The Wolverine's Rogue

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Chapter 1

Logan paced as he listened to Kitty and Jubilee recount what had happened. God he should never have let them go to Britain on their own, and now Marie was missing! Marie had just gotten complete control over her ability, and could switch it on and off at will, so she, Kitty and Jubilee had gone on holiday to celebrate. Jubilee had wanted to try out one of the clubs in London, so had pulled Kitty and Marie along. Apparently, Marie had gone out for fresh air, and had never come back. So, Kitty had called the Professor, and now here he and Ororo were, trying to locate Marie, as the Professor couldn't find her on Cerebro.

"Take us to that club you went to." Logan said.

"Alright." Kitty said, nodding.

Logan was having a lot of difficulty keeping the Wolverine down. If he didn't, he knew he would loose it. The Wolverine had already acknowledged what Marie meant to him, but Logan was holding off on the realisation. She was only nineteen for fuck's sakes!

He was aware that he was growling, but the other three mutants just ignored him, and Kitty and Jubilee lead the way. They left the room and then the hotel. They walked quickly down the streets of London, but to Logan it wasn't fast enough. He needed to know that Marie was alright. He needed to know that she was safe. The sun was beginning to set, Logan noted, so the club would already be filling up.

The club they headed for seemed to be quite popular, if the queue out front was any indication. Logan growled in irritation. There was no way they would get in that way.

"Round the back." He said, gruffly.

The group of mutants headed for the back, and soon located a fire exit. Logan wrenched the door open, nearly tearing it from its hinges in the process. They entered the club. Walking through to the main area, Logan's eyes rested on the many bodies on the dance floor and the bar. Too many people were already here. The scent would be too well covered up.

Logan scanned every last inch of the place with his eyes. His eyes fell on a table with several men at it. They were also scanning the crowd, but they wouldn't be able to see him and the other three.

"Kitty, Jubilee, those men over there, were they here last night?" Logan asked, pointing them out.

"Yeah, they were." Jubilee said.

"Did any of them move, when Marie left?" Logan inquired.

"Actually, one of them did leave; he pulled out a packet of cigarettes. I assumed he just went out for a smoke. I only notice because he left not long after Rogue."

"I know their type. And it aint nice. Head back to the hotel. If they have anything to do with Marie disappearing, then I have a plan on how to deal with it."

"Logan, we should work together on this." Ororo said.

"Damn it Storm! If they have taken Marie, then I won't be able to get near to her easily if they see any of you with me. I gotta do this on my own!"


"Because from the looks of them, they're traffickers!" Logan growled, his eyes starting to glint Feral gold.

Ororo, Kitty and Jubilee gasped. Kitty even started crying softly.

"Go back to the hotel, let me deal with this. If they have Marie, I'll be able to get to her as a potential buyer, if you know what I mean."

Ororo nodded in understanding, and ushered her two students out of the club. Logan watched them leave, and headed towards the table. He sat down, and the men looked up.

"What do you want?" One of them asked. He was quite burly. Probably security, and the one to pick up the girls.

"I'm looking for someone. Thought you lot could help me find them." Logan said.
"Why's that then?" Another man asked. Three piece suit, concealed gun at his hip and an air of authority. This was the one to talk to, so Logan looked him right in the eye, dark brown with hints of gold meeting murky green.

"The girl came in here yesterday with her friends, and I'm looking to… settle a score with her old man, if you know what I mean. He owes me see. I want to make sure he gets me back what he owes me. Now, her friends called, said she went missing. I heard and came over to offer my 'help'. I'm willing to pay quite a bit to get my hands on the girl."

"What does this girl look like?" The man leant forward, clearly interested.

"Mostly brown hair, with white highlights at the front, quite distinctive. And chocolate brown eyes."

The man leant back in his chair. "We have her. How much are you willing to pay?"

"That depends."


"The condition the goods are in." Logan said. Fuck, he hated talking about Marie as if she was property. But he needed to keep the act up. He needed them to believe that she was a means to an end that he was willing to buy. "If we arranged a meeting say for, tomorrow night, where I could inspect the goods close up, then we can talk prices." He knew that this was done sometimes. He could pull it off. "Of course, for the inspection, I'll throw in say, five percent extra of the agreed price." There. That glint in the man's eye right there showed he had him hooked.

"Agreed. Where should we pick you up?"

"The alley behind this club." Logan said. "Tomorrow night. Eleven P.M sharp."

"It's a done deal. I'll see you then…"

"My name's not important." Logan said, standing up. He looked at the man pointedly, and the man grinned.

"It's Tom Phillips. See you tomorrow. I hope our business runs profitably."

Logan nodded, and walked off.

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