Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. None of them. They belong to Steve Sommers and Universal Studios. We know this. We know I am not disclaimer friendly. This disclaimer will self-destruct in seconds! LOL Just kidding.

Author's Notes: Okay, so not all of these were mine. At least 2/5 of this was made by my great friend, Colby. I hope everyone enjoys, and if you have some please feel free t o share!

"Scorpion King Is Exterminated"

"Imhotep Grows Hair"

"Got Scarabs?"

"Anck-su-namun Wears Turtle-neck"

"Evy Goes Blonde"

"Jonathan Stays Sober"

"Alex, Good Boy"

"Imhotep's Secret Revealed: He Wears G-Strings"

"Rick Gives Up Guns"

"Jonathan, I.Q. 200"

"Ardeth Shaves"

"Alex Grows Up"

"Imhotep Talks English"

"Anck-su-namun Becomes Nun"

"Evy, Gives Up Egypt"

"New Bourbon With Crunchy Scarab"

"Imhotep, American Citizen"

"Rick Wears Loincloth"

"Evy, Gives Up Saying, 'No Harm Ever Came From Opening a Book, or a Chest!'"

"Izzy, Stops Getting Shot"

"Rick, Becomes 'Rick O'General'"

"Scorpion King, Marries Scarab Queen"

"Imhotep, Loincloth Falls Off"

"Lock-Nah, 'No More Turbans!'"

"Izzy, Stops Complaining About Getting Shot"

"Anck-su-namun, Found in Imhotep's Coffin"

"Rick Kills Jonathan"

"Evy Kills Jonathan"

"Alex Kills Jonathan"

"Everyone Gangs up on Jonathan"

"Evy, Wears Flat Shoes"

"Anck-su-namun gets perm"

"Lock-Nah, Defeats Ardeth"

"Ardeth Becomes Catholic"

"Imhotep, the Next Ricky Martin"

"Alex Watches His Language"

"Rick Lets Mummies Drive His Car"