"A Hall to Remember"

(A/N: This is the first ever-REAL Drarry smut I've done, so be patient. I have done others and I plan to update them all soon! Enjoy! : D also: "Critics are like pigs at a pastry cart".)

Harry Really didn't know how he ended up in this situation.

His back against the wall, waiting for whatever Draco Malfoy decided to hit him with.

"God Potter, you are a filthy git who has accomplished nothing" he said in the sexiest voice possible, and started to ravish the boy.

They've been doing this for quite a while now. 'You insult me, I insult you, then we shag when no body's watching'.

But anyway, back to here. Back to now. Back to the sweet and savory kisses from Draco and hands roaming.

Harry couldn't help but illicit a small whimper as Draco bit and sucked at a sensitive juncture at Harry's collarbone.


"Mhmm?" as the blonde was surely going to leave a mark on a certain Golden Boy's neck.

"…I ..UGH! …I want….Iwantyouinme…NOW."

"Well, that's certainly do-able isn't it?" he said with a cocky smirk.

As Harry was pinned against the wall with anticipation, Draco quickly ripped off the brunette's pants and was left cupping a growing member in Harry's lower half.

Some sort of guttural moan came from Harry's mouth as this was taking place.

As was at the same time, Draco sucking on his fingers to get then moist and ready, probing Harry's tight entrance.

Two more times of Malfoy's three fingers' stretching and scissoring, then the boy was ready.

Harry screamed out Draco's name in ecstasy as he kept hitting that sweet spot they know so well, hoping no one would hear him.

Draco seductively whispered, "Cum to me."

In an instant finale and villiant effort, Harry arched his back as white splattered all over the two and Draco came the hardest he could into his "enemy".

Attempting to pull himself together, Harry asked "Same time next week?"

As Draco gazed back at those brilliant green eyes he replies, "Always."