Summary: Sequel to Black Wish. It's been four months and the Decepticons are on the move. With Megatron alive and well, the Autobots are in a race against time to stop Megatron from building a time machine. Arcee, pregnant and grieving the loss of Starscream, can't find the strength to help them, but when someone thought to be dead shows up, it brings a shimmer of hope back to their lives...

Jack walked into his garage, and switched on the light. It was still empty, as it had been for the past four months. Jack sighed, and switched the light back off. He had hoped that Arcee would show up to bring him to the Autobot base.

Jack walked back into his house, and plopped down on the couch. He kicked his shoes off, and placed his feet on the coffee table. His mom walked into the living room, and saw him on the couch. She placed her hands on her hips, "Jack, feet off the table please," she said, and walked over to grab her bag. Jack took his feet down, "No Arcee?" Jack nodded, and June walked over to him. She sat down on the couch, "I know you're worried about her."

"Mom it's been four months," Jack said, "I understand that she loved him and all, but...she can't stay like this forever," June placed a hand on his shoulder.

"When Arcee is ready to, she'll deal with this. She's had a lot of losses in her life. First Tailgate, then Cliffjumper, and now Starscream. That has to be hard on her. If you're concerned about her, go talk to her when you get to the base," June said, and squeezed his shoulder, "I have to go to work now," She got up, and they heard a horn being honked. June looked out the window, "Bumblebee's here," Jack got up, and put his shoes back on.

They both walked outside, and June hugged her son, "Talk to her," she said, and climbed into her car. Jack walked over to Bumblebee, and opened the door. He slid in the back seat next to Miko. Raf was in the front seat. Miko looked over at him, and smiled.


"Bulkhead didn't pick you up?" Miko shook her head.

"Optimus got him doing some recon."

Bumblebee began driving to the base, and Raf leaned around the front seat, "Bumblebee said that Arcee's still having nightmares," Jack sighed.

"I'm really worried about her."

"Yeah. Depressed and pregnant aren't a good combination," Miko said, as they drove towards the cliff wall. It slowly lifted, and Bumblebee drove inside.

Ratchet looked over his shoulder, and nodded to the children. He turned back to Arcee, and placed the scanner over her stomach, " newspark is still healthy, no changes. It's still to early to find out if it's a mech or femme," he said, switching off the machine. Arcee nodded slowly, and sat up. She looked over at Jack and forced a smile. Jack saw pain in her optics.

Optimus walked out from his quarters, and nodded at the humans, "Ratchet, Bulkhead is ready to be bridged back," Ratchet nodded, and walked over to the controls. He switched the bridge on, and Bulkhead drove through.

"Optimus, we got a problem," he said, transforming, "The 'Cons are on the move again."

"With Megatron?" Miko asked, concerned. Bulkhead's looked darkened.

"Megatron's with them alright, and he looks like there's no damage done to him at all."

"Is that even possible?" Raf asked, "Didn't he get crushed?

"Apparently so," Bulkhead said, "He was watching them. They were gathering lots of metal. I think they're planning on building something," Optimus nodded slowly, concerned. This wasn't good if Megatron was still alive.

"Good work Bulkhead. We just need to find out what he's planning on building, and figure out how to stop him," Optimus said, "Bumblebee, you'll head out tomorrow and do the reconnaissance. Find out what they are planning on building," Bumblebee nodded. Arcee was quiet, just staring at her hands. Jack walked over to her, and touched them.

"You should go outside. Get some air," he said. Arcee looked down at him, "I want us to talk," he said quietly, and she nodded. Arcee stood up, and she and Jack went outside.

Once they were on top of the cliff, Jack and Arcee sat down, Arcee staring out at the sunset. Jack looked at her, waiting. Arcee sighed, "I'm sorry that I haven't been picking you up, but Ratchet doesn't want me to go out too much."

"I know," he said, "Bumblebee said you still have nightmares," Arcee nodded slowly, and felt tears in her optics, "He loved you Arcee, and you knew that. Starscream didn't die in vain either. He died protecting you, the one he loved with every bolt and wire in his frame. How do you think he would react if he saw you like this?" he asked. Arcee closed her optics.

"He would...tell me to stop crying over him, and get on with my life," she said, "But it's so hard. I promised myself I wouldn't get close to anyone after I lost Tailgate, and especially after I lost Cliffjumper, but I couldn't stop myself. I didn't want to care, so I tried to push him away, but he saw through that," Jack nodded slowly, "I don't want this sparkling growing up and becoming like me. Pushing people away because it's afraid to love or care."

"Then you need to start opening up with everyone," Jack said softly, placing his hand over hers, "Talk to them. We all worry about you. We hate seeing you like this. It hurts us more than it hurts you," Jack looked up at her, "Talk to Ratchet or Optimus, even Bulkhead about the nightmares. It might help you deal with this."

"It doesn't help that Megatron is alive," Arcee said bitterly. Jack nodded in agreement.

"Don't let that bother you. Starscream wouldn't want that," She sighed, and looked down at Jack.

"Thanks for doing this," she said softly. Jack smiled at her, and they turned their attention back to the sunset.

"What do you plan on naming it?" Jack asked.

"I'm not sure. It depends on if it is a mech or a femme," Arcee answered, placing a hand over her stomach. Jack looked over at her, and smiled at her again.

Knock Out looked down at the schematics, "You want me to build a time machine?" he asked, looking up at Megatron, "To be honest, Lord Megatron, this isn't my specialty."

"Well, Soundwave can't build it, and neither can Airachnid. You're the next best thing," Megatron said. Knock Out looked down at the schematics again.

"With all due respect, Lord Megatron, you need a scientist to build this," Megatron's optics narrowed.

"And yet, Starscream is offline. How can you expect a dead Seeker to build a time machine?" he asked. Knock Out looked at him, "You're making me question my decision in making you second-in-command. Are you saying you cannot live up to that roll?"

"Of course not. It...may take some time for me to figure these out," Knock Out answered, picking the schematics up.

"You better start looking them over now, because I want that time machine operational in an orn," Knock Out's helm jerked up.

"What? That soon?" Megatron growled at him, "Of course. As you wish, Lord Megatron," Knock Out bowed, and left the room.

Once in the medbay, Knock Out groaned in frustration, "How the frag am I supposed to build a time machine?" he exclaimed as his partner Breakdown walked in the room, "Why the frag did Starscream have to be the stupid hero he is and save his girlfriend whatever her name is."

"Arcee?" Breakdown asked. Knock Out looked over at him, "What? I'm sure it can't be that hard," he said, and walked over. He looked down at the schematics, "Oh."

"Exactly. Oh. And he wants it done in an orn!"

"An orn? Are his circuits fried or something?" Breakdown asked, "There's no way you can build that in an orn," Knock Out sighed, and they both looked down at the schematics.

What Megatron wanted with a time machine was a mystery, but he sure wanted it very soon.