Chapter Ten

Homecoming Night

On the night of Homecoming, I bustled about my room getting ready. I checked my hair in the mirror, and frowned as it looked pretty ridiculous. Quickly combing it into place, I began looking for my tuxedo when my dad knocked and walked in.

"Hey there, son!Mind stepping outside for a minute?I've got something you might wanna see..."

Eager to see if I got the new car or not, I quickly followed him out into the drive, where I saw a large tarp covering a car. My dad walked over and yanked the tarp off to reveal not my old rustbucket, but a brand new, cherry red Porsche underneath. I couldn't believe that that was actually my car.

"No way!"

Dad smiled proudly. "I promised you a brand-new car if you got good grades... And I'm a man of my word, ain't I?"

"Dad, this... This is awesome!How did you afford this?"I asked as I ran up to it and gaped at the tan leather seating and waxed mahogany dashboard.

"Let's just say your old man has some tricks up his sleeve..."He grinned. "Seriously though, if you get a call from a guy named Larry the Larynx, I'm not home!"

"You're the best, Dad!"

I quickly ran back inside and slipped my tuxedo on. Grabbing the keys to my brand new car from my dad, I hopped in and practically giggled when I started it up. It sounded so smooth, so non-explosive. Backing out of the driveway, I waved to my parents and then sped off to pick up my date for the night. About ten minutes later, I pulled up in front of Raven's house and got out.

"Hiya!"She beamed as she came out and met me on the porch.

"Hey. You look great!" I smiled.

"Thanks!... I've got a confession to make... I've never actually been to a school dance before."

"Really?I was so sure you'd picked up those moshing skills at the Spring Fling..."I shrugged innocently.

"Ha ha. Let's get going."


I turned and watched her eyes light up as she walked up to my car. "Whoa!What's this?What happened to your old junker?"

"Let's just say I got an upgrade." I grinned.

"This might cost me all my goth street cred,"Raven bit her lip and then squeeled. "Oooooo!It's so shiny!"

We hopped in and drove to the school. I blared some music, put on some shades and grinned at Raven, who just laughed at my attempt to look sexy. A short while later, I parked and we strolled up into the gym, which was decorated with a large stage along with equipment, and a disco ball. To sum it up, the room looked like one huge disco club with everyone on the floor dancing to the music. As we walked in, Raven poked me.

"Heads up... Some of your football buddies are heading this way."

Sure enough, Chuck and Bryce walked up.

"Hey, Jason!Good to see you here, man!You and your, uh, date."The former greeted, awkwardly handing the last part. Raven just stared at him, which caused him to focus on me and continue. "Man, we had a good season, didn't we?That's the best record Centerscore's had in 5 years!"

Bryce grinned. "All I care about is that we finally beat Wilson!I've wanted to see those guys put in their place for years!"

"Word up, little buddy. "Chuck agreed. "And I can't wait 'til next year, when we stick it to 'em all over again!"

The music changed as the DJ switched tracks and tapped the mic.

"What's up, party people?Are you ready to party?"Hector shouted.

"Huh?"I blinked in confusion as the crowd cheered. "I thought the principal banned him from DJing the dance..."

Chuck laughed. "Dude, didn't you hear?Hector made a deal with her... By promising not to release the photos he found of her European vacation!"

"What kind of pictures?"

"Let's just say she hit up some French beaches... And she might know a lot about the No-Pants Society!"He grinned, then him and Bryce disappeared back into the crowd.

"So... This is a school dance, huh?"Raven commented as we walked around and found a table free. "It's not quite as bad as I expected..."

I grinned. "So it begins. Two more months of dating me, and you'll be trying out for cheerleading!.. So, you want to hit the dance floor?"

She hesitantly looked at the way everyone was dancing and shied away. "Uh... I... I don't really... Dance... Like that..."

"Oh come on, don't be embarrassed!I did some crazy black-rose tango with you at the 'Vampire Ball' thing!"

"I don't know..."She still seemed reluctant.

"I promise you'll have fun." I insisted. "Just give it a shot!"

"Well... Okay."

We walked out onto the dance floor, where we soon ran into some familiar faces.

"Spike?Dinah?"Raven gaped. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh, hey, Raven!"Spike smiled. "After you started dating Jason, you kind of started a fad!Now all of us outcasts are hooking up with popular kids!"

As he spoke, Taylor called him over to where she was. "Spike!come over here!I want to make out with you where a chaperone can see... That'll make my dad sooooo mad!"

"When duty calls..."Spike grinned and ran off.

"You too, Dinah?You're here with a popular guy?"

