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The Path

Evilness lurks in the most unexpected places-

He fell down, the boy with the bright green eyes. The eyes like emerald that shone in the moonlight that hung overhead.

The scene was peaceful. Twittering birds echoed their scenic songs to the others in the flock. The thick cut trees gently swung in the light breeze from the ocean. The one that faintly smelled of rot and mildew, but still sweet. Twinkling stars hung like light bulbs in the sky. The light only muted by the wispy clouds; soft silk that drifted through the sky a couple thousand feet up and blocked the milky light from the light bulb stars.

There were no people around to upset the delicate beauty that the forest seeped. No path lights along the only path that twisted and curved through the trees. No pollution from the lights that always adorned the shop windows. It was serene, calm, and carefree in that forest that sat in the middle of nowhere.

The nearest city was 5 miles away each way. There was a road close by, 20 feet from where the boy fell down. There was no reason to travel through those loose trees. No harbor at the end of the path, no beach, shops or houses. Just an abandoned path, it was lonesome as not a creature ever walked on that path.

Creatures tended to stay away from that path. It cut through the middle of the forest, the area where a forest fire had devastated the poor majestic trees that once grew there. Seedlings had begun to fill the space where the poor trees had fallen and burned in the fire, but it was still so empty, not a place to hide should an enemy walk that path.

It was overgrown with weeds, that path, the path that curved and twisted through the trees. In some places, roots of all magnitudes jutted from the smooth rock. Other areas of the rock were crumbled from breakage and without a gentle human hand to repair those areas so they stayed broken.

It was one of the roots that tripped the boy with the solid emerald eyes.

They were just confused; you couldn't blame those poor roots. The ones that had no bodies to feed; their trees had burned in the fire. They weren't very familiar with people to walk on them, on that path that went to nowhere.

The boy got up and looked around to see if anyone had seen him take his embarrassing fall. But there was no one. No one ever walked the path that went to nowhere. And besides the trees were the only ones to see and they would never, EVER laugh at a boy that fell down.

He continued on, on that path that went to nowhere. Salty water dripped down his face as he walked. The water was like the salty water from the ocean that was a couple of miles away.

That was where that boy wanted to go, but he didn't know how to get there. The boy with the emerald green eyes was sad.

Nobody understood the boy with green eyes; nobody liked him. He was just a sad and lonesome boy that was walking on that lonesome path to the ocean that was only a couple of miles away.

The boy's crying increased in intensity. There was no one there to hear his pleas of mercy from the god that had let that poor boy down. He cried out to the god that he believed in, asking why, why. Why?

The boy suddenly got angry and his curled fist flew out and struck the poor little tree was beside the lonesome path that led to nowhere. It creaked and the little tree fell down under the force of the boy's punch. What did the poor little tree do to him?

He picked up his pace; desperate to get to the ocean that was still only a couple of miles away. He talked to himself to pass the time, the boy with the emerald green eyes that nobody liked.

"I loved her. I loved her so much and she let me down. I trusted her. Stupid, stupid, why am I so stupid?" The boy asked to no one in particular.

The whispering willow tree near the path answered his question, but the boy didn't hear him. That willow always spoke so quietly.

The boy started to cry again. He never cried in public, but nobody would ever hear him in the middle of that devastated area of the forest. Nobody was around. Nobody…human.

There was somebody in that devastated section of the forest near the lonesome path that led to nowhere.

The creature was beautiful. Standing 5 feet and 6 inches from the ground. Its skin was a milky white and its hair fiery red. Its nose a perfect little swoop that hung in the middle of the creature's face. Below that perfect nose was a perfect mouth. Its pink lips were full and a little blood hung around the edges of that perfect mouth. The creature's eyes were a bright red. Candy apple red like the colour of car that the boy owned that sat outside the forest on the road that was 20 feet from where the boy first fell down.

The creature was female. The hiking boot that was on her foot gently stepped forward onto a bed of orange leaves that had fallen in the autumn. There had not been a forest fire since the one that devastated that area of forest, so the leaves remained undisturbed. When she stepped on all those leaves a few that had dried into a nice roll cracked and broke.

