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Summary: Ash, Gary and Paul must put aside their hatred after one Team Rocket pitfall sends them to desolate Spain. FirstDaughterShipper. Rated for blood, gore and minor language.

Resident Evil 4: Rivaling Union

Chapter 1:Descubrimiento de una Falta de Cabeza

A path down a dirt road had a hole in the way. Piles of dirt build on two sides. Trouble's brewing. In the hole equipped with shovels, a couple in white uniforms dug deep pits. One was a female with wavy blood red hair. She wore a white mid-drift shirt with a red 'R' on it, white skirt and black thigh-high boots. One was a male with dampened blue hair. He donned a white uniform with that same red 'R' on it. "Listen, is that the author's spoiler I hear?" she teased.

"He's starting the cliffhanger loud and clear," the male continued.

"On the wind..."

"Pass the stars..."

"Can it, you two!" a cat with a gold oval coin wedged in it's forehead snarled. Boy, the story's just started and there's already conflict. "The twerps will be here any minute while you two are practicing your motto." The white cat was distraught over something related to these twerps.

"Give it a rest, Meowth," the redhead mulled. "Once again, we're ahead of the twerps, our pit's set and all we need are them to cross this path and boom, we'll escape with their Pokémon." It never settled with Meowth.

"How many holes have we dug up since we found Pikachu to be worth the boss' time? What makes this hole any different?"

"I can give you a simple answer that practice makes perfect. I made sure that not only will the twerps fall into our hole but I dug a special hole for you to vacuum Pikachu." She became elaborate. She and the blue-haired man climbed out of the hole, overlapping it with a wooden screen, covering it with a layer of grass and pouring the dirt onto the grass. They covered it up nice and smooth. "Knowing that the twerps are heading to Sunnyshore City, they'll be blissfully unaware that their morale will plummet along with them." Crafty. Meowth's ears tickled.

"Hurry, Jessie! They're coming!" Jessie and the blue-haired man dove for the bushes, along with Meowth but they made one big error: the blue-haired man fumbled a small shovel which laid on the trap. He recognized the mistake but there's no time to go and retrieve it for two reasons: if he went to get it back, he'd be the one falling into the trap. The other was that two young men and a mouse were arriving. One was a raven-haired youngster wearing a red baseball cap and jeans to go with his slim black vest over a white t-shirt. The other was a wild spiky brunette male in a lavender t-shirt and cord pants. The raven-haired had a yellow mouse which detailed a lightning bolt as a tail on his shoulder. Meowth was puzzled. "Hold on, something's not right here!" the blue-haired would agree.

"You're right," he verified. "I recognized that kid with the twerp. That's the grandson of Prof. Oak, back in Pallet Town and the twerp's rival who lost to him in the Silver Conference." Someone's informative.

"I don't care what special title that twerp has," Jessie hissed. "He's still a twerp." That ain't nice to say.

"No matter what they are, you're still gonna defy what they say, right?"

"The only figure I'm not gonna defy is the boss! Got it? That also goes for that Blondie Champion!" Harboring hatred, the three watched on.

"So, Gary," the raven-haired addressed to the brunette. "When are you returning to Pallet?" Gary had a feeling he was embarrassing his friend.

"Are you making a reference that Profs. Rowan and Carolina don't want me around, Ashy-Boy?" he teased. "Or are you worried that Paul may challenge me to see how inferior I am since retiring from Pokémon training?" Ashy-Boy heard the response but had a different reason to ask.

"I mean, you've been here in Sinnoh for sometime. I'm concern that you may be missing Prof. Oak at least a little bit." Gary chuckled a little. Something funny?

"I don't blame you, Ash. You didn't really know that I called him the day before-" He stopped altogether when he spotted a violet-haired young man wearing a black-blue spring jacket. He wore a scowl like everything that he faced was not to his liking. He was also standing on top of the trap picking up the small shovel. Ash was a bit surprised to see him, unaware of the trap in the middle.

"Paul!" Hearing his name, the violet-haired youngster turned his malcontent face to the two.

"What do you want?" he scorned. Not happy to see the two, no surprise there. Seeing Gary, his cold glare got freezing. "You're not Gary Oak, are you?" Gary was being called out.

"I am." The boys were all on the trap which still failed to give way. Jessie and Meowth were stunned that there was so much weight which failed to break open the ground. They knew who's responsible for the wood.

"James, what wood did you purchase for the trap?" Jessie questioned. James went to his memory bank.

"I was told that it was plywood and I chipped it to weaken the support," he explained. Not weakened enough. Back to the boys...

"If not for your arrogance back in the Silver Conference, you would have defeated this pathetic excuse for a trainer," Paul downgraded Gary. Gary did not appreciate the scolding from Ash's rival to another rival.

"Hey, he caught me off guard!" Gary protested. "It's not my fault he had his Charizard bombard the battlefield with his Flamethrower!" This was about to take some time and Ash wasn't all the patient with waiting for these two to end their argument. The shovel in Paul's hand was his ticket to breaking this up.

