My Stalker My Protector 9

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After they had splinted Arthur's ankle, which was deemed sprained but not broken by Conner, Blair piled all the presents into the car's trunk, commenting that the living room was a bit messy and the tree had gotten knocked over, pushed Arthur and Nikita into the back seats, pushed Conner into the passenger side and jumped behind the wheel.

"Where are we going Blair?" Arthur asked nervously. He really didn't like the hyper glint in his brother's eyes. He smirked in the rearview.

"Your Boyfriend there invited us to breakfast did he not? So, I decided, since our house is in a rather sorry arse state, we're going to his place since his poor sister and brother must be lonely."

Nikolai's eyes widened slightly but other than that he showed no response to what was said. When asked though, he did provided directions with a slight blush. He wasn't used to having people over…especially on such short notice. He knew his sister would be ecstatic, as would Ivan but he wasn't sure he wanted Arthur to see his room just yet…

Blair started the car and they pulled out, driving along the road near the park. None bothered to pay attention to the cop cars and tape surrounding a good quarter of the forest as they drove, soft conversation being made between the parties. They drove through the small town until they reached a long dirt driveway that was covered in perfect snow. The blizzard had really piled it up but the car was able to maneuver it well enough thanks to the city having cleaned up their small town. When they reached the end of the drive, a beautiful white, two level farm house stood before them with black shutters and Christmas lights hanging all around.

Blair stopped the car and both brothers piled out. Nikolai didn't wait for them though, instead, he opened the door and lifted Arthur into his arms, not trusting the boy to walk on his own through the knee deep white fluff. When they reached the doorway, all glanced down at the wreath that had obviously been blown off the door. Blair kindly picked it up and went to knock on the white door which opened with no prompting.

"Niki! I knew you would come back. Oh and look, you brought all of your adorable friends! My, come in come in! We were just sitting down with some hot cocoa!"

The three brothers stared at Kateyusha who rambled on as she forced them into the house and towards couches where Ivan smiled up at them and motioned for them to sit. Nikita moved towards a beige love seat, sitting down and helping Arthur arrange himself so they were comfortably intertwined. Ivan nodded his head as though to approve while Connor and Blair were a mix of glaring and smirking at the bright red flush on Arthur's cheeks.

"Um….Nikita, why are you sticking so close?" Arthur wriggled, slightly uncomfortable with being so close to the tall male after everything that happened yesterday…including the kiss they had shared.

Silver eyes gazed at him calmly. "You were hurt and I did not save you… Someone else had to do it for me. I will stay close so that no one ever hurts you again, moj ciuĺpan." (my tulip) He nuzzled into the messy blond hair, breathing in the comforting scent of tea and something sweet that was uniquely Arthur.

Arthur just blushed and stayed silent. He could kind of understand how Nikita felt since for a moment, he had regretted not spending more time with the Belarusian when he had thought he would die in the blizzard. Kateyusha rushed back into the room with four more cups of hot chocolate, passing them out with a smile. None commented when one of the buttons popped off and landed in Blair's cup though the red head did blush and divert his eyes as he took a sip. Ivan did narrow his eyes though and Nikolai scowled.

The big breasted woman took a seat next to Ivan, picking up her own mug and taking a sip before sighing contentedly.

"So, what brings you all here? I am sure Niki told us he would be staying with you all…if I had known I could have made you all something for Christmas." Her eyes watered but Ivan patted her head and Blair instantly told her it was their fault for dropping by unannounced.

"Well um…ya see…" Blair rubbed the back of his neck, showing his embarrassment at not planning this out fully.

"Our house was partly destroyed in the fight that injured Arthur and we didn't want Nikolai to miss Christmas with his family. We are very sorry for bursting in here without making sure it was okay but we consider your brother a part of our family since he is so close to our Arthur."

Connor's words brought a long bout of silence before Kateyusha whipped her eyes and shooed Ivan into standing up.

