The sky was dull, and the clouds were about to burst. Misaki couldn't help but think that the weather matched the scenario plenty.

Today was the day of the funeral. Usami Akihiko's funeral to be exact. But for Misaki, today was the he said goodbye to his first and only love forever.

He began to think back to everything that happened between the couple, from the smallest of moments to the ones that made a drastic change in both of their lives.

The ones that stuck out most for him right now was the day he met Usagi, the day he first said Usagi told him he loved him, the time he told Usagi he loved him back (without the 'maybe' or 'I think' following it), the day he left Usagi and finally the day Usagi left him.

He thought back to how if only he was more reasonable and stopped trying to act mature, to just accept things how they were. That if only he realised sooner that he loved Usagi with everything he knew, maybe he and Usagi would still be together. Or at least Usagi wouldn't be currently being hoisted into the ground soon to be covered with dirt and artificial grass.

He thought about what started their fight that night, how he shouted at Usagi for telling Takahiro about them being together. Then he thought about how Usagi had calmly asked him if he was ashamed or embarrassed to be with him, how Misaki was too shocked to answer and Usagi took it the wrong way. He suddenly hated how at the times when he needed to the most, he couldn't say what he truly felt.

If only he was more open with his love for Usagi, if only he could have talked to him more. Misaki hated how everything he was thinking right now were 'what ifs' and nothing was about what actually happened.

He needed to stop with the wishing and face reality.

Usagi had told Takahiro about their relationship and Misaki didn't like it. He had started the argument, which lead to them breaking up, and it wasn't until a few weeks after they had split had he learnt that Usagi was just confirming the suspicions Takahiro had. How his brother had actually known, on some level, about them from the very start.

Misaki knew that he could have gone back to Usagi, apologise and they would have probably made up and everything would be as it was before.

He looked over to his brother, and saw that the shine that he had always had in his eyes was gone. He remembered the last time he looked so distraught, and that was at their parents funeral. He couldn't help but feel guilty for his brothers pain, he did inadvertently cause Usagi's death.

Usagi's death, another fact that he needed to come to peace with.

Misaki couldn't help but think that the whole thing felt like something you read out of a book.

He remembered looking out of the window and he saw the ambulance's, lights and sirens blazing. He remembered seeing the paramedics carrying the stretcher into the ambulance and the crushed body laying upon it.

He thought about the stone that surrounded the people gathered on the street and path.

Misaki let out a bitter laugh at the irony of it all, Usagi was crushed by a falling gargoyle and with it his own heart felt as though it had been crushed.

The people around the boy just glanced at him out of the corner of their eyes, not wanting to look at the person who actually dared laugh at the great Lord Usami's funeral. They didn't know of the whole situation, they just thought that he was a fan who swindled his way passed the security Fuyuhiko had to hire to protect the sanctity of the day.

When the end of the service came to, everyone started to file out of the cemetery. Takahiro saw that his brother wasn't moving, and walked over to him.

Only when he placed a hand on Misaki's shoulder, the boy collapsed sobbing into his hands and Takahiro thought that he had broken his little brother. Kneeling down beside him, he went to place his hand back on his shoulder but Misaki just flinched, not wanting anyone to touch in the state he was in.

Sighing, Takahiro told him that his home will always be Misaki's home and that he was welcome to stay any time. The boy had already refused the same offer on multiple occasions since Usagi had passed, and this time was no different. Manami and Mahiro were already waiting by their car, so Takahiro said his goodbyes and left.

And so Misaki was alone. Some part of him was glad that he was left to cry beside Usagi's grave in peace, but the other part had him wishing again.

Wishing that Usagi was there with him, holding him and touching him in the way that only Usagi knew. He closed his eyes and rested his head again the cold, hard stone and cried until he felt his eyes grow heavy.

He was lingering between the land of dreams and consciousness, and something felt familiar.

Misaki heard a soft purring in his ear, a warm breeze softly brushing his hair. Soon the purring formed words, one word to be exact.


He kept hearing his name being called, the voice sounded smooth and it made him feel comfortable. Something else began to brush his hair, something cold yet warm at the same time. His eyes began to twitch, not wanting to wake up just yet. Until the warm and the touching went away. The voice finally stopped as well, only then did he open his eyes.

There was a soft glow coming from behind him and he felt as though something was missing from his side. Once his eyes regained focus he realised that he was in his room, or rather Usagi's room.

He felt as though it had be years since he was there. And then it hit him.

How did he get inside Usagi's room?

The door creaked open, and in walked Usagi with a glass if milk. The elder man saw that the boy was awake, and sent him a gentle smile before sitting down beside him.

"Care to tell me what your dream was about? You did kept calling out my name." Passing the glass to Misaki, Usagi looked at the boys tear stained cheeks and he felt the need to wrap him up in his arms. The only thing stopping him was that he felt that if he did so, the boy would crumble and break in to tiny fragile pieces.

So he waited for Misaki to finish the milk he had gotten for him, he had learnt that he always like to have a glass of milk once he had awoken from a nightmare. He never understood why, but always complied with the boys wishes.

Misaki just stared at the man in front of him in awe. Once he had finished sipping his milk, he place the glass on the table behind him, almost missing because he refused to take his eyes off Usagi in fear of him disappearing.

And then he did the only thing he knew, Misaki dove onto Usagi, burying his face in the man's chest, "I love you Usagi-san."

Usagi smiled and put his arms around the boy, revelling in the feeling of holding him. "No 'maybe''s or 'I think''s?"

Misaki froze, finally though, he looked up. Eyes wide, a small smile gracing his lips, "Nope."

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