Zim and GIR stood by the remains of whatever it was Zim had tried to build and GIR had destroyed, covered in soot, and Zim screaming his squeedily-spooch out. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT IS ABLETO EXPLODE? GIR! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" Zim screeched. GIR couldn't understand a lot of things, but, he knew that Zim's vocal cords were under tremendous pressure. "CHINA is listening to you master. And, if you aren't careful, you're going to lose your voice." That made Zim angrier, so, he saw no other option but to scream louder. "LOSE MY VOICE? ZIM DOES NOT LOSE ZIM'S VOICE! I AM ZIM!" GIR became extremely worried for his master's well being. "Careful, your vocal cords are under tremendous pressure!" Zim grew even angrier at the small SIR unit. He thought he was the most invincible creature on the face of this filthy spiraling rock. He thought he had vocal cords of steel. So, naturally, he screamed louder. "ZIM'S VOCAL CORDS ARE NOT UNDER ANY PRESSURE! NOW, THE NEXT TIME I SAY DON'T TOUCH SOMETHING, YOU DON'T TOUCH IT! YOU GOT THAT? AND, ZIM IS SURE HIS VOCAL CORDS HAVE GOTTEN USED TO ZIM'S SCREAMING! ZIM IS GOING TO SCREAM UNTIL THE END OF TIME!"

Meanwhile, inside Zim's throat

"Boy, don't you feel like you're about to snap?" asked one vocal cord to the other. They even looked ominous. They were weathered, and some attached by only a thread. Some of them even looked like they had been dropped in the deep fryer. Some others looked like something the cat dragged in, ate, and then spat up. "Yeah, you'd think he was dying or something. Oay, I guess the robot did something again." The cord responded. "Well, I've personally had enough of this." A new vocal cord chimed in. the cords had made a decision. Zim let out his famous (or infamous, if you happen to be a vocal cord of his) "I AM ZIM!" and, the cords decided they had had enough. They snapped, and Zim didn't even finish his name.

And back in the laboratory, as this is happening

"I AM ZI- ack!" Zim half screamed, grabbing his throat. GIR crossed his arms, glaring at Zim. "I warn-ed ya." Zim glared at the tiny robot. "GIR," he squeaked hoarsely "why didn't you warn me?" GIR rolled his eyes. But, immediately returning to his GIR-ness, he grinned, pointed at Zim, and giggled "you sound all froggy! You want me to call Dibbeh?" "No! I will be fine!" letting go of his throat, he tried to scream "I AM ZI-ack!" he grabbed his throat. "Well, you're still not calling Dib. My throat is just a little sore is all." GIR looked at him doubtfully. "You know I really do care about you, right?" Zim finally caved "ask him to come."