What if Naruto had a hidden power that came to be when he fought Mizuki, a bloodline he never knew of? Then he would be known as the Kaze no Arashi, the Wind Storm!

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Kaze no Arashi

Chapter 1:


Naruto Uzumaki was scared as much as ramen is scared of being eaten by him. He held the sacred Scroll of Sealing tightly to his body as the world began to crash around him like it was a planet made of fine china. He breathed in and out fiercely as he could only acknowledge what he was. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine Tailed Fox that wreaked havoc on the village of Konohagakure twelve years ago on October 10th. The boy heard two shinobi coming and he peaked to see someone henged as himself as the other person was Mizuki.

"How did you know I wasn't Iruka," Mizuki asked the henge that chuckled back before revealing its true appearance.

"Because I'm Iruka," the revealed Iruka said.

Mizuki glared at Iruka with a small smirk on his face, "I see."

"So, you just transformed into the very thing that killed your parents," Mizuki chuckled at the injured Iruka.

"I won't hand over the scroll to someone like you," Iruka yelled at the traitorous shinobi, who merely grinned at Iruka.

"You idiot! Naruto and I are of the same accord." Mizuki said, getting Iruka's attention. "With that scroll, he'll be able to have unimaginable power; that's exactly what the Kyuubi wants!"

"Yeah, but not what Naruto wants. He's not the fox; he's Naruto Uzumaki, a member of Konohagakure." When Iruka said this, Naruto's eyes leaked out tears of happiness that he was acknowledged by someone.

Mizuki sneered at Iruka, "Whatever, I'll just deal with you now!"

Mizuki charged at Iruka, who was thinking that he was about to die. So this is it, huh?

What surprised everybody there was when Uzumaki Naruto charged and rushed into Mizuki, knocking the man over into the ground and looking at him with determined, fierce eyes.

"Don't you dare touch Iruka-sensei, Mizuki-teme! I'll kill you!" Naruto fiercely said.

"Let's see you try that, Nine-Tailed Fox!" Mizuki yelled as Naruto made a handsign.

Kage-Bunshin No Jutsu! Naruto had more than a thousand clones surrounding Mizuki, shocking both the traitor and Iruka.

Mizuki surprisingly didn't lose his cool as he threw the giant shuriken he had left and caused a lot of the clones to disappear. Mizuki smirked when Naruto looked a little frightened. "Come on, demon! You said you would kill me! So just do it, fox!"

Naruto got a hold of himself and his clones charged as Mizuki kept a smirk on his face and made clone after clone after clone disappear into clouds of dust. Mizuki finally got to the real one as he pulled out a kunai knife.

"It's over, Kyuubi!" yelled a triumphed Mizuki as he charged when all of a sudden, Naruto made a handsign, unknowingly forming a new jutsu.

Naruto closed his eyes in sheer fright only for him to hear Mizuki's screams and liquid splatter all over his body. He opened his eyes to see nothing but the blood of the now dead traitor Mizuki and a very shocked Iruka as he passed out.

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