"Vanya, bring in everything from their car, I am sure if they plan on spending the holidays here they brought the presents. I'll go fix up the guest room. You three can stay with us while you fix up your house. Spend the New Year with us! Vanya told me of some sort of dance coming up at the school, you might as well stay until that is over so poor Arthur can heal up."

Blair and Connor relaxed, giving the woman large grateful smiles and many thanks. Nikita couldn't help but hug Arthur a bit harder before turning to his sister.

"Kate, have you both had breakfast yet?"

With a shake of her head she frowned, looking conflicted. Nikita solved the problem for her.

"I will cook, you go set up the guest room. Arthur will stay with me."

Kateyusha smiled brightly and nodded, heading upstairs while Nikolai, albeit reluctantly, untwined himself from Arthur.

"Connor, you help." Without waiting for a reply, he grabbed the ginger by the arm and headed for the kitchen. When they reached the kitchen, Connor pulled away, blinking slightly at Nikolai and waiting for an explanation.

"I need to go set up my room and hide…quite a few things before Arthur sees it. You will cook while I do this."

Connor nodded slowly. "What do you want me to make?"

"Waffles, eggs, bacon, ham and sausages are good enough. You'll find everything you need in the fridge and cabinets. Oh, and we only eat sunny side up eggs and no overly crispy bacon. I doubt you're as good as my sister but do your best." With that, the silver haired boy turned on his heel and marched up the steps.

His room was the last one on the right when you reached the top of the stairs and it was spacious though not nearly as big as Ivan's or Kateyusha's yet it was comfortable and simple. The walls were painted with millions of tulips around the bottom in every color while the rest of the wall was robin's egg blue. The bed spread was black and every now and then there were plushies of tulips, hearts and sunflowers. The most prominent feature was the hundreds of pictures of Arthur pinned to the wall. Most of his stalking time had been spent taking pictures of his love that he pinned up to his walls, surrounding himself with his obsession. He quickly started to unpin them all, hiding them inside the desk in the corner along with his knife box which he buried in the closet.

He couldn't have Arthur seeing the blood stained weaponry nor his obsessive pictures. The smaller blond would become nervous if he saw such things. When he finished, he turned to the bed. It was a full size bed but rather small for two people given his own height yet somehow, he didn't mind since it meant he could hold Arthur close. He was serious, he didn't like how close he had come to losing his love and he would be sure to keep him close.

"Niki! Idite syuda, breakfast is ready!"

Heading back down stairs quickly, he watched as Ivan slowly lower Arthur into a seat, smiling over at Nikita.

"He is tiny…just like a cute rabbit!" Ivan kissed Arthur's hair before moving to his own seat, smiling happily.

Nikita refrained from growling, knowing that he had gained his brother's approval with his choice and took the open seat next to Arthur who was blushing.

"I'm not that small! I'm average. It is all of you who are much to large!"

Nikita smirked.

"He's not a rabbit…he's delicate like a tulip." Nikita didn't think before he said it…he had yet to actually compare Arthur to his favorite flower unless he was talking to him as the stalker.

Arthur's head snapped around instantly, eyes widened slightly.

"Tulips? I'm like a tulip?"

Nikolai cursed in his head before smiling happily.

"Yes, tulips! I love tulips…gentle and adorable yet underappreciated because they lack scent. Neither outstanding nor insignificant, that is the glory of the Tulip!"

Arthur stared at him suspiciously but dropped the subject; he could ask later…he didn't want to startle anyone with his questions.

When they had finished the simple meal, Connor and Kateyusha shooed everyone back into the room so they could bake up some cinnamon rolls and make more hot chocolate. Blair had started an interesting conversation with Ivan about building things with your bare hands and Arthur stood awkwardly off to the side by the very large Christmas tree. He wasn't alone long though as two warm and strong arms wrapped around his waist, a chin resting on his mop of blonde hair.

"маё каханне, do not stand alone, come sit with me."

Before Arthur could reply or ask what the man had said in Russian, Nikita maneuvered them towards the love seat from earlier. Arthur made sure not to put a lot of weight on his foot and soon, they were curled around each other, the blond blushing all the way to his ears.

