'We' are Naruto

By Uzunaru999

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Chapter 1 Together as One


You come to a scene of a man in a black hoodie looking over the a big village. While still looking over the village he speaks to you.

"Who are we? You sure you want to know? The story of our life is not for the faint of heart. if somebody said it was a happy little tale…if somebody told you we was just your average guy, not a care in the world…Then someone just bullshitted you big time."

The man turns around and looks at you, he pulls down the hood. The blond haired man with blue eyes and whisker marks looks at you. He gives you a feral smile, and all his clothes change form into a full black body suit with white decorations on the chest and face. He speaks to you again in a more rugged tone.

"We are Naruto, and together we kick ass!"

Everything you see goes black



"Sakura-chan!" yelled Naruto, "NARUTO-BAKA FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH YOU!". Naruto pouted, "How do you know I was going to ask that?" Sakura just scoffed and went on to berate Naruto of being a 'obnoxious deadliest'. While to everyone watching it looked like Naruto was frowning because being rejected again, the real reason was far from that.

'Damn we hate that we must hide our true self' Naruto abhorred hiding his strength but he knew it was the best way to survive at the moment. His tenants hated it even more they didn't like the idea of a weak host. They as in more than one, a while back Naruto gained another after being driven into the Forest of Death by a mob. After walking around he was attacked by a blob of blackness, later on he would find himself talking with them.

Flash Back!

"Now this is very interesting, we never thought a thing could live in one so young." whispered Venom as he come upon the Kyuubi resting its head on its paws. The Kyuubi opened its eyes to reveal not red but purple silted eyes. Kyuubi stared down at the pitch black creature.

"This is a rare sight, someone as the power, other than my jailor, to come into my prison. So tell me creature why are you here?" Venom looked around and hissed at all the rot and corruption on the walls and pipes. "We came to see if the child is worthy to be our host, but its not looking so good right now."

Kyuubi huffed, "Its not his fault, the villagers put multiple seals on him to prevent his growth. That is what all the grim and tar you see around the place is, the seals were crude and done with the kits own blood. And as to being a worthy host, well you will never find selfless soul in a million years. Here let me show you the life of the kit." Over the next few hours Venom was bombarded by memories and feelings of the child known as Naruto Uzumaki. Once it was over Venom hissed, "It seems humans have only gotten worse over the time that we've been contained. As for the boy, I believe he is more than worthy. Call the boy here."

A second later a 6 year old Naruto appeared, "Wha? Where am I?" It didn't take long for Naruto to notice the Kyuubi. "Do not fear kit, I can not harm you, not that I would anyways. I am not like what those ningen describe me as" Naruto shouted, "What the hell you furball?1 You're supposed to be dead! The Yondaime killed you!" The Kyubi howled with laughter, "No one in the history of my immortal life has anyone have the balls to call me 'furball'. I like you kit, but as to where we are. Well we are in your mind, you see your Yondaime couldn't kill me so he sealed me into you. Haven't you ever wondered why you born on the day I was forced to attack?"

Naruto nodded, "Thank you for clearing that up for me, I really didn't like not knowing why 99% of the village hated me. Now thats over with, why did you call me anyways?" A voice behind him answered the question.

"He called you for us." Naruto jumped 10 feet into the air from surprise. "HOLY LOG! Don't do that!" When Naruto got a better look of the thing all he saw was a blob of black ooze. Naruto sneered, "What in the nine hells are you?"

"We are sorry for our form, it as been a long time sense we've been in a human form, give us a moment." Soon the blob of black ooze took the form of a tall man in a full body black spandex suit. A mean looking white spider was on his chest and 2 blotches on his face for eyes. All in all it was cool. "Now Naruto we've have seen your life and we must ask. Why haven't you've gone ape-shit crazy and slaughtered the entire village?"

Naruto lowered his head, "I just can't do it, normally I don't want to do it. But some times it goes to far, and when i'm about to fight back my mind immediately yells 'NO!' and then a small pin prick of pain enters my brain." The Kyuubi gave out a long growl, "That bastard! He put a personality modification seal on you!" Naruto looked in confusion. Kyuubi went on to explain as to how he had many restricting seals on him. Naruto looked in horror, "I can understand keeping my strength held back, but who could have put that personality seal on me?"

"We think its obvious, your so called old man. He wants you to have a forgiving complex as to make sure you never turn traitor or go crazy and snap. We think its time to remove the seals, but we must put on a 'mask' so to speak. You will act like an idiot, make them all underestimate you. And then when the time is right you will show them whose boss!"

Naruto nodded, "So will you guys help me? I know that the other shinobi will never help me." Kyuubi gave a large toothy grin, "Trust me Naruto by the time your trainings done you will be able to beat the crap out the old man with one hand tied behind your back."

End Flash Back

Naruto faked disappointment and walked up the steps and sat into the last seat in class, right next one of the only person in the academy to ever give him the time of day. Hyuuga Hinata was one of the few people in Konoha that Naruto promised himself that he would protect with his life. The Ichiraku Family, Hinata and her father was the only reason that Naruto stayed in Konoha. Ichiraku for always treating him fairly when he came for Ramen, Hinata for actually having a romantic intreats in him. And secretly Hiashi Hyuuga, for saving him as a baby from being killed. Speaking of Hiashi, most people saw his stuck up Hyuuga and being rough to his eldest daughter. In reality Hiashi didn't like being rough on his daughter but he had to put up a mask like Naruto to fool the elders. Thankfully Hiashi had explained everything to his daughter so she would understand.

