I'm sorry to those of you wh were hoping that this was an update. It's not. Basically, I'm not very pleased with the pacing of the story and all that, so I'm going to give it a re-vamp. I don't know when this re-vamp will take place, but it will. Thank you to those who have reviewd and subscribed. I will post another 'chapter' up with the details when the new one is up for those who are interested. If you are inclined to let me know your thoughts on this move, then by all means let me know.

Thanks for reading this story. Hopefully my re-vamp of it will be better, and actually finish! I'm going to to my best to read the series again before re-writing though, to get a clearer idea of the characters as to my everlasting shame the only harry potter input I have had for a long time now is from FanFic, so my views on different characters has been blurred. So, once I have got to know Hermione, Draco and everyone better again, then I will start posting the new one. Oh, and the Romance will be gone (not that there was any anyway...), but I will categorise it as Friendship/Hurt Comfort, most probably.