"Hey, Paul?" he voiced. "Did you find that shovel?" Paul snapped from Gary's mouth and spun to see the shovel.

"Yeah, it was laying right here," he replied. "Why it's here, I could care less about." Gary became suspicious. Could it be that someone was digging around for something only to be scared off by the boys? OR was someone setting a trap to capture Pokémon illegally?

"Knowing that Team Rocket's still chasing me and Pikachu, I wouldn't ignore the possibility that they're lurking nearby to trap us," Ash figured.

("They're always persistent,") the mouse agreed. Paul chose to rub salt on Ash's wounded protection.

"Then perhaps you should get your Pikachu back in his ball," Paul ordered. Ash got offended.

"You know I can't get Pikachu in it's ball," Ash argued. "Dex says so." He showed off his hand-held device and hit a few keys.

"There are cases where Pokémon will refuse to enter their Pokéball, citing claustrophobia and curiosity," it computed with a female voice. Ash closed it up and put it in his green backpack.

"I don't need the Dex to tell me how to raise a Pokémon," Paul snarled as he chucked the shovel to the ground. The shovel pierced the dirt and snapped the cut plywood. Paul was blinded by unnecessary backtalk. The ground collapsed and all of the boys fell into the pit which was pretty deep. To the three coming out of the bushes, their trap was a success despite the wait and the errors. Their gleeful triumph painted their faces.

"That was picture perfect!" Jessie cheered.

"Yeah, now we can our hands on Pikachu!" Meowth mewed. It's only then that James spotted something terribly wrong.

"Jessie, Meowth?" he spoke up. "They're gone!" Gone? Jessie and Meowth stopped their moment to look. The hole they dug looked bottomless, like they dug deeper than they should have. The boys fell pretty deep. Quickly, the other two determined a suspect in this debacle.

"Alright, James," she named. "You go down there and retrieve Pikachu."

"Me? You told me to keep digging after I said it was deep!"

"I wanted it deep so that the twerp couldn't get out! Besides, who's the one who liked the screen for the trap?" While they debate, the boys were found elsewhere. Paul was stirring after what seemed to be a long fall in which the skies were dismal and gray unlike the clear, blue air where they were before. The first thing he saw, he'd wish he remained unconscious. Gary stood over him with a hand out, trying to help Paul up. That scowl and him swatting Gary's hand away told Gary that Paul was just fine. He rose to his feet, much to Gary's displeasure.

"You're welcome," he groaned. Paul turned to see Ash and Pikachu by a hole in the bark of a dead tree. Something about that tree intrigued him to scope out the hole.

"What's bugging you about that hole?" he asked. Ash stood up, still glaring at the hole.

"No doubt we fell outta this hole," he started. "Team Rocket's dirty work at it's worst." He and Pikachu were the targets and Gary and Paul were the unfortunate parties.

"So where exactly are we?" Gary wondered. "I doubt this is part of Sinnoh." What was your first clue? "The air here is foul." Okay, your second clue.

"I'll say. Everything around here is polluted and decaying." Yeah, the land was dilapidated beyond recognition. "I hope Dawn and Brock will be fine without me for awhile." A couple of good friends?

"They're not in reach," Paul reminded Ash. "It's about time you realize that your friends won't be there to help you every time." Harsh. Ash could go after Paul for that remark but something stopped him: his inner strength to hold back.

"It's not worth it." He began to walk off, leaving the others behind. Pikachu wasn't sitting back.

("Wait for me, Ash!") Pikachu squeaked as he dashed to his partner. Before he could remount Ash, he tripped. He fell and hit the dirt hard. Mockingly trailing, Gary and Paul caught up with smugs on their grills.

"I hate to inform you, Ash," Gary teased. "But Fall isn't for another three months." Ash got to his knees and grasped his head. That was a pretty good spill. Paul looked at what...or who Ash tripped over. The person was on his stomach wearing a light brown coat and jeans. Paul scoped the top, thinking something was off.

"Who's this guy?" Ash wondered. He was going to get an answer and be introduced to a nightmare.

"I don't know but I doubt he can give us any answers," Paul murmured. "Help me turn him over. You'll see why." Ash didn't like where this was going but offered to help flip him. It's only then when the two feuding rivals spun him around that they realized...he was headless! There was no head to the man. He was dead. Ash, Gary and Pikachu were immediately fearful. Paul...not so much.

("Oh my god!") Pikachu screeched. Now Gary realized that he should have taken Ash's advice of heading back to Pallet Town, just not the reasons he had in mind.

"Ash, I think I should have gone back," he understood. Ash wasn't sure about the confession of not listening. If Team Rocket's trap had not worked, they would've ended up here.

"No, you can blame Team Rocket on that error," he pointed the finger if they were present. So who did they discover? And what did Team Rocket put the group into?