'We' are Naruto

By Uzunaru999

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Chapter 3 Blood Tweaks and Heros


Namikaze estate

Naruto groaned as his alarm clock went off. He got up and went to the shower, shrinking venom into a wrist band Naruto was able to clean himself and venom. After that Naruto went downstairs and found out that his new home's kitchen was empty. All he had was 13 year old instant ramen cups.

After getting his normal equipment and changing venom into a regular black outfit Naruto left his home. He locked the gate and went to jumping from roof to roof. He dropped down in an ally and walked out and then entered a food store.

The first thing Naruto noticed was that the cashier was so sleepy that when he went to check out the man didn't even notice it was Naruto. The store worker just rang up the cost of everything. Naruto saw that it was three times less than if they knew it was him.

'Well we will keep in mind to shop early in the morning from now on.' thought Naruto as he took his new food and returned home. After having a large meal Naruto headed to an empty training ground to get the work he had planed out for the day.

As he entered the clearing he made some clones to hide in the area incase someone decided to be a jerk and interrupt. Naruto sat down in the center and focused his chakra into the seal that held Kyuubi. Soon he was pulled into his mindscape.



Naruto opens a door from within his mind. As he enters he is greeted by Kyuubi in his human form playing a thing called a 'playstation' and some game called 'Call of Duty.' Naruto shook his head trying to comprehend the item mentioned.

Kyuubi's human form was surprisingly a 13 to 14 year old kid with short red hair. He also wore clothing that Naruto had never seen before. Anyways I the author digress, Naruto walked in and asked, "How's the blood work coming Kyu?"

Kyuubi promptly paused his game and got up and turned to Naruto and spoke. "Well everything is ready to go when ever you are kit. I was just waiting for you to come here so we can make the adjustments you wanted. Also I want to go over some disturbing things I found in the Uchiha blood."

Kyuubi made a diagram of the Sharingan and all its powers and weaknesses. "Now you know of the main stages, the three tomes on a ring around the pupil. What you don't know is that the Sharingan has two more stages after that. The second stage is called the Mangekyou Sharingan, though powerful it has a very big weakness." Kyu took a sip of a nearby Dr. Pepper can to quench his thirst.

"To get the Mangekyou one must feel great grief, the most common is by killing your best friend or family member. When one gets this power they get three new things: the Tsukuyomi, the Amaterasu flames, and Susanoo. Other individual powers could form buts thats at random. But..."

"Whats the price for this power Kyu?" asked Naruto, knowing that no power comes without a price.

"Eventual blindness, that is the curse of getting the Mangekyou Sharingan. The more you use it the darker your eyesight becomes. But there is a way to stop it, but its disgusting just thinking about it. One must take the eyes of another Uchiha. Then they regain their eyesight, they gain something else but what ever it is has been shrouded from me."

Naruto frowned, "Well, I guess the first thing we need to do is change a lot of things around. First forget copying jutsu, make it so the eyes let the user remember the hand signs, and the general idea purpose of the jutsu. Make it so the user must master the jutsu before one can use it in battle. Keep the precognitive ability for taijutsu and give photographic memory."

Kyu nodded and used his chakra and started modifying the bloodline. Naruto pointed out he Mangekyou, "We want to change this the most, first make it so to gain it one must make a major selfless or brave act. Like putting ones self in harms way for friends or family.

Next take away the blindness and make it so they can only use the powers so many times a day. The more they train the longer they can use said powers. And for the love of log get rid of the last stage it is unneeded. Finally I want to change the color and name. Make it purple with five white tomes, that way one must train long and hard if they want to gain the higher levels.

Kyu nodded in agreement and finished his tweaking and then sent the bloodline to Naruto. The boy the dropped to his knees clutching his eyes in pain as he finally gets it. After everything that Naruto had done Kyu gave Naruto the second stage. Naruto opened his eyes, one by one the white tomes formed on the purple eye. Once all five were there Naruto activated the second stage. Naruto's second stage was five connected spiked chain links surrounding his pupil.

Kyu helped Naruto up and they laughed together at the accomplishment. After Naruto tested out he's new powers they went back to the table where now was the schematics for the Mokuton chakra nature bloodline. Naruto decided to change it up a bit. Naruto changed it by letting males able to control trees and man eating plants.

While the females could control small plants, so they could use it to summon poisonous plants or healing herbs on the battle field. Not to mention they could unleash a poisonous pollen cloud. So when Kyu gave Naruto the blood he got the tree and man eating plants part. But also he gained Earth and water element alignments for his chakra nature. His main being wind, so after feeling his body burning he gained the Mokuton bloodline. After that Kyu brought something to his attention.

"Ok Naruto I found something about you have three bloodlines. The reason you can only have three is because the body can only have one for each type: a Chakra nature type, an doujutsu type, and a body modifying type. So that means you can only have a body modifying bloodline for your third one."

"But we don't know any Kekkei Genkai like that." Kyu just shrugged, "I remember one in Kiri but I forgot. So I guess you'll just have to pray to get lucky. Now if there is nothing else I would like to go back to my game. I'm about to finish the last prestige level." Ands so Kyuubi kicked Naruto out.\


Ichiraku Ramen

"Nom Nom Nom! Ramen has to be the best food in the world!" shouted Naruto as he ate his 36th bowl of ramen. Teuchi and Ayame could only look amazement, Naruto's last record was only 14 bowls.

"Hey Naruto how ya doing?" asked Iruka as he entered the ramen stall. The boy stopped eating for a sec to converse with his teacher. "We're doing fine Iruka-sensei, especially now that we can be who we truly are! No more being dead last, no more ignoring insults, and no more pink bitches!"

