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"Yo, Pipes!"

Piper turned and gave Jason a weird look. "Um, hi?"

"How's my darling?" he asked, easily putting his arm over her shoulders. She pushed him off and gave him a strange look.

"What's up with you?" she asked, frowning at him. The way he was standing, the way he was so easy and confident… Pipes? "Leo did something, didn't he?"

"Naw! My brah ain't done anything wrong!"

Now she knew something was up. "Jason, you'll have to excuse me. I have to go talk with Leo for a minutes. Stay right here, okay?"

He nodded. "Sure, babe. I'll be waiting right here. Dinner with you, darling. Maybe a little smooching, if I feel good," he said.

She suppressed a shudder. "Um, right." Jason winked at her, and she stormed into the forges. "Leo Valdez, you get here this instant!"

"One sec!" he called. A large flame blew up, and a moment later an ash-covered Leo appeared. "Oh, Piper! 'Sup, Beauty Queen?"

"What did you do with Jason?" she asked, frowning at him. "He's all, 'Yo, brah!' and stuff! What. Did. You. Do?"

"I was just testing out my new personality switcher!" Leo said. "I just tested it, and he walked away! I swear I was going to change him back!"

"Can you change him back now? Like, before our first date?"

"I don't know. I haven't tested it yet. Bring him here…"

"You go get him! All Jason wants to do is kiss me!" Piper shuddered at the thought of that hipster Jason kissing her. She'd rather kiss a nerdy Jason than that. "Please?"

"Maybe," Leo muttered, but he left the forges. Piper hid behind a large box and peeked out. A minute later Jason walked in behind Leo. "You brah! Where's my Pipes?"

"I'm not your 'Pipes'," Piper growled as Leo said, "Freshening up. Now, lemme just strap this to your hand…"
"Naw, man. I don't need a new hairdo, I look fine."

Leo looked frustrated. "That's not the point, man. I need you to cooperate now or you're not going to be able to date Piper!" he screeched. Finally, he said something reasonable, Piper thought.

"'K man, but don't mess up," Jason warned, then stuck out a hand. Leo quickly strapped the device to his palm and clicked the button.


"Whoa, what is that! That bronze sphere? It's incredible! It looks about, oh, five inches in diameter. Are those wires popping out? Wicked, man! And—"

"Please, spare my ears and stop talking," Leo muttered, and Piper giggled. "Let's try this again."


"L-l-eo?" Jason asked, looking nervously around. "What am I doing here? I th-thought I had a d-date with Piper? Oh my gods what is on my hand? Is it some bug? Was I dying and you brought me back to life? Why am I in the forges?" Jason asked.

"Back to normal," Leo muttered. "Very back to normal."

"Aw, he's so cute," Piper murmured, grinning at Leo's disgusted expression.

"Hey man, you have a date with Piper in ten minutes. I suggest you clean yourself up," Leo said, gesturing to his face and arms, which were smudged with ash.

Jason nodded quickly. "Uh, right! I will! Thanks Leo," Jason said. He awkwardly grabbed his friend's hand, shook it vigorously, and then ran out of the forge.

Piper walked out and dusted herself off, which only succeeded in smudging. "Thanks, Leo." She sounded slightly wistful, and Leo couldn't let that slide by.

"Sounds like you're a little bit sad that the other Jason is gone," Leo teased, and Piper flushed slightly, her face glowing red in the flickering light of the fires.

"He was smooth," Piper admitted. "But, I like my Jason better. He's sweet."

Leo shrugged. "Whatever." He checked his watch. "Beauty Queen, you better get ready for your little date with your Jason. It's in twenty minutes, and he's got a head start in getting ready."

Piper rolled her eyes, but she gave Leo a quick hug. "Thanks, Valdez," she whispered in his ear, and then ran off to her cabin, leaving the scent of designer perfume lingering on his apron.

"Gods, Jason! You look fantastic!" Piper said, sitting down next to him on the purple picnic blanket. She kicked her shoes off and buried her feet in the cool sand of the beach.

He tugged uncomfortably at the maroon tie, even though it was loose around his neck. His white t-shirt was clean, and he was wearing a pair of black jeans. "Thanks," he said. "You too."

She giggled, which was so un-Piper. "I didn't do much," she said, even though she had. She'd probably tried on seven different outfits, asking for her siblings' opinions with each one. Drew always said it was horrendous, and that Jason would never want to date her. Mitchell, however, decided she'd look best in her brown summer dress with a white sash around the middle. Lacy helped her braid her hair.

"Ready to eat?"

She smiled. "I'd love to."

Jason produced a picnic basket, and then pulled out wrapped sandwiches. "The nymphs made these for me," Jason admitted, and Piper laughed.

"I bet they're delicious," she said.

When she unwrapped hers, she was expecting to have to pull out the meat and eat the lettuce and bread. She was surprised to see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her hands. "Jason! How did you know?"

"I remember our quest," he said. "Um, you wouldn't eat the meat stuff. So Leo made tofu burgers, right?"

"Right," she whispered.

They ate their sandwiches quickly, and then washed them down with cans of Coke. "I adore Coke," Piper said, popping open her second can while Jason slurped at his first.

"It's good," Jason agreed, and Piper smiled. She leaned slightly against him, and he tensed. He was perfect tonight. He was absolutely perfect.

"Ooh!" Piper breathed, looking at the spectacular sunset before them. "Oh Jason, do you know how long I've been waiting for tonight?"

"Can't be longer than I've been waiting."

Piper looked at him curiously. "You're acting fine. You're not nervous or anything."

Jason grinned. "You helped a lot. I found out you liked me, and that helped me loosen up, I guess. It's all thanks to my amazing Piper." She smiled. It was the perfect evening.

It was ended with a kiss that tasted like peanut butter and Coke.