Generator Rex: The Qwaser of Technology

Chapter 1


It was a dark stormy night in Japan, A man was walking through the dark. He looked around and saw what looked like a boy on the streets. The man ran up to him.

"Are you okay?" The man spoke, the boy was foreign and wore what looked like a red/yellow jacket, a white T-shirt and black shorts The boy opened his eyes slowly.

"H-Help..." The boy said, but he passed out. The man took him in his arms and ran back to his home.

++Back at the house++

He finally managed to get back to the house, he laid the boy on the bed and covered him in blanket, then suddenly two young girls appeared, the first on had red crimson hair that had two pig tails and wore a dress, then the second girl had short dark blue hair, red crimson eyes and wore a blue dress. She also carried a stuffed bunny with her. The two looked to see what was going on. The saw the boy. He had short black hair and dark skin and wore a t-shirt and pants.

"Papa?" Tomo spoke.

"Yes, Tomo?" The man that was her father spoke as well.

"What's wrong?" Tomo asked "Is he going to be okay?"

"I'm sure he'll be alright..." The man said with a smile, then the boy eyes opened and he got up slowly. The family was shocked.

"I see you're awake?" The man asked "What's your name, young man?"

"R-Rex...I-I can't remember my last name..." The boy said while rubbing his head, the man got up from his seat.

"I got to go..." He said "You two be nice."

The two girls nodded with a smile on their faces as he left. The two girls looked up at the boy on the bed.

"I'm Mafuyu Oribe!" The red head introduced happily.

"I'm Tomo Yamanobe." The blue haired girl introduced while hugging her stuffed bunny. Rex founded really cute.

"You want to play with us?" The two asked, Rex was surprised by this.

"Uh...Sure!" Rex said with a smile.

++Years later++

Rex, Mafuyu and Tomo left the Church and now heading to St. Milhoilov's Academy, Rex was now 17 years old, his hair was slicked back but was still spiky, he was also very muscular. He wore the male uniform of the school.

Mafuyu was now 17 years old, her dark crimson red hair was now shoulder length, she was very curvy. She wore a light blue school uniform, black knee socks and brown shoes.

Tomo was now 17 years old, her dark blue hair was now shoulder length with the white ribbon bow on top back when she was young, she now had huge massive breasts and curves, she wore a different school uniform, with white thigh highs and school shoes.

"Man, I hate school!" Rex said with a bored tone in his voice.

"Rex-kun, you're so lazy..." Mafuyu said with a look, she then noticed that Tomo was way behind "Tomo, hurry up! We're going to be late!"

Tomo was jogging with her breasts jiggling as well "You guys are going to fast-WHOA!"

Tomo then tripped, Rex was shocked "TOMO!"

Rex ran up to her and blushed at what he saw, Tomo's butt was sticking up in the air with her panties showing as well.

"T-Tomo, you okay?" Rex asked a little worried and still blushing from what he saw, Tomo sat up rubbing her head. Then suddenly they saw a young woman with short ginger hair that had parts that was shaped like two puppy dog ears, and she also wore a long black nun dress. Her name was Teresa Beria. Rex, Mafuyu and Tomo's friend.

"Morning Teresa!" Mafuyu greeted " Are you going to be absent from school today?"

"...Didier's tulips. Liliceae. Tulip family. Species, tulip Geseneriana." Teresa said with an emotionless look.

"I see she's quite as always..." Rex said.

"Yep," Mafuyu agreed, she then looked over at Tomo " Boy, Tomo, you sure have a knack for stumbling where there's nothing to stumble over at all." Mafuyu teased.

Tomo pouted with a glare at the red head "Stop teasing me!"

"Mafuyu! That's just mean! I think it's cute." Rex said with a smile, he then held his hand toward her "Here, let me help you up!"

Tomo blushed a deep shade of red, she then took his hand and smiled at each other. Mafuyu, Rex and Tomo left to school.

++St. Milhoilov's Academy++

They both walked inside of the class room, then suddenly a bucket of water fell. Rex pushed the girls out of the way with him getting wet in the process.

"Rex-kun!" Mafuyu and Tomo both yelled shocked by what happened.

"Ew! Grows!" Rex yelled grossed out by the water "Who put that bucket up their?"

No one spoke, the two walked up to a desk covered in wet weeds, trash, Graffiti and nasty dead flowers on Tomo's desk. Mafuyu and Rex were shocked.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" Mafuyu yelled angry.

"Mafuyu, calm down." Rex tried to calm her down, but she didn't hear him.

"Mafuyu-chan, please." Tomo tried as well to calm her down.

Mafuyu then looked to see Hana Katsuragi, she was the bully of the school. She had short brown hair and brown eyes. Mafuyu walked up to her.

"Did you do this?" Mafuyu asked angry. Hana looked at her with a cold stare.

"It wasn't me. There were report of girls being killed in the city... and a rumor of Yamanobe being one of them..." Hana said with a look "That's probably why..."

Mafuyu glared at the girl and was ready to take out her kendo sword, but she felt a hand on hers. She looked up to see Rex with a serious look.

"Mafuyu, don't..." Rex said, he then looked over to Hana.

"What do you want, Gaijin?" She said rudely to Rex.

"Leave Tomo and Mafuyu alone..." Rex said darkly "You wouldn't want to mess with me..."

"Oh really..." A voice spoke, The three turned to see a young woman, she had pink eyes, long pink hair with red buns on top, she wore a red school uniform, black high thighs. She also had huge breasts(But not as big as Tomo's) and an amazing figure, her name was Miyuri Tsujidō.

"Yeah..." Rex spoke, Miyuri walked up to him.

"Maybe you'll like to ditch these maids and go out with me..." Miyuri asked with a blush, Rex face went red. Mafuyu stepped in front of Rex.

"You stay away from him!" Mafuyu yelled ready to beat her senseless. Miyuri just grinned and flipped her hair from her shoulders snobbishly.

"Maybe next time..." Miyuri said as she winked at Rex, she and Hana both left the class room. Mafuyu growled.

++After school++

Rex, Tomo and Mafuyu were now head back to the Yamanobe residents.

"Thanks, Rex-kun..." Mafuyu thanked while Tomo smiled.

"No problem, It's what I do best!" Rex said with a cocky grin on his face.

"Tomo, Rex, what do you want for dinner tonight?" Mafuyu asked with a smile

"Well..." Rex and Tomo began to think, but then Rex tripped on something. Mafuyu and Tomo were shocked.

"Rex-kun!" The two girls screamed, but their faces went red, Rex had fell on a young foreign woman with long sliver hair, she also wore a clock of some sort. Rex was also between her large chest. Rex face went red and he jumped off her. Rex noticed that she was also quite beautiful.

"Rex-kun, are you okay?" Tomo asked worried.

"Yeah, but is she okay?" Rex asked a little worried about the young woman. The woman looked to see Tomo and ponced on her and put her face between her huge breasts. Rex and Mafuyu were shocked.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Mafuyu yelled as she took out her kendo sword and knocked her out could, Rex and Tomo were shocked by this.

"WOW!" Rex yelled "You knocked her out!"

"Oops..." Mafuyu said a little embarrassed by what she did.

"We better get her back to the house..." Rex suggested, Rex carried the girl and followed the two girls back to the house.

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