Naruto was hit on the head by a iron ladle courtesy by Ayame. "There will be none of that language from your mouth Naruto-kun." Naruto flinched at her stare, "Yes ma'am." Iruka chuckled at the scene.

"So Iruka-sensei whats going to be on the final exams this time?" Iruka smiled, "Same old same old, the basic written test, a weapons test and a ninjutsu test for the main 3. Henge, Kawarimi, and a bunshin."

Naruto scowled, "You know if the village was at war we would be destroyed by villages with a better academy system, right?" Iruka also scowled, "Yeah, the higher shinobi know this, but for some reason the civilians have taken control of the academy, how they did it know one knows."

Naruto scoffed, "Once again the old man failed, he needs to show those bigots that this is a military establishment. He needs to take back the academy before his grandson Konohamaru enters or he just might find his grandson hurt or worse dead."

Iruka grimaced, "Don't worry, Hokage-sama has already started changing a lot of things. He decided after this year's batch graduates he's going to run the new plan curriculum. Apparently he's taking retired shinobi and letting them tell the younger generation about being a real shinobi. Why Teuchi here is even going to be teaching."

Naruto's started coughing on his ramen, "Teuchi-jiji was a shinobi?" Said ramen chef came out from the back, "You though I was a chef my entire life Naruto? Ha you'd be surprised, I was on the same team as the Yondaime, under the teachings of Jiraiya of the Sannin. After becoming Chunnin I went into the ANBU. After a while of seeing the horrors of humanity I decided it was time to retire."

Naruto shook his head, "And people call us unpredictable." Naruto said dryly. Teuchi just laughed, "You think thats bad? I'd bet you'd be surprised if I told you that Ayame was an ANBU under command of the infamous Itachi Uchia." Naruto looked at his adopted older sister with wide eyes.

She smiled before lifting up his sleeve to reveal a ANBU tattoo. Naruto's jaw dropped, before he laughed. After that they talked some more and Naruto left to go home, little did he know he would become a hero to someone that night.



Mikoto was terrified and heart broken, her youngest son had tried the unthinkable. He had come into the Uchiha home with a group of older men. He brought them to the kitchen were she was making dinner and what happened was just horrible.

Flash Back

Sasuke entered the room with three other men. Mikoto was immediately on edge due to the perverted grins and gleams in their eyes. Sasuke sneered and then spoke to his mother with distain.

"Today mother the Uchiha line will continue, the village council want me to do it when I'm older. What they fail to realize is that you too are able to bear children. So went around and got these men to help get it all started. Go ahead gentlemen." Sasuke waved his hand and the men advanced on Mikoto.

She did the only thing she could do she used what ever chakra control she had left from when she was a shinobi and used a Kawarimi to escape from the house. In her mind she was a whirl of emotions, her own son had hired men to rape her to jumpstart the Uchiha line again.

She cried as she ran down the dark streets of the abandoned Uchiha district. She looked behind her to see the men behind her catching up. She tried to reach the main gate so she could get to the neighborhood ANBU. But it was for nought as a two weights on ninja wire wrapped around her legs causing her to trip and fall.

As she saw her would be rapist near she screamed with all her might, hoping to kami that someone would save her.

Kami did answer her prayers.

As the rapist were just about to rip her clothing a foot found itself slammed directly in his face. The other two was hit in the sides of their heads with fists. Mikoto looked up to see who her hero was and was surprised to see none other than Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. And he looked pissed. His suit was itching around his neck to cover his face and show off his massive fang toothed jaw.

Naruto stood protectively in front of Mikoto and said, "You men are what give us gentlemen a bad name, be thankful that I don't kill you were you stand for the act you were about to commit."

The leader of the men scoffed, "You can't meddle in clan affairs demon, we were given this mission by Sasuke-sama!" Naruto would only look in surprise, sasuke would sell his own mother out to get more Uchiha? That was the last straw, Naruto looked Mikoto and told her to close her eyes.

After she did Naruto put on his demonic venom suit full with bulking muscles, large jaw with fangs and acidic saliva. Naruto/Venom disappeared in a blur of black and then the beating began. In no less than ten seconds the brutes were in a mangled pile of broken limbs.

Naruto reverted to his basic venom suit and then carefully picked up Mikoto who was crying for what the village had done to her youngest child. Naruto carried her from the source of her hell to his compound. When he had got there she was asleep from the stress of everything. He took her to the master bedroom and tucked her in while he himself slept in a chair next to the bed. He would not leave the side of one of the only people that ever treated him like a human being.


Uchiha house hold

"What do you mean she escaped?" roared Sasuke Uchiha at the beaten and broken men.

"We were just about to finish our assignment but then the demon child dropped from no where and beat the shit out of us." Sasuke growled, "Demon child?"

The leader grunted, "The Uzumaki kid, He's a demon in human skin." Sasuke was angry that his mother got away but he was curious as to why they would call the dope a demon. When he asked this the men were more than happy to tell the story of the Kyuubi.

Sasuke was pissed, not only had the dope taken his mother but he also had the power of a demon lord at his fingertips, the boy thought. "I'll get you dope, first I'll take back my traitor of a mother then I'll pull the Kyuubi from you and put him in me. The beast would be honored to be sealed in an elite like me."

Out side of the house a crow looked down in sadness, "Master will not like this." The crow then disappeared in a poof of smoke, signifying that it was a summoning creature.


Cave ?

There was a poof of smoke and the crow reappeared in front of a cloaked man. The crow told him everything that happened that night and left immediately due to the KI his summoner was giving off. The summoner whispered into the night.

"Foolish little brother, if we ever do fight I will not be merciful like I planed." Then the man gave a smile, "Thank you Naruto-kun for saving my mother."

Itachi Uchiha looked up to the star covered sky with black eyes. With a grunt he went to catch of with his partner Kisame, who was feeding his sword chakra.