AU. (Alternate-Universe)

Julian Larson is still a pretty famous actor. But Dalton never happened. The Stuart Trio never attended. Julian isn't even aware of the other two's existence… yet.

Summary: Julian Larson was always a bit of a wild child. Growing up into a famous family gave him benefits - benefits that led to his wild streak. The craziest parties. Free drinks. And there was always someone there to hold his attention. After a few crazy events happened, Julian's parents decide to ship the pop star off to his Uncle's house for a bit of discipline and hopefully - maturity.

What's the downside to this? It's in the middle of nowhere. The heat is unbearable. And Julian has to do physical work. Even he doesn't know if he'll make it out alive.

Rated: T (Might be raised to 'M' if I actually keep going.)

This couldn't be happening to him.

It really wasn't possible.

Julian Larson dropped his suitcases onto the ground, bringing a hand up to smoothly take off his glasses and get a better look at the scene in front of him.

What was this… some kind of ghost town?

Wooden stores as well as houses lined the dirt road he stood on, signs rusted and faded away due to age and wood even deteriorating in certain spots. It seemed like a massive population of the older generation lived here. Old men leaned back on their rocking chairs - eying him suspiciously from their front porches.

He did seem to stick out like a sore thumb, downed in a suit practically.

"Where the hell am I?" The actor asked, not to anyone in particular. But he got an answer anyway.

"You're in Carsonville, Juley!"

The brunet turned his head, blinking for a moment before taking in the site of an old familiar face. "Uncle Aug?" The older man flashed him an award-winning grin, bringing a hand up to clap him on the shoulder.

"Damn right! It's been awhile! Last time I saw you you were about this tall!" he exclaimed, bringing a hand up to about his hip. Julian snorted softly. "Yeah, that's because I was five."

August brushed off the comment, excited gleam still playing in his eyes. "So your parents decided to ship you out here huh? What on earth would have made them do that?"

Julian frowned, bringing his glasses back up to shade his eyes from the intense sun still glaring down on him. "Apparently I've been causing too much trouble and I've been stressing them out. So what do they do? Ship me off to the middle of no where to learn a lesson." he scoffed, reaching down to snatch up his suitcases again.

August moved forward and took one of them off his hands, which he gave a small thanks to.

"Well whatever they did they did it because they care about you. Don't forget about that Juley."

A grimace crossed the brunet's face at the old nickname, remembering how he hadn't even liked it when he was younger. "Why do you call me that? It makes me sound like a little girl…"

August chuckled slightly, bringing a rough hand up to ruffle his hair. "Force of habit. Can't help it! Now come on, we should probably get out of the road. We gotta head back to the farm anyway. I still have some work to get to." He waved his nephew over, directing him towards an old, worn out Dodge Coronet. Julian stopped infront of it for a moment, eying it warily. "This thing still lives?"

His uncle shot him another grin, grabbing his other suitcase out of his hands and plopping it into the trunk along with his other. "She's still purrin' like a kitten. Hop in. The farm isn't that far off from here! 'Bout twenty minutes."

Julian hesitantly walked around and opened the passenger door, cringing at the loud creaking sound it made. He was going to die.

Taking a deep breath he climbed in, quickly snapping in his seatbelt and doing his best to ignore the compacted heat the car was holding. He was already sweating in his suit. Thankfully, he had brought more easy going clothes with him. He hadn't really had much time to change when his parents let him in on the whole 'being sent away' deal.

The car came to life when the engine started, jerking a bit when the gear was shifted but other than that it seemed reasonable.

The twenty minutes in the car was spent with Julian catching his uncle up on what was going on in his life - as well as some of the few events that probably led up to where he was now. It had been awhile since he had seen August, obviously. He and his brother lived in two completely different worlds. His dad, Travis, was a famous director with all the money in the world. August never seemed to want to aim for that. He was always more of a loaner and an old soul. He liked the outdoors. He liked farming. So what did he do?

Bought a farm in the middle of no where. Where no one could really bug him. Of course, he was always a nice guy. But he just liked his space.

"How has the farm been? I can't even remember the last time I was here." Julian asked, leaning against the car door lazily and trying his best to not pout about the situation he was in.

"Going good! Bit of a drought here lately, so I'm doing my best with my crops. But I have a few good guys helping me out down there, so I'm not short-handed. You'll probably meet them sometime today. They're around your age…"

He pressed his lips together, humming slightly and turning his head to look out the window. Oh yay.

When they finally pulled into what Julian would guess was a driveway he stayed put in the car for a bit, taking in the house in front of him that was certainlynot his mansion back home. It was so small. So old-fashioned. Like something you would see in one of those dramatic, country like horse movies. With flower-petaled wallpaper and an older than jesus stove that for some reason still worked.

"You gonna come out of there? It's gonna get hotter if you don't! C'mon. I'll show you to your room."

Letting out a huff he pushed the door open, ignoring the creak this time and simply slamming the door shut behind him. He took one of the suitcases from the trunk while August, again, took the other and the two made their way into the house. Walking inside he almost had to hold back a laugh. It was exactly how one would look in those types of movies. Was that normal? Or was that like, a trend out in places like this?

He turned his head to watch August go up the stairs before carefully following after, gripping onto the banister as the steps creaked underneath his feet. Dear god, he was going to fall through.

"Here we go!"

He looked up and watched his uncle swing the door right at the top of the stairs open, sunlight instantly spilling out of it. A moment later he stepped in, wary expression on his face as he took in the small little room.

It was simple. Bed, dresser, nightstand and a chair off in the corner. That was probably a small closet too. Nothing like his room back at home.

"I know it's not much Juley… but it's still a room." August turned to him and smile, walking past him with a slight skip in his step. "Make yourself at home! I'll go see how everything's going outside."

Julian watched him leave before turning to look back at the room. He moved forward and tossed his suitcase next to the one on the bed, letting out a deep breath and collapsing into the lone chair behind him. He wasn't sure what to think of this place. He wasn't used to it. He was used to gorgeous paintings and spotless walls. Fancy furniture and huge kitchens with maids bustling about. He was also used to his big, king-sized bed. Which was incredible compared to the full he was looking at now.

He wasn't sure how long he sat there, but after awhile movement from the window caught his eyes. Slipping off his glasses he stood, leaning forward to look out it.

He noticed his uncle instantly, but wasn't quite sure who the other two people were. It was then that he suddenly remembered the two guys his uncle had mentioned that would be helping him on the farm, and quickly he figured that those were the guys.

Watching curiously, he took in whatever he could - but they were a bit far off so he couldn't quite take in facial features. He froze when August turned and pointed directly at his window, and it dawned on him that he was probably filling them in on him. He moved back quickly, frowning a bit as he turned back to his suitcases and then began to unpack.

Might as well get comfortable.