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Est. March 12, 2011 [1 month prior to infection date]

Recorded by Ex. Res. Vincent Stewardson

1 Month after First Infection

0800 Hours, Undisclosed Location

"What could she possibly want me for this time?" he thought as he opened the door without a sound. "Ma'am? You asked for me?" the soldier said as he closed the door and walked up to the desk.

"Yes, Lieutenant. Do you think yourself capable of leading two squads into Philadelphia to secure some "lost" property of ours?"

"I...Yes, I think I can ma'am. When will we be deployed, if I may ask?", he said with artificial confidence in his voice.

Her eyes narrowed at him before saying, "Good. The folder on my desk; take it, study it, and return it. You have until 0700 of Monday, next week, for that is when you will be going into Philadelphia. Understood?"

"Y-yes ma'am, crystal clear." He picked up the folder and quickly went to walk out of the room before she could stop him to say,

"Oh, and try not to die, it is very annoying to do all the paperwork that comes with your failure."

With chills running down his spine, he looked at the contents of the folder once he was outside the room. He knew the day could only get worse from there.

Dossier on "Team Cadaver"

Wanted for: Theft of government property (Subject "SneakyDevil"), destruction of government base, destruction of CEDA outpost on 9 accounts, murder on 97 accounts(34 US soldiers, 63 CEDA personnel), resisting arrest on 6 accounts, theft of Military property(ammunition, guns, body armor, vehicles, food), assault on government personnel on 117 accounts, destruction of Military property on 54 accounts

Current "Base of Operations": Philadelphia

Leader of "Team Cadaver"

Codename: "Devil"

Pref Weapon: Machete and Worn Remington Shotgun Model 870 Express Tactical

Age: 21

Height: 6'1"

Eyes: Brown

Body Type: Average, sprinter

Hair: Medium, Dark Brown, Semi-Mullet in the back

Gender: Male

Clothes: Red Skull T-Shirt, Dark Green REI Fishing Vest (lightweight, 12 pockets, waterproof), Steel Toed mountain boots with reinforced soles, black fingerless batting glove on right hand, faded and well-worn jeans

Accent: Pine Barrens, South Jersey

Personality: Blunt, Sarcastic, Straightforward, Honest, Charismatic, Borderline Clinically Insane, Paranoid, Realist, Pyromaniac, Engineer

Reaction to infected: Neutral, Prepared far in advance for possible advent of zombies

Reaction to Sentients: Happy, Hopeful that the war can end

Intel: Lived in the Pine Barrens and was visiting his mother in Philadelphia when the infection hit, lost his memory when "CEDA" supposedly tried to rid of "evidence" by blowing up a building he was near to and suffered trauma to the head, can remember somethings, like his ZST or where he was keeping his shotgun and ammo. Doesn't know or care about fate of family, met up with his team at the designated point inside of Philadelphia about 4 days into the outbreak. Made a safe house and connections in post-infection Philadelphia. Has a deep hatred for CEDA when they captured and experimented on him approximately two weeks into the infection. A week later, was broken out by "Team Cadaver" at the loss of several "teammates", before transfer to main facility could take place. Has taken it as his personal mission to find and eliminate CEDA's bases, projects, and personnel.

Status of Immunity: Not Immune, Notes recovered are vague


SideNote: Capture if guaranteed 100% Success, otherwise K.O.S

Right-Hand Man of "Team Cadaver"

Codename: Vindicator

Pref Weapon: M16A1, Combat Knife

Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Eyes: Light blue

Body Type: average, slightly skinny, no fat

Hair: brown, Short crop cut

Gender: Male

Clothes: green shirt, camo shorts, regular shoes

Accent: Mid-Western U.S.

Personality:Intelligent but Crazy, Short Temper, Ask first/Shoot later, tests his "theories" with bullets and explosions, prone to wander

Reaction to infected: cautious and sympathetic, well prepared for any zombies

Reaction to Sentients: happy, supportive

Intel: Was visiting father who returned from deployment in Iraq when infection hit, became separated from family nearby Philadelphia during the crisis. Unsure of family's whereabouts but met with people of "Team Cadaver", managed to escape with some supplies and weapons from nearby military base. Currently searching for information regarding his family's survival, hoping they found protection from government(father is a major and returning second trip veteran), currently on the run from CEDA for undisclosed events.

Status of Immunity: Unknown

Side Note: Previously had Military Access, Strategist, Knowledgeable of Military Workings

Caution: Dangerous, K.O.S

The "Negotiator" of "Team Cadaver"

Name: "Lily"

Pref Weapon: Claws

Age: Aprox. 20

Height: 5'8"

Eyes: Yellow

Body Type: Nothing of note

Hair: Medium, silver

Gender: Female

Clothes: Bullet-Proof Vest, Black Tank Top, Baggy Camo Shorts

Accent: Infected

Personality: Violent, Quick to anger,

Reaction to Infected: Distaste

Reaction to Sentients: N/A

Intel: None

Status of Infection: WITCH

Caution: Lethal, K.O.S

Side Note: Capture if possible

Left-Hand Man of "Team Cadaver"

Name: Samantha a.k.a "Brother"

Pref Weapons: S&W Model MP R8/ Beretta M 1934

Age: 22


Eyes:Green/Right, Blue/Left

Body Type:Thin

Hair:short, brown

Gender: Male

Clothes:black t-shirt, black jeans, wrist holsters

Accent:Wash. D.C.

Personality:Shoot first, ask later. Loyal to "Devil", Rarely talks

Relation to "Devil": Happened upon one of his "pre-CEDA" patrols and quickly "joined"

Opinion on Infected: Bullet Sponge

Opinion on Sentients: Smarter Bullet Sponge


Status of Infection:Unknown

Caution: Lethal, K.O.S, Just because we have no Intel on him doesn't mean you should relax. This guy WILL kill you without hesitation.

He slumped down against the wall after quickly looking over the first ten pages. Willing himself to get up and get back to the barracks, wondering who he pissed off to get this assignment. He knew him and his squads were going to die. He also knew that she didn't give a damn, SHE just wanted her pet project back alive...or dead. The only chance he had was to find out EVERYTHING on them, like were they had safehouses and where they kept supplies beside in a safehouse.

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