What if Naruto had a hidden power that came to be when he fought Mizuki, a bloodline he never knew of? Then he would be known as the Kaze no Arashi, the Wind Storm!

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Kaze no Arashi

Chapter 10:

Clash in the Forest: The Snake Bastard Is Here!

Naruto gulped, looking straight ahead of him into the dark, grim Forest of Death as he started to remember all his training, all that he saw before the exam, even before the bell test of Kakashi. Memories slid over Naruto's eyes, reminding him of how he was able to gain his wind jutsu easier.


Naruto eyed an elderly man in the middle of the forest that had a head of slightly spikey black hair and a scar on his chin. His eyes were dark like black holes, showing the years of war and of being a shinobi he had gone through. The man made a few handsigns as he breathed in air and released it into blasts of fierce air. Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he tried the jutsu for a while and eventually got it down, releasing the blasts of fierce air like the man did. The man looked in the boy's direction, almost like he sensed his presence near and threw a kunai covered in the man's wind chakra only for it to be caught by a shorter old man in Hokage robes.

"Hiruzen," the man said to the Hokage, who threw the kunai to the ground and looked at the other older man.

"Danzo," the Third said softly while looking at the man, "it seems you have gotten rusty from not using your ninjutsu in such a long time. You're going to become weaker and weaker in you don't train your body in order to keep up with your skills. Even I, the Hokage, take time to keep in shape at least a little to keep this village in order."

Danzo was about to say he was busy, but he just glared at the Hokage. He couldn't say that! The Sarutobi might figure out something is up and find out Danzo still had his Ne, or Root, ninja forces even when the old Hokage disbanded the organization.

"It's just been a while Hiruzen," Danzo spoke in his usual calm voice as he looked at his rival with a glare. "I hear you have been privately speaking with the Yondaime's Legacy a lot lately and that the boy has unlocked the Kekkai Genkai of the Namikaze Clan. He might even unlock things of his mother's like her special chakra."

Special chakra? Naruto scrunched his nose in confusion. What was this special chakra that his kaa-san had?

"We still don't know how well he has taken to all the news since he was just told recently. After all, he found out about his parents and the Kyuubi all in a matter of a few hours. It's a lot for a mere boy to take in at the moment, but he seems to be doing better and actually becoming more like himself again." The Third smiled while Danzo scowled at him in anger.

"I could teach the boy a lot more than simple academy jutsu and Shadow Clones. With my help, I could teach Naruto to control his kekkai genkai to mere perfection! After all, I am a Wind Release chakra user! Just hand the boy over to me, Sarutobi."

The Hokage scowled the wind breathing at his ropes. "I know full well what you will turn Naruto into, an emotionless soldier at your command at every moment. I will not let the boy become the ace in your hand, Danzo. I already knew after what I had to do with all those Ne soldiers that were under your command."

Unknowingly, they were still with Danzo, supporting the tree that is Konoha as Root. "It's your loss, Sarutobi. It's the boy's loss, he was much potential. And lastily, it is Konohagakure's loss of a hero that could become a legend like his very father." Danzo began to walk away as he spoke his last words fiercely. "Remember that, Hokage…" Danzo spat out the word 'Hokage' as he left the Third and Naruto went off as well, wondering what the two rivals meant when they talked.


Naruto opened his eyes when he felt something sting his cheek, crimson life slowly drifted out of the shell he called a body as the proctor, Mitarashi Anko, was suddenly behind him, licking up his blood and looked playfully into the young genin's eyes as the genin shook a little at what was happening to him.

"Keep your eyes open, gaki," Anko said, still licking his blood, "or this delicious blood will spoil and end up all on the ground of the forest." She then felt a presence near her as she drew her kunai, her tongue going back into her mouth, only to see a Grass ninja approach with the kunai the proctor threw.

"I was just returning your kunai, proctor." The Grass nin said sinisterly as Anko glared at the intruder that ruined her fun with the blonde gaki and she took the kunai.

"Thanks," Anko said as she disappeared from the still, slightly shaking Naruto and was in front of the genin. "You all know the rules, right? Your team will have a scroll in the forest for five days and will have to find the opposite scroll from another team and reach the tower in time with all the members of your team intact. You also have to turn in these waiver forms in case you die that you hold in your hands right now. My last advice can only be just don't die!"

Naruto turned in his waiver and headed to the gate his team was at with Sasuke holding the scroll in his pouch and Sakura standing there, a little scared of the exam. Naruto grinned and looked at the gate before it opened. Time to show everyone the Kaze no Arashi! Naruto pulled out a mask from his pack and put it on as it was a simple blue mask and he removed the paper seal from his chest.

"Now, go!" Anko yelled as the gates all opened and everyone charged in.