"N-niki…so embarrassing…"

Even as he mumbled that against the black turtleneck sweater, he cuddled closer, not really wanting to give up the warmth and comfort. Nikolai just smiled and played with the ends of Arthur's hair, marveling at just how soft it was. The voices sounding softly around them droned on comfortingly while the smells of cinnamon and chocolate slowly filled the downstairs and finally, Arthur had the holiday he had been hoping for.

"Niki, can I borrow your friend for a moment?" Kateyusha's voice spoke up near them. In her hands, a steaming plate of rolls sat and she smiled happily as she handed them to Nikolai in exchange of balancing Arthur. "Save some of those for him, we will be back in a moment."

Conner came over and together, the three made their way up the steps, Arthur finally asking what was going on.

"You'll see little one. This is something that will make today even better!"

They were led into a room with sky blue walls and fields of hand painted white daisies spread out all along the bottom half of the wall, clouds and a sun decorating the ceiling. The bed spread was light blue and there were little glass figurines all over the shelves. Arthur was plopped down onto the bed while Conner and Kateyusha stood in front of him.

"Okay…we ran into a small problem this year little Arthur. Normally my family dresses up, me as Mrs. Clause, Ivan as Santa and Nikita as an elf but this year, the costumes we ordered were the wrong ones! They sent us a small Santa costume and two female costumes instead of an elf costume!"

The girl looked like she was going to cry and Arthur jumped to distract her.

"O-okay, so what can I do to help!" he half shouted half asked.

She whipped her eyes on her sleeves and gave him a watery smile. "I was hoping you would be the female elf so we can keep our family tradition…Conner has been kind enough to wear the Santa outfit and well…you're the only person who can fit the other costume."

Arthur blinked slowly as Kateyusha pulled out a green dress that would fall to his knees and a pair of flat, peppermint striped, fuzzy knee high boots with little bows at the top. The green dress had long sleeves that gathered at the elbow before flowing out into bell shaped cuffs lined with white fuzz. The collar went back to a hood and was rounded luckily so it wouldn't matter that he didn't have a chest. It had a cinch waist that laced in the front and back and the bottom poofed out slightly and was also lined with fuzz.

"No….no, I am not doing it." Hi voice came out before he even knew he was talking. He could feel his cheeks turning red and he shook his head, eyes wide in shock.

Kateyusha and Conner exchanged looks before grinning evilly and pouncing on Arthur.

…the only thing those down stairs heard was a piercing scream and a lot of bumping and clattering.


Two hours later


Nikita glanced at the clock impatiently. His sister had kidnapped Arthur two hours and he had heard nothing since except for a scream. If he hadn't trusted and loved his sister, he would have stormed up there to make sure the blond was okay. Instead, he huffed again and crossed his arms over his chest, trying to be patient.

Finally, footsteps sounded at the top of the stairs, heavy boots colliding with the wood.

"HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" a falsely deep voice boomed down the steps as Conner, sporting a full Santa costume including fake belly and hoisting a bag full of probably all the gifts they had gotten each other came into view. Behind him, Kateyusha came down in an adorable red, knee-length with long red gloves, a heart shaped bust, black cinch and black Mary Jane's with red and white striped stockings. On her head was a little Santa heat held on with a black bow tied around her chin.

It was what was behind her that commanded full attention. Standing on both feet, though obviously favoring the uninjured leg, was Arthur dressed as a peppermint Elf. On his head was a green and white striped bow that tied around under his chin and hung cutely off the side of his head. He was clad in a green velvet dress fringed with white and cinched with black laces and a little white apron with peppermint sticks along the bottom. The sleeves tied at the elbows with little black ribbons and fell into reserved bell sleeves that made his arms seem longer than they were. His feet were clad in knee high boots that were covered in a wide fluffy green and white cover making them stick out from his legs to flat, almost sneaker like bottoms.

He gingerly hopped down the steps and instantly, Nikolai was at his side to steady him. The blush on his face was glorious and the Belarusian couldn't take his eyes from the alluring little Brit.

