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Annabeth Chase

Chapter 12

We ducked into the woods and ran. We met up at Zeus' fist, me huffing and puffing for air.

"Think anyone saw?" Percy said, bent over trying to catch his breath.

"No" I said, sitting on the big rock shaped like a fist.

"I did" A voice from in the woods said.

"Who's there?" Percy said, pulling out Riptide. I pulled out my own dagger and stood in ready position.

"Put your weapons away, I mean no harm" The voice said with a girlish giggle. A figure with tan skin and long green leafy hair stepped out from behind a tree.

"It's just a nymph" Percy said.

"Excuse me, don't get me confused with those πλάσματα" The girl said. She quickly climbed the tree and sat on the limb closest to the ground. Πλάσματα means creatures in Greek.

"She's a dryad, Percy' I said, rolling my eyes and slipping my dagger into my back pocket.

"Whatever, Wise Girl" He said.

"What are you two doing out here? Such a cute ζευγάρι (couple)" The dryad said.

"We aren't a couple" Percy told her. It sort of hurt to hear him say that, but I had to agree, we weren't a couple… yet. The dryad came forward and stood. She had a brown shirt that looked like bark design and brown skinny jeans that looked like bark, also. Her belly button could be seen, and of course it was pierced. It had a dragonfly shaped charm on her belly-button ring. She tossed her braided hair and fluttered her eyes.

"The heroes of Olympus aren't a couple?" She asked. She had no shoes on, and her toenails were painted bright green.

"Just friends" I told her. I wanted to add for now.

"Oh, well then, Percy do you want to call me sometime?" She asked. I was glad that Percy wasn't any good at Latin, because I chewed her out.

"Aliquam erat Dryadesque puellae; Ille meos!" I told her. (Back off dryad girl; he's mine!)

"Et dixisti amicum iustus es, quisque augue Antiqua, Heros!" The dryad shot back. (You said you were just friends, respect the Ancient Rules, demigod!)

"What's your name?" Percy said, changing the subject. He didn't even know what we were saying; he just knew the tone wasn't good.

"Olive Bush" She replied.

"Hey, you're Juniper's sister!" Percy replied.

"She's not my real sister. We just all have the same last name" She replied harshly.

"What's wrong with Juniper?" I asked.

"Juniper is a άνευ αξίας κορίτσι" Olive scoffed in Greek. (Worthless girl)

"She isn't a worthless girl. What did she do?" Percy asked. He could speak fluent Greek like a bunch of the demigods could.

"She chose that satyr over Ashton" Olive replied.

"Who's Ashton?" I asked.

"The ash tree, duh" Olive said, "He's the θερμότερα dryad ever." (Hottest)

"Oh, okay, well if we could just have some privacy-"

"I gotcha" Olive said, winking before she walked back to her Olive tree.

"That was… awkward" Percy said when she left.

"Yeah" I agreed.

"What did you tell her in Latin?" He asked.

"Oh, you'll never know" I teased.

"Yeah, well, when I learn a language you don't know-"

"You won't" I cut him off.

"We've been out here for forty-five minutes. It's third period now" Percy said, looking at his watch.

"We haven't gotten to do anything but ward off an annoying dryad" I complained.

"Well, let's play a game" Percy said, jumping up on the fist and sitting down.

"What game?" I asked.

"Never Have I Ever" He suggested.

"Why not" I replied; if you haven't played this game before, here's how it goes: you hold out five fingers and so does the other player(s). One person who's it says something like 'never have I ever killed the minotaur' and Percy would have to put down one finger. The point of the game is to try and get the other player(s) out.

"Never have I ever… hit the target with a bow and arrow" Percy said. I put down one finger.

"Never have I ever… dropped Riptide" I said. He put down a finger.

"I dropped him one time on my foot. Nothing happened since I'm invincible" He explained with a smirk.

"Percy Jackson! What would your dad say? The Hero of Olympus dropping his own weapon! Ridiculous"

"Anyways, never have I ever kissed Jason" He said, changing the subject.

"Well, I hope not" I said. I didn't have to put any fingers down on that one.

"Don't lie about it, Annabeth. You have to have kissed him before" Percy argued.

"Never" I argued back.

"What's… wrong with him, is he ugly or something?" Percy asked, messing with a blade of grass. He didn't look at my face.

"Oh, gods no; he's gorgeous" I said. Percy blushed.

"Then why haven't you kissed him?"

"Ugh, Seaweed Brain, a girl doesn't kiss a guy because he's hot. She kisses him because he's sweet, and funny and charming and cuteness is just a bonus" I told him.

"So which am I?" He asked.

"What?" I was totally confused.

"You kissed me when we were on the quest for the Labyrinth. Why did you kiss me?" He asked.

"That was so long ago. I thought you were about to die, for Athena's sake! What's wrong with kissing my best friend?"

"Everything" He murmured.

"What do you mean?" I asked. This was getting awkward.

"You made me think you liked me. I felt really bad when I was with Calypso" He admitted.

"I… don't know how to respond" I told him. Actually, I did know how to respond. In my head, I was screaming I did like you. I still like you.

"I'm glad you stopped me from inviting the others… We haven't had time for just us since the war"

"That's true" I said.

"Do you know the last time we spent time together was when we… you know" He said. He looked up at me with those sea green eyes.

"You mean when we… talked about the kiss?" I asked. What I'm talking is about we talked about the underwater kiss. He told me it was a spur of the moment. Then, we argued followed by me running away to San Francisco until the next summer.

"Yeah, look, I'm sorry for cutting you" I said. I had cut him in the stomach, right between his abs.

"I wasn't expecting it…" He said, rubbing the scar on his abdomen.

"I'm sorry" I said, lifting the shirt to see the scar. It was a white streak about three inches long. My eyes lingered on his 8 pack for thirty nanoseconds before flickering away.

"…Can I touch it?" I asked.

"Yeah" He said. I touched it with my pointer finger. I felt a chill run through my back, like someone was watching us.

"I'm sorry for making this awkward" I apologized.

"It's no problem…" He hesitated "…Thalia's done the same thing before; touched it I mean" He said. I gripped my hands on the edge of the rock. She had touched his stomach before? Felt his scar that I gave him? I heard some rustling in the bushes. I slowly looked up to see a swish of black hair hiding behind a tree. What the…?