The Grass ninja all looked at each other, "Go after the brats first." They all nodded in agreement and grinned as they rushed into the forest.

Our mission officially starts, Dosu thought as he planned to get rid of their target right off the bat.

"Let's go!" Naruto yelled, grinning behind his mask as Sasuke and Sakura were behind him.

"Why are you wearing that mask, dope?" Sasuke said as Naruto turned around.

"Yeah, Naruto," Sakura yelled at her blond teammate, "There's no point to wear a mask when everybody knows who you are."

"They do not know of Kaze no Arashi though," Naruto said quickly, confusing his teammates. He sighed at their expressions. "Don't worry about it."

A Rain ninja was perched in a tree, watching the team, waiting for a moment to get their scroll. He saw Naruto go to the restroom after being slapped by Sakura for when he said, "I've got to piss!"

"Baka!" Sakura yelled as he disappeared into the trees to piss and the Rain ninja snuck from behind. The rain ninja stabbed Naruto with a kunai only for him to disappear into smoke, surprising the genin. His weird mouthpiece making a weird sound as he breathing increased in intensity.

"So, you were after the weakest link, eh," Naruto asked as he was right in front of the ninja before he made a single handsign and the wind tore at the genin's body to leave no remains. "You should have looked harder to find it…"

Sakura and Sasuke heard the screams of the ninja that Naruto killed and were wondering what had happened when Naruto rose out of the trees. He still had the mask over his face as he looked at his teammates. "Well, his teammates won't like it when they find their teammate like that. They're out of the exam now…"

Sasuke looked at the two of them seriously, "We need to be careful there might be people watching us right now."

Naruto looked around and saw as he saw a straw sticking up from the ground. Someone's spying on us! Naruto whispered in Sasuke's ears to show him where he saw this straw-looking thing. Sasuke quickly shot a fire jutsu down the straw, causing the Grass ninja to reveal he was. The Grass ninja looked excitedly at Sasuke.

"Time to beat this guy down," Naruto said before the Grass ninja made handsigns after biting his thumb, drawing blood.

Summoning Technique! A snake appeared before Naruto separating him from his two teammates as he made a familiar handsign

Shadow Clone Technique! Ten Narutos appeared and made a handsign. Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere! The Naruto clones quickly decimated the summon as he now couldn't find his teammates.

Damn it, where are they? Naruto thought as he rushed as quickly as the wind he controlled to their location with the Grass ninja.


It looks like someone lost their way. A genin with spikey black hair and ocean blue eyes said as he looked down at the speeding Naruto and pulled out his two katanas. His Iwagakure headband hung on his neck as his feet moved out and he sliced at Naruto but he just sliced through the wind.

This ability! The genin thought as he grinned at whom he had found. This control of the wind element chakra is excellent! He must be from the Namikaze Clan like that damned Fourth Hokage that made us lose the war.

The genin looked at the surprised Naruto before making a handsign. Body Flicker Technique!

Naruto was surprised when the genin vanished and appeared in front of him, stabbing him in the stomach as the ninja looked into Naruto's cerulean eyes and he slashed at the boy, crimson life flowing out of the Namikaze/Uzumaki. The ninja then sheathed his blades and looked fiercely at the son of the one he hated most in the ninja world as he began to make handsigns and then completed the series of handsigns, eager for the finale.

Earth Release: Eternal Coffin! The boy watched with a deadly grin and began to laugh manically as mud and dirt began to bury Naruto into the soil. The boy had erased one of the last Namikaze, one of the members of a clan that killed his father and destroyed some of his village's pride. He began to walk away until he felt something surfacing and crimson streams of chakra whipped up to the surface of the earth, crashing through the earth's skin.

A hand with enlarged fingernails that were sharp rose as the genin heard a growl and looked to see Naruto with his blonde hair fierce and untamed and his eyes crimson and fierce as a fox's.

The genin was shocked and scowled at his opponent. Just who is this guy?

The genin got into stance as Naruto roared and rushed forward to the boy. The genin barely dodged the feral Naruto and continued to go into a taijutsu stance. Let's see what you can do, Namikaze!

Naruto and the other genin engaged in a taijutsu bout, punch for punch, kick for kick and nothing more. The genin quickly sent chakra into his hand to increase the speed and power of his punch as it landed on the masked face of Naruto, cracking the mask into shards. It revealed his darkened whisker marks as he growled at the genin, rushed over and punched him to the ground.

The genin looked up to see a fierce looking Naruto staring down at him. I have to use Substitution! Naruto hit the ninja only for him to see a broken stack of logs and the genin was behind him, trying to knock him out by his neck, only for Naruto to charge off toward this hissing sound.

