A wolf pup walks outside the den for the first time.

"Hey, whats that bright thing in the sky?" The wolf pup said.

"That is the sky..." Her mother said.

"Well, you said you were going to take me hunting with you and you would show me what a deer was! And then you said... hey, where did you go?" She looks around and out of nowhere a wolf comes and picks it up in its mouth.

Finally i found you, malcadh.

The wolf runs through the forest and it sets the pup on the edge of a cliff.

Bai! The wolf runs off right before it starts raining.

The wolf pup looks at the sky and then starts crying and puts head on paws while laying down. "What just happened..."

Lightning strikes near the top of the cliff and a rockslide starts. The wolf pup looks up but before she can move, a boulder rams into her and sends her falling towards a river below.

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