Fantasies are Real

My first Super 8 fanfic. I watched the movie today and I thought it was great. A good mix of horror, love and mystery. This is a short one-shot about the couple Joe and Alice. I really liked the couple in the film, that's why I decided to make a short fanfic about it.

Joe Lamb and Alice Daniard where sitting on a grass field looking at the stars.

After all the events with the alien and stuff things got a little bit better. Joe felt that he was finally connected with his father. He was relieved to finally put the past behind him. Alice was glad that here father was again like a father to her. And the big fight between her and Joe's father was finally over.

The alien was finally gone after 20 years.

Joe watched Alice as she looked at the stars. She was beautiful this night. Joe fantasized about her from time to time. About how her lips would taste, how she would say she loved him.

There was nothing wrong with his fantasies. But he thought it would never become a reality.

She turned to him, a smile on her face.

'Fantasizing again Joe?' she asks sweet. Joe breaks out of his trance and looks at her.

'Euh..euh…yes I was' he admits. She just smiles and crawls a little bit closer to him.

'You know there is nothing wrong with fantasies' she says. 'But its just a little sad it never becomes real' Joe says disappointed.

He sees Alice come a little closer. 'Sometimes they do become real Joe.'

And before he knows it she pins him to the ground and sets her lips on his.

Joe couldn't believe this. His favorite fantasy was really coming true. He kissed her back.

They stayed that way for at least 5 minutes before they pulled away from each other.

'Well what do you now. Fantasies do come true' Joe says and Alice smiles.

'I love you Joe' Alice says. Joe smiles and says 'I love you too Alice' he said. They resumed kissing for the rest of the night.

And they remembered. Fantasies are truly real.

So that's my first Super 8 story. It's a little short, but there will be more. I hope you guys liked it. Until the next time. Greetings from Lord Shockwave.