THe Wonder of You

(yes, after the Elvis song)

Chapter One: Cries in the night

Hermione Granger couldn't sleep. After about an hour, she decided to go down to her common room which she shared with the head boy, who, unfortunately, was one Draco Malfoy. She settled onto one of the settees, in front of the fire, and just as she was about to open her book, a whimper stopped her. At least, she thought it was a whimper. See, that was the thing, if it was a scream, it would have been loud enough to distinguish, but a whimper….? She sat in silence, just listening, but after a couple of minutes, she decided she had imagined it, and went back to reading.

'No, please! stop, father!'

Hm, that definatley wasn't a whimper, she thought.


Oh God, she thought, Malfoy. Setting down her book, and rushing up to the head boy's dorm. She burst through the door to see Draco thrashing about on his bed, tears streaming down his face. Hermione rushed over to him, and shook him awake.

'Malfoy! Malfoy wake up!' she cried. He didn't budge.

"God, DRACO' she shouted, slapping his face. Draco's eyes snapped open.

'Her- Gra- Mu- GRANGER? What are you doing?' he stuttered, staring at the girl leaning over him. 'That hurt!'

'You were having a night-mare. I had to wake you up'

'Oh, well, thanks…I guess…'

What? Hermione thought. Malfoy being civil?

'Well, do you wanna talk about it?' she asked hesitantly.

Suddenly, the old Draco came back.

'Get out Granger! Stop sticking your nose where it isn't wanted! Get out!'

Hermione stared at him. 'Well, I just thought it would help. I'll just leave you to get back to your night-mare then Malfoy'

He watched her leave. Once she shut the door behind her, he sank back onto his pillow, thinking that he should have talked about it, before sleep over took him once more.

A/N: Ok, thats the first chapter. This is only my second fic, so, forgive me if it's not too good. I have no idea how long/short it's going to be…..