The next day Ciel and the adults were discussing their strategy. When Lizzy tried to help, she was shooed away with the reasoning that she was a child. She was used to this from Ciel, but not from the others. Due to this dismissal she was in a sour mood for the rest of the day.

Emily and Ilsa had their own things to do. Emily worked all morning on updating her writing about their trip while Ilsa read some books.

It was the afternoon was when Prince Soma tried to cheer up Lizzy.

"I'm sorry, Lizzy. Ciel is only doing this for your best interest."

"Humph," she said.

"Come on, Lizzy. Ciel and I have been through a lot more then you have. We don't get as scared as you girls," he said soothingly.

"I'm not afraid of anything," she shot back.

"I know, but please understand this is for the best. We don't want you getting hurt."

"I am just as capable as the rest of the people on this ship, if not more." By now she had picked up a sword and was fencing with the air.

"Let me join in," Lou said with a smile. He loved fencing with her and soon everyone was watching.

"You're really good, Lizzy," Ilsa said in awe.

"She's one of the best in England," Ran-Mao said.

"We taught her well," Lau said with a smile.

"She's good at all that stuff: fencing, archery, and she's getting good with her aim when it comes to shooting," Bard said.

"That's awesome," Ilsa and Emily said.

"There are no girls in our town that can do that stuff," Emily said.

"Of course not," May-Rin said. "People of noble birth are brought up differently and for different purposes. You girls are brought up to live your own life and do things for yourselves. Lizzy has more freedom due to the luxury of servants. You guys, just like me, need to learn to manage a household, but for Lizzy, others do it."

The two girls nodded.

"I'm glad for that," Lizzy said happily. "I can't even boil water, not that I'd want to."

"That's our Lizzy" Undertaker said happily.

"So what kind of mystery are we solving?" Emily asked.

Ciel sighed. "I guess it's OK to know the basics since you are coming along. The queen had a crown in one of the museums but it was stolen as well as a few other artifacts. For example, her great grandmother's necklace, cuff links and an old doll."

"Oh," Emily said confused.

"What?" Ilsa asked.

"I had a weird dream about someone that looked like a present calling the queen cousin. The odd thing is that they looked alike."

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