Epilogue time!

Fully of warm fuzzies and everything :)


"Mar'i!" Starfire was searching high and low for her daughter. She had gone outside to play in the back of their summer home – usually only used for holidays by the Titans just to get out once in while – and when Starfire went out to bring her her lunch, she was gone. She was currently looking from the sky while Dick checked around the forest. "Oh X'hal." It was a clear day which made her search much easier, but there was still no sign. She inwardly cursed her daughter's ability of flight. She could be anywhere by now.

She had gone around all of the area from the sky and could still not find anything, so she finally elected to go back to the house and search around there on foot. Mar'i could have made it home by then, and was wondering where her parents were. She put her high-speed flight into use to make it back to the house and dropped down in the backyard, searching for any clues. Her communicator rang.


She opened the screen and looked down at her husband, still keeping an eye out around her. "I have finished my search of the sky. I am currently searching near our home again."

He nodded. "Fine. Keep a look out wherever you go."

She took in his panicked face and frowned. "We shall find her Dick."

He nodded. "God, I hope so." He cut off the feed.

She sighed and put the communicator back, continuing search. It was only minutes later when she heard Dick cry out. Her eyes widened. Was he attacked? Was Mar'i attacked as well? "Oh X'hal." She flew quickly over to where she heard the scream, making her way partially through the woods. She saw a glimpse of light and hurried over to it. "Mar'i!" She ran over to her daughter, but stopped dead when she saw Dick.

He was lying on the ground, unmoving.

She looked Mar'i. "Mar'i, what happened to daddy?"

She simply smiled at her mother. "Mommy, boys are bad. We don't need them."

Starfire looked at her, confused. "Did you hurt him?"

She smiled. "He's bad, mommy. Boys are bad."

Starfire swallowed and dropped down next to him, turning him toward her. "Dick! Dick, wake up." She shook him, tears streaming down her face. She checked his pulse. Nothing. "Oh X'hal, no." She held onto him, crying into his neck. "Please wake up. Please…"


Starfire tensed, and then looked over at her daughter. "Mar'i, what did you do? Why did you hurt daddy?" She was shaking.

She grinned and hugged her. "Mommy, I already told you! Boys are bad." Her green eyes seemed to be tinted with red.

Starfire cried harder. "No…" She huddled up, keeping her eyes on Dick. "No, no, no, no."

Mar'i climbed up into her lap, making her shake more, and kept the grin on her face. "Let's go home, mommy. The animals and take daddy. We don't need to."

She continued to cry. "Mar'i…oh X'hal. How could you hurt your father. He loved you." She hid her face in her hands. What was she supposed to do? What do you do when your daughter just killed her father. "Mar'i, he loved you!" She picked her up and placed her on the ground, standing up. She looked between the two, not knowing what to do next.

Mar'i glared at her. "Mommy, don't feel sad. Daddy's bad! Bad, bad, bad!" She growled, her eyes glowing.

Starfire backed away from her. "No, daddy was good. Daddy was good…" She sobbed.

She shrieked when Mar'i pulled her down next to her and got on all fours, smiling. "Mommy, we can be a happy family together. Without daddy."

Starfire shook her head. "No…"

Mar'i nodded. "Yes."

She simply sat there, now, her eyes drying. She didn't know what to do anymore. Just sit. Sit and stare. She watched as Mar'i began to run back to the house, saying something about going to play with her dolls. She looked back to Dick, continuing to stare. That's where the police would find her later, attempting to move her from the place, her daughter still happily smiling down at her dead father.

"I love you, mommy."

Did I say warm fuzzies? I lied.


Happy epilogue! I hope you enjoyed it!

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