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Chapter 1

Andy groaned tiredly as she was pulled out of sleep by an unidentified sound coming from inside the house. She rolled onto her back and lifted her hands up to her face, rubbing some life back into her sleepy brain. She was in serious sleep deprivation. She took a long breath, a small smile tugging at her lips as the smell of freshly brewed coffee hit her nose. She slowly pushed herself out of bed and patted out of her bedroom, following the wonderful smell down to the kitchen. She could hear someone talking animatedly downstairs, making her smile grow even larger.

The second she walked into the kitchen she was met with an extra-large cup of black coffee.

"How did you know I was right there?" She asked him, gratefully taking the steaming cup from his hands.

Dov snorted and gave her a look. "Are you kidding me? A hippo would probably make less noise then you. Once I had to check with my own eyes to make sure you hadn't gone straight through one of the steps and landed in the basement."

She took a sip from the hot liquid, wincing as it burned her tongue. "Thank you. There's nothing like being called a fat cow when you wake up in the morning."

Dov held his cup to her and winked. "You're welcome."

A happy squeal interrupted their friendly banter, followed by a series of loud banging. Andy laughed and sat next to the highchair, where her son was playing with about a thousand plastic toys Dov had put in front of him. She reached out and played with the baby's soft brown hair, earning another happy squeal from the boy. "How long has he been up? I haven't even heard him this morning." She asked Dov, picking up a red block from the floor and holding it up for the baby to grab.

"Not that long actually. I had enough time to take a shower and get dressed before I heard him yapping in his room. I grabbed him before he woke you up." Dov told her, putting a cereal bowl and milk in front of her. "He ate breakfast like a champ."

"Thank you, Dov! You're truly the best!" She told him, giving her friend a large smile. She knew it was an understatement. She seriously had no idea what she'd do if Dov wasn't around to help her.

"It would be great if you could tell everyone at the station that." Dov mumbled moodily.

Andy poured some milk over her cereal, shaking her head at his nonsense. "Come on, everyone knows you're awesome." The baby giggled and banged his toy loudly on a plastic plate. "See? Matty totally thinks so too!"

Dov rolled his eyes and sat down on the other side of the table, taking a bite out of a piece of toast. "Of course he does. I feed him and clean his poop."

Andy chuckled and shook her head at him. "He's not a dog, Dov."

Matty cried out loudly and waved his arms and legs all around, making his chair move forward. "Don't worry, Matty, I know." Dov told him. "Uncle Dov just can't wait for you to be able to wipe your own ass."

"Dov!" Scowling at her friend, Andy took one last bite from her bowl and pushed it away before standing up and taking her son from the highchair.

Dov raised his eyebrows and forced the rest of his breakfast into his mouth. "What?" He said innocently, a few pieces of toast flying out of his mouth and landing on the table. He chuckled and chugged down the rest of his coffee before grabbing his plate and her bowl from the table and dumping them in the sink. "You working today?"

"Yeah! My shift starts at ten." She made the baby jump in her arms, making him giggle happily. "You're gonna be good to Grampa, right Matty?" She took his hand and gave it a kiss before looking at Dov again. "I should be back home around six, so you won't have to pick him up from my dad's. You should go to the Penny and have a drink with everyone. You haven't gone in a while."

Dov shrugged and looked over his shoulder towards her. "I don't know. I think I'm gonna skip and come straight home."

Andy sighed. "You don't have to spend every single minute with us, Dov. You should go out, you're doing so much for us already." She knew Dov missed spending time with his friends. He used to go out almost every day before they moved in together.

Dov shut the water off and dried his hands before making his way towards her. "Andy, you know I love taking care of Matty. And I love spending time with my best friend too." He took the baby from Andy's arms and wrinkled his nose. "Ugh" He gave him back to her. "Your son stinks. He needs a diaper change, stat."

Andy snorted at him. "So much for LOVING taking care of him." She sat the baby on her hip and followed Dov into the living room. She watched him as he sat on the couch to tie his shoes and then padded his pockets to make sure he still had his keys and wallet. "Think about it, alright? You have my and Matty's permission to go out and have fun!" She told him jokingly, still hoping he'd change his mind.

Dov smirked. "I'll see how I feel at the end of shift, alright?" He came up to her and kissed the baby's head. "Be good, buddy!"

"Have a great day!" Andy watched him walk out of the house and then looked at the son, who was also staring at the now closed door. "Ugh, uncle Dov was right, Matty. You do stink." She told him, grimacing. She took the giggling baby up to his nursery and laid him down on his changing pad, giving him a small toy to keep him occupied.

She couldn't understand how Dov would pick spending his evenings with a single mom and her baby over his friends, booze and single women. It was crazy how both of their lives had changed since she'd gotten pregnant with Matthew. Dov had offered her his help without her even asking for it. She was a little over twenty five weeks pregnant when he'd thrown the idea of both of them renting a small house together. He'd grown tired of living with Chris and Gail, and was ready to move out to his own place, where he wouldn't have to feel like the third wheel all the time.

Andy, on the other hand, would've LOVED to keep her apartment, but she was also totally aware she couldn't have a baby in this same small, one bedroom apartment. So when Dov had asked her if she wanted to move in together, she'd been more than relieved. Well to be honest, she'd been shocked first. What type of man, SINGLE man, wanted to live with a single mom and her newborn baby? Well Dov had certainly proven he was it.

And he was incredible.

He'd been there for her when she gone to her doctor's appointments. He'd decorated the nursery with her. He'd even been right outside the door when she'd given birth to her son. And most importantly, he'd never questioned her about who the father was.

He'd asked her once, before they'd moved in together. Like everybody around her, he'd been shocked to find out she was pregnant. When people had started asking her who the father was, she'd told them the truth. He was a one night stand gone wrong. She'd had sex with the guy, and he'd disappeared the next morning. Of course, a few people had started rumors, saying she'd gotten back with Luke, and then that she'd gotten with every male in the station. But Dov had stood by her, had taken her defense every step of the way, and with time, people had just stopped talking about it.

Andy finished changing Matty's diaper and picked him back up, going to his closet to get his clothes. She quickly dressed him up and took him to her own bedroom so she could find something to wear too. She chose a pair of dark blue jeans and a simple light grey shirt out of her closet and threw everything on the still unmade bed. "Are you going to let me get dressed too?" She asked Matty, who was chewing on the soft toy, drooling all over it. She sat him in the middle of her bed and quickly changed out of her night clothes.

"So?" she lifted her arms away from her body. "How do I look, Matty?"

The baby dropped the drenched toy on the bed, let out a high pitched cry of joy and raised his arms out towards her, showing off his adorable dimples.

This kid looked nothing like her.

People had to be blind if they couldn't see who the baby's father was. When Andy looked at her son, the only person she saw was Sam Swarek.

"That's my boy." She picked him up and kissed his chubby cheek, inhaling his sweet baby smell. "Let's go see Grampa!"


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