"EVERYBODY MOVE BACK!" yelled Eugene to the troops as a small bomb went off to his right.

Rolling out of the way, he ducked behind an oversized cabinet as watched as the Captain and TNT fought around the small work space.

On the offensive, TNT threw small bombs at the Captain with his gangly, long arms. The mustachioed man was avoiding the small bursts of fire while waving his sword towards TNT, hoping to distract the villain long enough to keep him from blowing them all sky high. Unfortunately, the cave was damp and dark, making it difficult for TNT's bombs to be very effective or the Captain's sword to hit anything but air.

Accessing his surroundings, Eugene knew the water Conli and his men were currently wading in was their only chance at disarming TNT before he had time to bring out the big guns. Or in this case, big bombs. Though, at the same time, the amount of water they were working with wasn't nearly enough to do the amount of damage they needed.

Seeing that Conli was still trying to pry his way out from behind the wall with his sword, Eugene came up with an idea.

"Hey Conli," he whispered, not wanting to gain the attention of TNT who was currently throwing miniature fire crackers towards the Captain. "I have a plan, but first I need you to stop trying to make that hole bigger."

"What?" Conli gasped, feeling the water rise up towards his abdomen. "But, Mr. Fitzherbert, the w-water is rising and the C-Captain needs our help to defeat-"

"I know, but I need you to trust me on this so we can help him," Eugene said, hoping he had gained some sort of trust with the troop. "Can you do that? Can you trust me?"

Taking a moment, Conli turning to his men, flashing his WWFRD pin as they flashed their's back.

"Of course, Mr. Fitzherbert," said Conli as confident as he could make his voice sound. "What do you need us to do?"

"Alright," Eugene said, sighing with relief. "First, I need you to find out where the water is coming from."

Instantly, the sound of water sloshing followed, as Conli's men began feeling the walls for the source of the water.

"Commander! We've found the wall!"

"Great," Eugene said. "Now, this is the hard part. Conli, I'm gonna need you guys to break down that wall."

"WHAT?" Conli shrieked. "B-B-BUT WE'LL DROWN!"

"Ssshhh!" hissed Eugene, "We gotta do this without TNT knowing or else he'll egnite his whole workshop and drowning to death will be the least of our worries."

"Ok," sighed Conli, turning from his troops to Eugene. "I'm assuming after we've broken the wall, we'll have to trust you to open this hole to release the entire reservoir into TNT's hideaway, yes?"

"That's basically the blueprint I'm going with here," said Eugene. "Now hurry up, you're already losing some water from this hole here."

"Alright, on three," said Conli, as Eugene prepared himself by wedging his dagger within the peephole and the soldiers prepared to take down the wall. "One..."

Hearing the ruckus, the Captain looked towards Eugene, seeing what he was doing and instantly panicking.





With a loud BOOM! all the water from the reservoir burst through the walls in a wave, taking out Eugene, Conli, their troops, the Captain and TNT. With a violent current, the water took out everything in its path, destroying what was left of the mine carts, the rocks, and anything else in its way.

Not having time to catch his breath, Eugene tried desperately to gasp for air whenever he could, which wasn't often. His mind went fuzzy, then dark. Quickly, the water broke out from the cave, draining onto the greenery of the forest with a violent SPLASH!

The men heaved for air as the water drained from the now burst side of the cave. The enormity of the splash had scared all the surrounding animals away, except for Maximus who had galloped to the scene and has taken it upon himself to arrest TNT but sitting on the man until the Captain and his troops had caught their breath.

After a moment, one soldier had looked around to see that someone was missing from their party, "Hey! Where's Rider?"

Instantly, the Captain jumped to his feet as Maximus looked around frantically for Eugene, with his rear still firmly planted on TNT.

"Conli, Maximus, take TNT into custody!" barked the Captain, "I'll find Rider!"

Everyone nodded nervously as the Captain ran off, looking for their missing party member.

"RIDER!" he yelled. "RIDER! WHERE ARE YOU?"

Turning around a tree, he grumbled, "This better not be another one of his jokes..."

He stopped when he saw the man, laying on the ground, nearly blue in the face. "RIDER!"

Running to Eugene's side, placing his ear next to his mouth and nose. Nothing. He checked for a pulse. Nothing.

"Damn it, Rider," gritted the Captain, as he begun chest compressions, "You're not dying on my watch...not like this, anyway!"

The Captain titled Eugene's head back, pinching his nose close as he inhaled a deep breath. As he leaned in to cover Eugene's mouth with his, the ex-con decided it would be the most opportunity moment to cough up his excess water into the Captain's face.

"ACK!" coughed Eugene as he tried to roll away, barely conscious but still enough to register that he was about to get too close for comfort to the Captain. "No-ACK-consent!"

Frowning, the Captain wiped away the water from his face as Eugene continued to cough the rest out onto the grass.

"Well...ok," laughed Eugene nervously, as his breathing began to even, "So, that was the second time I almost died. Hey Capt, you think third time's the-"

He was cut short by the Captain punching him in the face, sending him flying back onto the grass. Quickly lifting his head, Eugene was barely able to dodge the mustached man's next swing.



Eugene kicked the Captain off him, releasing him from his chokehold and sending the man tumbling onto the grass.

"Because you told me to do it!" Eugene fought, as the Captain flew back to his feet and lunged back at him, sending them both to the ground in a tussle.

"All you had to do," grunted the Captain and he pinned Eugene to the ground. "Was find the reservoir to flood the workshop! You think that means use the entire Kingdom's water supply to drown EVERYONE including the EVIDENCE?"

"How the hell was I supposed to know that's what you wan-OOFED!"

"BY USING YOUR FREAKING HEAD!" yelled the Captain as he slammed Eugene into the dirt. "All you ever do is think of the here and now but never the CONSEQUENCES of your actions and this time you nearly DIED!"

"SCREW YOU!" screamed Eugene as he kicked the Captain off him, sending him flying. "THIS ENTIRE TIME YOU'VE DONE NOTHING BUT TOLD ME TO SHUT UP AND LISTEN AND NOW THAT I HAVE YOU PULL THIS? GOD, SCREW YOU!"

Breathing heavily, Eugene climbed to his feet and from the ground the Captain of the Guard watched him, silently.

"I'm done," said Eugene, still heaving. "I'm done with you, I'm done with the troops, I'm freaking done."

He turned to make his way back to the kingdom.

"And what about Princess Rapunzel?" yelled the Captain. "How do you expect to protect her without us?"

An image of the WWFRD pins flashed in Eugene's mind.

"WELL?!" shouted the Captain, "ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!"

What would Flynn Rider do?

"I'll protect her myself," said Eugene, turning over his shoulder at the Captain before making his way back to the Kingdom by foot.