The genin breathed out as his breath became lost and he looked in the direction where Naruto went. I wonder what made him leave… I have to go see! The genin rushed in the direction Naruto went, wondering what made the boy suddenly move that way.


Sasuke was shaking for the first time since he saw Itachi kill the Uchiha Clan except him. He looked beside him to see Sakura shaking as well, but tears streamed down her eyes like rivers as the Grass nin chuckled.

"You can no longer move…" The Grass ninja chuckled as he threw two kunai when Sasuke was moving his kunai toward his knee.

Damn it! MOVE! Sasuke thought as he stabbed his knee, his Sharingan blazing and he picked Sakura up and rushed out of the way of the kunais.

Sasuke leaned against a tree, breathing heavily. This person was a monster! He thought as he looked at the Grass ninja and pulled out the kunai from his knee, shocking Sakura as he winced. He knew neither he or Sakura or Naruto could take this monster on. No, not even them as a team could beat this monster before them! He had to get them out of there. They could die! Die! Sasuke was panicking so much he didn't see the snake that Sakura had saw sneaking on them.

"Sasuke! Snake!" Sakura cried out as the snake tried to eat them only for Sasuke and Sakura to rush away from where they hid.

Sakura landed on the forest floor while Sasuke was cursing himself for not seeing the snake in the air as the snake rushed at him. Sasuke looked at the snake only to see the creepy grass ninja as he freaked out.

"No… Stay away!" Sasuke threw shuriken and kunai that cut through the snake's body and the Grass ninja appeared and rushed out toward Sasuke. Sasuke had his eyes widened and started to freak out until a person appear in front of him and punched the Grass ninja back surprisingly. Sakura and Sasuke gasped as the person had spikey blonde hair and whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Naruto!" They both said as Naruto held a feral grin.

"I guess I have to be the hero for you guys." Naruto said, still grinning as he looked down at the Grass ninja. "This is the end for you, you snake bastard!"


The genin finally caught up to Naruto and saw a creepy looking Grass ninja he noticed earlier before the second test started. The genin watched Naruto have a fierce taijutsu battle with the Grass shinobi. Eventually, the Grass shinobi summoned a huge snake to strike Naruto, who stopped it with his kunais. This caused the Grass ninja to look a little surprised and he used his very long tongue to grab Naruto as he saw the mysterious shinobi's fingers glow. He was about to hit Naruto when someone had come from behind while he was distracted and punched him to the ground with extreme strength.


Sakura watched Naruto, putting his life on the line for her and Sasuke, calling Sasuke a scaredy cat for not doing anything while Naruto was trying to beat the crap out of this snake teme as Naruto called the Grass ninja. As the Grass shinobi grabbed Naruto and Sakura saw Sasuke shaking, she yelled at him about what was happening and how Naruto was risking his life for them. No replies from Sasuke told Sakura that she had to go into action to get it through the Uchiha's brain.

She ran up the tree that the Grass nin was in and snuck behind charging chakra into her palm, making sure she would still have some left. Right as the snake ninja was about to strike Naruto, Sakura smacked him down with a highly powered fist. The Grass ninja found a tree to grab onto as he fell, cursing at underestimating the teammates of his prey. He journeyed up and made a handsign as his neck launched from his body, fangs drawled out to strike. Naruto rushed but found out he was too late as Sasuke's shrieks could be heard throughout the Forest of Death. Naruto, no longer having any influence from kyuubi whatsoever, rushed behind the Grass ninja and used Wind Release: Great Breakthrough to push the snake man away, hurting the older shinobi a little.

"I'm Orochimaru of the Sennin," the Grass nin chuckled as he looked at the team and pulled out the scroll that Sasuke previously held in his pouch. "There will be a time when you call out for my power. Come to me then, Sasuke, and, then, your dream will become reality."

Sasuke passed out after this from the pain of the mark as Sakura comforted his passed out body and Naruto charged at Orochimaru using the wind, shocking the Sennin before he chuckled darkly and scowled at the boy that gave him trouble today. "You are your father's son, Naruto…"

The Hebi Sennin then disappeared leaving a crying Sakura, a passed-out, in pain Sasuke and a worse for wear Naruto. The genin decided to meet with his team and see about all that had happened including seeing a Namikaze shinobi. The genin looked back at their situation as they went to an open place in the forest and Naruto and Sasuke rested, hidden in the tree while Sakura guarded them and planted traps on the open field.

The genin looked at the fallen team before going on his own to meet up with his team who were probably wondering what was taking him so long. He looked back one last time at the fallen team of shinobi before going off on his own.

As that genin left, the Sound ninja looked at Sakura and the two shinobi behind her.

Dosu chuckled before looking at the pink-heared kunoichi, "Let's do our mission now!"