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"Let's promise never to let boys come between us again."

"Yeah, like that's really gonna happen," seeing the slightly older girl's smile, it was impossible for Christina to not step closer and give her a hug.

So maybe she stayed too close for a little too long. Maybe she felt shivers running down her spine when Phoebe wrapped an arm around Christina and put a hand on her back. She didn't think Phoebe would really mind her newfound attraction to her. Being the part-hippie, part-rocker she knew Phoebe was, Christina didn't think anything was really out of the dark-haired girl's game. But it wasn't like the seventeen-year-old was that easy to read.

Then again, she'd just broken up with her boyfriend, hadn't she? She did that [and] pulled off a genuine smile way too easily for Christina to think Phoebe had ever actually felt anything for the boy. Was Nick just a ploy for Phoebe to get her attention? If that was what she was aiming for, she'd certainly gotten it.

In a way, she supposed she hated Phoebe for re-awakening feelings she had learned to stuff down, hide away, and ignore. But then again they had probably always been there.

So maybe she had brushed her lips against Phoebe's cheek as they pulled apart. Maybe she inhaled the faint body mist the girl used. [Mango.] It fit her, exoctic and warmly sweet. She would know, considering she now shared a room with her new 'sister.'

Though they weren't related by blood, Phoebe and Christina were family now. Family didn't date family. No matter what.