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Thalia Grace

Chapter 1

"Thalia, did you want to talk to Jason before lunch?" Lady Artemis asked me as we were heading to the dining pavilion. We were visiting Camp for the annual Capture the Flag.

"Um, yeah, if that's okay with you, milady" I answered. My silver Ugg boots were sprinkled with snow from the winter ground, along with my Huntress dress. I had white leggings on, they were Capri-style.

"Sure, go ahead. See you at dinner" Artemis answered. I jogged off towards the Zeus cabin. As I was walking, my high ponytail bouncing behind me, I saw Annabeth tutoring a familiar demigod.

"Annabeth, Nico!" I said, rushing to greet them. I haven't seen them in forever.

"Hey! I haven't seen you since… last year!" Annabeth gasped as she hugged me tightly. I pulled back, taking her in. She was wearing her usual camp T-shirt, jeans, a jacket, ponytail and sneakers.

"Hey, Thalia" Nico said from behind Annabeth. He had his hands in his pockets and he seemed to be… blushing?

"Hi Nico, what's up?" I asked, side-hugging him.

"Oh, nothing, Annabeth's tutoring me in Ancient Greek…" He trailed off.

"Where's Perce?" I asked Annabeth.

"Who knows? Seaweed Brain is anywhere and everywhere these days" Annabeth grumbled.

"Okay, well, I'll catch you later. Jason's in his cabin, right?" I asked them.

"Actually, I think he's with Percy" Nico said.

"Really, this can't be good" I replied. Apparently the two had been pulling pranks these days.

"Check the Aphrodite cabin" Annabeth said. I nodded and headed for the pink mansion/cabin. I heard giggles from the inside. I wonder what they were doing in the Aphrodite cabin. I climbed the steps and opened the door slowly. Justin Bieber music played quietly, and a bunch of girls sat around watching Pretty Little Liars on TV.

"Take Caleb back, Hanna!" One screamed at the TV. I noticed Jason and Percy sitting on a couch close to a corner with three girls around them. One had short shoulder length brown hair, braids mixed in with the waves of her hair. She wore denim skinny jeans, brown Uggs, a white flower blouse and a black fur jacket. Her hair was actually in a messy bun and her side bangs cupped her face. I'd know Piper anywhere. Another had long blonde hair, pink streaks, bangs, and a headband. She wore a black mini dress, white leggings and black Uggs. I think her name is Jane? The last one was blonde, too, with spiral curls. She was wearing a mini skirt, even in this harsh winter weather. She had a long sleeved tight top on, too. I recognized the outfit as Camp Half Blood's cheerleader uniform. (CHB now hosted school during the school time so no demigod loses education. With the school came cheerleaders for the chariot races) Molly was her name.

"Hey, Jason" I called to my brother. He has his blonde hair in its usual fashion: spiked at the front and short in the back. He had dark denim jeans and a white button down. He leaned towards the girls that sat on the floor, his elbows on his knees. Percy did the same. Percy was a different story, his Underarmour tight green t-shirt (short sleeved) peeked out of his unzipped grey hoodie, and his denim jeans hid his black converse. He smiled as he talked to the Molly girl. Jason stood and hugged me tight before sitting back down on the couch. Molly waved, she was friendly to me, Piper smiled and Jane popped her gum with a smile. I guess I was no threat to them, since I was a hunter.

"Hey, Thalia" Percy said with a smile. He stood with his arms open, as if calling me for a hug. Screw being a hunter I thought as I leaned in and hugged him tightly. He swayed back and forth with me in his arms. Molly coughed, bringing me back to reality. I pulled away, but Percy pulled me in a tighter hug. I finally realized he was whispering in my ear.

"I missed you" He had whispered. I looked up and smiled into his sea-green eyes. Good grief he was hot. He sat back down and patted the seat between him and Jason. I could not fit my butt in that little space he was offering me. I shook my head and sat down next to Piper, my silver dress flaying around me. I was supposed to tell Lady Artemis today I was quitting. I hope she won't be mad. My bow was over my shoulder and my quiver was on my back. The group went back to their conversation; it was about some girl named Drew…

"-And she was like 'Oh no you didn't' after I hit her with my sword. She actually cried!" Jane said, waving her hands in the air as she spoke. I silently smirked; a daughter of Aphrodite holding a sword? Is she serious?

"What did Chiron say?" Jason asked her.

"Yeah, right, like Chiron's going to do anything about it, Mr. D had to come to our cabin and take Drew to the infirmary"

"That's not funny. You injured her" Percy spoke up. Hold on; Jane injured somebody?

"She had it coming! She stole my boyfriend!" Jane defended. Piper looked bored and Molly was staring at Percy's abs through his tight shirt. This didn't surprise me; the Aphrodite girls got in fights a lot.

"Who was your boyfriend?" Jason asked.

"Nico Di Angelo" Jane huffed as she tossed her hair over her shoulder. As she flipped it, I noticed her roots were dark brown. Wow, who knew she was a fake? (Please note my sarcasm)

"You dated Nico?" I heard myself ask.

"Yeah, but now he's dating Drew."

"Drew who?" I asked. Why did I care, anyways?

"Hey, that rhymed" Molly giggled. I wanted to slap her.

"Nico's dating Drew?" Percy said, surprised.

"Uh, yeah," Jane said, "Get with it, Perce" Jane said as she sat up and squeezed his shoulder. I think she was secretly feeling his muscles.

"Sorry, I'm not 'with it'" Percy said, shaking her hand off his shoulder.

"I have to go find Annabeth" I said, standing up.

"Oh, I do, too." Piper said, standing. I guess she didn't really care for this conversation, anyways.

"I guess I better go, too. I haven't talked to Annabeth… in a while" Percy said, standing also. I felt a twinge of excitement for a millisecond.

"Wait, Perce, wait up for me" Jane said, standing to join us.

"Actually, it doesn't take four to speak to Annabeth" Piper snapped.

"Ugh, Piper, you are so cleaning Drew's sink tomorrow" Jane snapped back.

"What's wrong with Drew's sink?" Jason snickered.

"It's always got toothpaste in it from when she brushes. She makes the 'Loser of the Day' clean it every morning."

"Not anymore. I'm the cabin leader, not Drew" Piper snapped.

"Ugh, that's right!" Jane smiled. She went back to her place and sat down on the rug, pulling a Seventeen magazine from under the couch.

"Is that this month's issue? I haven't read it yet!" Molly squealed.

"Ugh. I'm leaving." I said, heading for the door.

"Thals, wait up" Piper called, jogging to keep up. I didn't realize how fast I was walking. I guess you don't notice when the other hunters are as fast as you are.

"I'm so glad you broke the ice and left. I hate gossip" Piper said.

"Me too" Percy said from the other side of me. I smiled to myself. Friends are awesome

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