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Chapter 8

Rogue awoke slowly, and found herself wrapped in Logan's arms, just like every morning. She slowly extracted herself from his arms, being careful not to wake him, and then she got off the bed, and headed for the bathroom. When she got into the shower, she started thinking over everything that had happened the previous day. She'd lost her parents, by choice, had gained a partner/mate, in Logan.

Rogue slowly massaged the shampoo into her hair and scalp. She eventually rinsed the shampoo and then began rubbing body wash all over her body. She had felt dirty ever since the first man on that cursed ship had raped her. No matter how hard she scrubbed or how much she washed, the feeling of being dirty never left her. Her newly acquired hearing picked up the sounds of Logan getting up.

"Marie?" He asked.

"I'm in the shower Logan." She said.

"Right." He said.

She heard him move into his own room, and knew he'd gone to get changed. She sighed, knowing that she'd better get out and get dressed before Logan started to wonder whether or not she had had a relapse and attempted to self harm again.

You'd better not. Her inner Logan said. Or I swear, I'll find some way to tell the real me to never leave your side again.

How would you do that?

Chuck is a telepath you know.

Rogue rolled her eyes, and stepped out of the shower, and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it round her body before stepping from the room. She was still rather tired. She'd woken up several times the night before with nightmares. Some were the usual, she was back on that ship, and Logan never came for her. But last night, some of them were different. Her parents brought some faceless doctors with them, and they forcefully administered the cure to her. And then she'd grown old, while Logan's healing factor kept him the same age. So, Rogue just changed into a clean pair of pyjamas and slipped back into bed. She was half asleep when her bedroom door opened, and Logan came back in, dressed in clean clothes.

"Marie? Is something wrong?"

"Just tired, Logan." She said.

Logan sat down on the edge of her bed. "Nightmares again." It wasn't a question. He'd probably woken up when she'd jerked awake. She was thankful that he hadn't fussed over her, and had just let her deal with it.


"They're about those traffickers."

"Yeah. But you never come."

"What do you mean?"

"You never come. And I'm sold off to some faceless bastard."

"I will always come for you, Marie. Never doubt that. I will always be there to protect you, and hunt down anyone who hurts you."

"Promise?" She knew she sounded childish, but she needed to hear it.

Logan lay down next to her, and pulled her into his side. He placed his free hand under her chin, and tilted her head, before lowering his head, and kissed her. Rogue stiffened momentarily, before relaxing into him, and closing her eyes, kissing Logan back. When Logan pulled back, he kissed her forehead. "I promise Marie. I would do anything to keep you safe. Anything." He kissed her forehead again. "Go to sleep, Marie. I'll wake you in an hour."

Marie fell asleep, clutching to his shirt. She was very light. She'd lost wait since the trafficker's incident, and Logan made a mental note to get her to eat more. Somehow she was managing to slip it past him the real amount that she was eating. Half an hour later, she started to move restlessly. Her eyes moved behind her eyelids, and she started to moan and mutter. "No, I won't. You can't make me take the cure. I won't! I won't!"

Logan shook Marie as her thrashing became greater, as she started to fight whoever was in her dream. Her eyes flew opened, and she jerked upwards as far as possible before Logan's arms that were around her waist caused her to lose her balance and fall back on top of him.

Logan trailed one of his hands up and down her back gently, trying to sooth her. Marie's rapid breathing and heartbeat slowed to normal eventually.

"A nightmare about the cure, huh?" Logan asked her.

"Yeah. My parents and a couple of faceless doctors were trying to face it on me. Some of my dreams were like that last night too. How long was I out for?"

"Half an hour. You can go back to sleep if you want." He said, absentmindedly twirling a thin strand of white hair between his fingers. He both loved and hated the white streak in her hair. On the one hand, it marked her out from everyone else, and on the other, it was from Magneto's attempt to kill her to turn humans into mutants.

Marie shook her head. "No. I'm not going to sleep now. Best get up. Don't you have classes today?"

"Yeah, but they can easily be cancelled." He said. Teaching teenagers to fight was alright, but he'd rather have a proper fight or stay close enough to Marie. Her stunt yesterday, plus her parents, had sent his protective instincts into overdrive. Besides, her scent kept the Wolverine calmed, most of the time, meaning things at the mansion were less likely to get shredded.

"You've already missed enough because of me. If you don't make yourself useful, how do you know the Professor won't chuck you out?" She joked.

Logan laughed. "Even if he did, you'd be coming with me." He said.

"What happened to this being the best place for me?"

"Not if I'm not here." He said. "It'll take you longer to learn how to control your senses on your own."

Marie tapped her head, her meaning was clear. She had another Logan in her head.

"Yeah, well, you'd still be coming with me." He said.

Just then Marie's stomach grumbled. Logan grinned wolfishly.

"Time to get you some food. And you are going to eat everything put in front of you, because you are getting far to light."

"I am eating." She said.

"How much?"

Marie was quiet for a while.


She sighed. "Not much of what I get." She admitted finally.

"I don't know how you're doing it Marie, but from now on, you're going to eat most of what's on your plate. Now, go get dressed, and we'll go down for breakfast."

Marie sighed, and pushed herself up, before grabbing some clean clothes from the dresser and going back into the bathroom to change. When she was in the bathroom she shook her head at Logan's words. He'd always been protective of her, but now he'd become even more over protective of her. It was good, she guessed, otherwise she didn't know what she'd have done by now, if Logan hadn't been there to keep setting her straight these past two weeks.

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