughter or tears.

"Wha-? Oh! No, look," whipping the card from the pawed bundle and passing it up to him "She said they'd deliver it today around noon-Thor I need a favour; if today's gonna run as long as I think it is then I'm not gonna be able to run back to catch this," Thor noted as she visibly deflated, her gaze drifting anxiously over the thoughts of the day before snapping back to meet his "I really don't trust the old thing down in storage; can you just open the door when they knock? Please?" She was running late, so at the back of her mind Jane knew she shouldn't really mellow into the hands he braced upon her shoulders, but that gentle grin of his just always did do her in.

"I'll answer the door Jane." Luckilly she'd thought ahead long ago to hoard a reserve of broaches, clips, bobbles and anything remotely knick-knack that she could get away with sporting in work; because it was worth the extra two minutes of traffic time to give him that hug.