Back to the academy, Naruto noticed that Hinata was looking at him. Dropping his mask for a second he winked in her direction and blew her a kiss. He smirked as she blushed and hid her face in her jacket. Though Hinata didn't stutter she still was very shy, and so when Naruto discreetly flirted with her she almost feinted. In her head she questioned on what she saw, she saw his eyes change emotion for just a moment during the flirting. Next thing Naruto eyes returned to normal, it really confused and worried her.

As Hinata was LaLa land Naruto was conversing with his main tenant, seeing as Naruto and Venom were now one. 'Hey Kyu, when do you think its a good time to reveal ourselves?' Naruto tried desperately to ignore the screeching from the fangirls.

'Well if it was up to me I would do it tonight. It is your birthday and there is sure to form a mob. Tonight is the best time to reveal yourself, or should I say 'yourselves'", Naruto snickered quietly at the joke.

"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" shouted the big headed Iruka Umino. Iruka and Mizuki were instructors for Naruto's class. While Iruka liked Naruto, Mizuki hid his hate with a fake smile. Iruka looked at the clip-board and started the roll-call. At the end of long boring day it was time to go, but not before Iruka told everyone tomorrow was the graduation test. Naruto went atop the Hokage monument, on top of the Shodaime, he was Naruto's hero. Not the Sandaime or his father the Yondaime, but the Shodaime. The first Hokage was the one that calmed Kyuubi when it first attacked at the valley of the end. The first was also different from other ninja, while most shinobi killed the Shodaime could actually create life.

Looking down at the village Naruto gave a wicked grin. Then with a single thought he released the seal that he made. His body grew a few inches, his muscle mass got large but lean and compact. He lost his baby fat and he finally was able to get out of the eyesore of a jumpsuit. Once out of it he formed his venom suit, he started backing up from the ledge. He then ran and jumped over the village, whooping the entire time he was in the air. When Naruto landed with the grass of a park doing a barrel roll to absorb the impact of the long jump. He went around the village doing acrobatics and long jumps.

Soon though he got the attention of a patrolling kunoichi by the name of Anko Mitarashi. She gave a sadistic grin as she followed the strange man in the black suit. 'Someone new to torture'. As the Kunoichi followed the man his moves amazed the woman. but suddenly he jumped into an ally totally disappearing from her vision. Trying to see were the man had gone she looked over the edge of the building. And that was her mistake, faster than see could move a white net flew out of the dark ally to capture her.

"Welcome to our parlor, said the spider to the fly. Or in this case a beautiful snake mistress." Anko blushed and glared at the man, "You have a lot of nerve sneaking into our village." The man chuckled

"Oh but you see beautiful, this is our village. We've been here since the day of our birth. Now though we can show those bigots who is boss. We will no longer take any shit from the village as a whole. thus we say…us Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto morphed his mask away to revile his face. Anko could only blush at the rugged look that Naruto had.

"Now our sweet, we are sorry but we must put this date on hold. But here let us free you." With a snap of Naruto's fingers the web net that held the kunoichi dissolved way. "We would be honored to meet you again Anko-chan, but we places to go, people to see, and people to…kill." Before Anko could capture him he disappeared in a puff of smoke, Anko's eyes widened 'Shadow clones? the gaki knows Shadiow clones!' After thinking about it she decided to go and report to the hokage.

Naruto on the other hand was heading to the Hospital. Stealth being his strong point it didn't take him long to infiltrate the blood containment room. In the room was blood samples of all current and past shinobi. Right now though he was looking for 2. Uchiha Obito and Shodaime Hokage, he soon found them and taking one drop from the vials Naruto absorbed them into venom. He had researched and found out the only Uchiha that wasn't power hungry was Obito. While Shodaime Hokage had the mokuton the mokuton would help him if he would ever have to battle a fellow jinchuuriki or bijuu. He wanted to get Hizashi Hyuuga's blood but remembered that he was hoping to marry Hinata one day and it would mess up their child if he had her uncle's genes in him. Not to mention it would be disgusting thinking about it. So he decided against it.

Over the years Naruto and Venom had found many new abilities one that included gaining talents from blood. Venom out absorb the blood and Kyuubi would, using his infinite knowledge, take the genes of the blood line and add it to Naruto's DNA. He found out though his body could only hold three bloodlines, so he was waiting till the final bloodline reviled itself to him. So as he left the building with Kyuubi already working on adding the Sharingan and mokuton to his body Naruto decided it was time to pay a spineless old man a visit.


Hokage Office

The Hokage was very nervous, about half an hour ago one of his most trusted kunoichi had given him a report that really disturbed him. 'Is the Kyuubi influencing him? If so why does he have abilities of a spider instead of a kitsune?'

"This is, as the Nara males say, troublesome." He said as he laid his face in his palms. Then he heard a voice that chilled him to the bone. "You have no idea old man."

Hiruzen slowly looked up to see Naruto in his full suit but with the mask off. Naruto glared at the Hokage, "You have a lot of explaining to do old man."

The Hokage gulped.



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