Emily and Ilsa were sitting in the apple orchard on one of their last days of summer. They were discussing two very important things.

The first was there trip to the city to see Elizabeth Middleford, their best friend whose family owned a summer house in Markdale, where they lived. They would finally meet her fiancée Ciel Phantomhive and see his butler, Ilsa's father, at work.

The second was about playing matchmaker to Ilsa's father Grell, and Emily's Aunt Laura; and trying make them admit their feelings towards each other. He met Emily's aunt two years ago, after Emily's parents passed away and she was sent to the country.

"I know!" Ilsa said looking up from her thinking position, "We can have William say father has to remarry again."

William was the boss of all grim reapers, so Ilsa's father, Grell, worked under him. All grim reapers were required to marry and have at least one child, to do their part in populating the earth.

Grell married his childhood friend and had Ilsa. But Ilsa's mother died when Ilsa was a baby, and Grell never remarried after that.

"No," Emily said with a sigh, "You know he wouldn't agree to that. Besides, what if he chooses that Sebastian guy?"

Ilsa countered, "True, but William wouldn't allow him to marry a guy, either. Wouldn't it make more sense if he just married your Aunt Laura? They're a great match, everyone in town says so."

"ILSA, EMILY!" The girls heard their names being called over the valley.

The girls ran to find Grell Sutcliff and Laura Murray waiting for them. Ilsa grinned, it looked like the two had gone for a walk and both were smiling at each other.

"See you tomorrow on the train!" Ilsa told Emily. Emily waved back at Ilsa, and the adults nodded.

Grell sighed as they walked through the door of their house; the last thing to do in order to get ready was the hardest.

"Ilsa," he said closing the door, "Time for a bath."

Ilsa turned. "I took one two weeks ago," she argued.

"Ilsa, we are leaving tomorrow. You need to take a bath. No arguments," He said wearily.

"No." she said crossing her arms.

"Then we won't go," he said.

"But we have to go. Emily's aunts will be out of town, and you have business in the city. And William won't watch us, remember?" She added.

"Ilsa, now," he said in a tone that meant it was the end of the conversation.

The next day was so busy, Grell didn't know how they managed to get on the train, ready to go by 8am.

Emily and Ilsa watched as he gave Laura a kiss on the cheek goodbye. When they were settled on the train, both girls stared at him.

"None of your business," he said with a smile as they rolled away.