"Well, I'm not so much here with one as I am here to stalk one..."She giggled. "That Bryce is so cute!"

"Monsters... I've created monsters!"Raven gasped, a horrified look on her face.

I simply grinned. "See?Life's full of surprises!Now let's dance!"

Since it was a slow song playing, I put my arms around Raven's waist and she wrapped hers around my desk, nuzzling her face into my chest. We danced like that for the next hour or so, enjoying the steady songs and each other's warmth.

A little while later, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. As I leaned on the rail along the pavement, the door opened behind me and I turned to see Adam coming out.

"Hey, Jason. I finally caught up to you."

"Hey, Adam. What's up?"

"I brought you something." He handed me a DVD case and I smiled when I saw who it was.

"Nice!The GangstaBot album!"

"Yeah, it was my brother's copy. Now it's yours."

"Oh, wow. I don't know what to say..."

He smiled. "Just say 'Thanks' and leave it at that, okay?"

"Thanks." I grinned. "... Hey, let's ask Hector to put this on."

We walked back inside and I ran up to Hector and gave him the disc.

"And now,"He announced into the mic. "A special request going out to my main men, Jason and Adam... This is GangstaBot with 'Rappin' Robot Rampage'!"

As he put the music on, Adam looked at me. "You do know how to do the robot rampage dance, don't you?"

"Uh... Sure."I shrugged.

A few minutes later, the music started blaring from the speakers and I saw two tall guys wearing shades walk over to us. "Hey. Are you the kid that requested GangstaBot?"

"You know it."I replied.

"I thought it was you."The second guy said. "We were just cruising by and heard the tune bumping in here. Hector said it was your CD."

"Well, I guess it's my CD... But it was given to me by a friend."I nodded to Adam, who was just staring wide-eyed at the guys.

"I'm LazerBoi,"The first guy smiled. "And this here is my partner, Zero-G. Together, we're GangstaBot."

I gasped. "I didn't recognize you without your metallic makeup."

"Yeah.. We get that a lot." Zero-G said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I can't believe you guys are here! I'm, like, your biggest fan. I know all your songs by heart." I beamed. "Like that one... 'Chicky, chicka...'"

LazerBoi waved his hand and stopped me before I sung anymore. "Uh... You can stop. That's real nice though."

"Hey Lazer, I bet he doesn't know out latest." Zero-G grinned.

"'Course he doesn't, man!That album won't come out for two weeks."

The two of them looked at each other and nodded, as if communicating telepathically, then hopped on stage. We watched them talk with Hector for a few seconds and grabbed some of the mics.

"And now,"Hector shouted into his own. "A special treat. We've got some very special guests tonight. Performing their new single, 'The First Gangsta in Space', I give you GangstaBot!"

With that, LazerBoi and Zero-G began singing their new song.

"Get ready to steer!

put the rocket in gear!

cuz we're all busting out

through the ol' atmosphere!"

"Raise your feet off

the floor!Gimme,

gimme some more!

And jump so high you can't see the ground anymore!"

As they sung, Adam turned and smiled at me.

"Man, this is... This is awesome. My brother would've been so happy to see this. Jason, you're... You're all right."

I grinned. "You're not a bad guy yourself, Adam."

And soon enough, the evening began to wind down. The music slowly faded and Hector tapped the mic.

"Attention, attention. It's now that time of night when we announce the Homecoming King and Queen!"

All eyes fell on him in silent anticipation as he carefully opened an envelope handed to him.

"And the winners are... Zach and Paula!"

I smiled and clapped. "Awww, good for them... I guess they earned it."

An hour later, the dance came to a close and after saying goodnight to the guys, drove Raven home. I parked in her driveway and we hopped out, walking up and stopping on her porch when she turned to me.

"Okay, okay, you win... I had a really good time." She admitted.

"That's the nice thing about us... We've just got so much to share with each other... I bet the two of us have a long future together."

"I can't believe I'm saying this to a guy on the football team... But I really think you're right." She smiled. "... I love you, Jason."

I smiled back. "I love you too."

We leaned forward and kissed tenderly for a few seconds. I wrapped my arms around her waist when she pulled away and raised an eyebrow.

"Does this mean I have to go to prom?"

"You better believe it."

"Any chance you'll wear a cape?"

"Maybe if you're really, really lucky." I grinned.

Raven smiled. "Heh... Goodnight, Jason."

"Goodnight, Raven."

With that, we kissed one last time and I headed home. I had to admit, I had my doubts about this school semester. Things seemed pretty rough on the first day and I didn't think I'd survive. But now, after everything I've been through, I knew I was going to be all right...

Until prom that is.

End of Chapter Ten