They made a sound when they broke, a sound that the boy heard. He lifted his soft boyish face to the sound and listened. He did not take a breathe of air that smelled like rot and mildew, but still sweet.

The creature did not move. She was good at that, not moving. She could stay still for days if she'd like.

The boy continued on down the path to the ocean that was only a couple of miles away. He wanted to go to the cliffs. He thought that, that would be the best way to go. It wouldn't be messy.

The creature with the candy apple red eyes leaped over the leaves and the tree and down onto the path she gracefully landed. However, right before she landed her foot covered in hiking boot, hit a little tree. It too made a sound.

The boy froze on the path that went to nowhere. He turned around slowly, to face the creature.

She dived on him just as he turned around. And the last sound that the boy made was a squeak that sounded like a little mouse that sometimes scurried in the devastated area of the forest.

The creature held the spent boy with the emerald green eyes in her arms. His eyes were still open, looking wide eyed at the creature. She shut them with a sharp fingernail, painted the same colour as her eyes. She moved his mouth so that it shut.

His blood had been sweet. Pure and sweet, like a newborn child's. It was without impurities. Clean, decadent, and rich was the blood of the boy with the emerald green eyes. She had barely been able to enjoy the rich taste of the pure blood. She had been so thirsty, but not thirsty enough for her eyes to switch to empty black seas.

The blood had warmed the creature's insides and soothed the raw flesh of the creature's throat that constantly ached for fresh blood.

The creature put the boy with the emerald green eyes that had been walking the lonesome path that had lead to nowhere in order to go to the ocean that was only a couple of miles away, onto the lonesome path. She admired the boy. His skin a newly pasty white colour, his once bright red lips a grey colour. His entire body was a pallid shade of white, without his pure blood to put colour to his body.

She walked away from the dead boy that lay on the lonesome path. A smirk was on her lips and red blood smeared the side of her face with its bright colour.

The trees and ferns, weeds, and grasses swayed in the gentle breeze that signaled her passage. The forest resumed its serene calmness. The forest remained the same as it always had been, even with the dead boy in its possession. However, the lonesome path wasn't so lonesome anymore.

Two days after the boy had met his untimely death, a police man, driving down the road that was a couple of miles from the ocean, spotted the cherry red car that had been the boy's, alone in the ditch.

He went to the car and peered inside. It was empty except for a note tapped to the windshield on the outside of the car.

Strange. Thought the policeman with dark brown hair. He took the note and read it. It was a suicide note left by the boy. The policeman shoved the note in his pocket and was about to go back to the police cruiser when a lonesome path that wasn't so lonely anymore caught his eye.

The policeman was a brave man because he was the Sheriff, so he walked down the path that led to nowhere. On the path 45 feet from the road, lay a boy, as white as snow. On closer inspection the police officer noted that the boy had green eyes that were as deep and clear as an emerald.

He figured that this must be the boy that owned the car, the one that wrote the suicide note. The policeman called his dispatcher and an ambulance was called.

The EMT's took the boy with the emerald green eyes off of the path and put him in a white body bag that closely resembled the boy's pasty skin.

"Not a drop of blood in his body," said one of the EMTs to another EMT.

The Sheriff found this weird. He went home later that day with a gruesome story to tell his daughter.

He told the daughter with the dark brown hair like the father's the whole story of the boy and how he had not an ounce of blood in his body. The girl, with boring brown eyes went even paler then she already was at that.

She stood up from the table, quickly. The poor chair that she was sitting at fell down. The police officer was afraid that he had upset his daughter with this story, but the girl was not upset. She knew exactly was going on. The girl knew a lot more then the policeman who was also the Sheriff.

The girl told the policeman who was her father that she was ok. She went to the phone and called one of her friends who she knew would be very interested in a sad story about a suicidal boy that had been killed by a creature that the policeman did not even know existed.

The boy picked up, and the girl bit her lip at the sound of her friend's voice. She did that a lot, "Jacob…"