"Your sister is evil…" The blond murmured and turned his head into Niki's chest, trying to hide from the prying eyes.

He still hadn't settled his heart on falling in love but he was aware how this would look to the others. Niko just wrapped his arms around him and nodded.

"Yes but you are adorable…I approve."

Kateyusha assisted Connor in passing out the gifts while Nikolai and Arthur reclaimed the love seat. When she gave each of them their presents, the blond and silverette looked at each other curiously.

"You open your gift first, Tulip."

Arthur blushed, thinking to himself quickly about that name but stayed silent and nodded his head, pulling at the slightly crumpled but still sealed wrapping paper. Underneath he found a simple white box that was held shut with a gold sticker which he flicked out and peered inside, moving the red and green tissue paper to reveal a Unicorn and a Dragon intertwined in sleep on a small path of tulips. The dragon was silver and black and the unicorn was pure white with a shimmery main and tale that had wild flowers dotting it. It was what sat at the base of the creature's horn that made Arthur's smile grow. Surrounding its glorious spiraling staff was a circle of small emeralds.

He couldn't help himself when he wrapped his arms around Nikolai and kissed his cheek.

"I love it!"

Blair came over and snitched the gift from his hand grinning.

"Yes, very adorable. Now where do you think it should go in your room? With the fairies on the dresser or the flying rabbits on the bookshelf?" he teased mercilessly.

Laughter filled the air, Ivan rescuing the present and Kateyusha trying to calm a growling Arthur. Everything was so gloriously peaceful…


Line break


Time slowly passed and while the elder brothers went back and forth between the two houses, Arthur spent most of his time learning more and more about his awkward foreign friend. They had had a long discussion about the nickname and Arthur had even told him he had a stalker which Nikolai acted shocked about. At night, they cuddled together comfortably, none the wiser to the feelings blooming in each-others hearts. Before they even noticed, it was New Year's Eve and they sat back in the sitting room with hats on the head and watching…waiting for the ball to drop.

Music floated around them all as the TV showed them the packed streets of Time Square. The three Russian siblings blinked at the others when the announcer spoke of the Midnight Kiss and showed the footage of a soldier kissing the woman who had been standing next to him. Blair smirked and started to explain.

"It's a good luck thing. You kiss the one you love, your siblings or a stranger doesn't matter."

Suddenly the countdown started and they had no more time to chat as they all leaned forward excitedly. Blair and Ivan grabbed the Champaign bottles and Kateyusha held three glasses in each hand so the bubbly liquid could be quickly poured. When the ball dropped, they popped the bottles but what distracted everyone was one of either two things.

First was Blair pouring the alcohol as well as leaning forward to plant a gentle kiss on Kateyusha's cheek. Ivan did the same a split second later, his grin turning a bit colder to Blair but his sister just blushed.

Second was Nikita gathering Arthur into his arms and planting a deep kiss directly on his lips. Everyone awed and smiled at the two, Connor putting an arm over Ivan's shoulder and planting a kiss on his cheek with a smile. When the pair finally broke apart, Nikolai pressed their foreheads together, whispering softly.

"I think I might have fallen in love with you…"

Arthur's face heated up but in a rare moment of pure hearted honesty he whispered back.

"I think I already love you…"

Another, sweeter kiss was shared before two glasses of drink were pushed into their hands. For the rest of the evening, the pair did nothing but hold each other and drink to the end of holidays. They had school in two more days and during that time…they wanted to solidify the emotions that had slowly taken hold of their hearts.

Arthur felt unshakeable guilt settle in his stomach though as he thought of the sweet stalker who had given him words of undying love and devotion…who had saved him but he was sure he could explain to the stranger that he was happy here… When they went to bed that night, suddenly so much more intimate in the way they held each other, Arthur felt much surer of himself.

Downstairs, the elder sibling talked amongst themselves and came to an agreement. They would do everything they could to protect this budding romance…and maybe even protect their own interest at the same times as Blair's hand clutched Kateyusha's under the table.




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