My midsummer dream.

"Daddy wake up please, daddy!" I screamed with tears streaming down my rosy cheek.

" Savannah step back!" Mother yelled as she shoved me away, forcing me to get help.

I never saw him again. I was only five when my father died and one year later I was up for adoption.

The family that adopted me wasn't the best family. Seven years later I was twelve years old and you would probably say that I wasn't the happiest child in the world. Right now I am hated and neglected by my parents, school, neighbourhood and practically the whole world. It's not the best life, but hey it is a life, I think.

One day at school there was a surprise. A new boy in our class and his name was Tyler. He had shoulder length dark brown hair, tanned skin, piercing blue eyes, wore jeans that reached just above his ankle, pure white joggers with a blue cross on the front and a black shirt with a white dragon running down the side.

It was weird because he kept sitting next to me and staring at me in class. At recess I saw him sitting alone at a bench like I was, I guess you could say that we had something in common.

I kept thinking if I should sit next to him, I finally built up the nerve and started walking up to him. As I was walking I saw kala in the corner of my eye quickly run up to him and sit next to him.

Kala is the pretty (pretty stuck up) popular rich girl who always gets her way! I froze there not being able to say a word; I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She always has to ruin my life (not that my life was already ruined).

I started to walk back when suddenly I felt a faint tap on my right shoulder, I turned around and there he was smiling at me with pearl like teeth that sparkled in the light and pinkish/ reddish lips.

"Hi my name is Tyler, what's yours?" He said with the loveliest voice in the world that seemed to replay over and over again.

"Umm hi Tyler my name is savannah" I replied trying to get the words out of my mouth.