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Rin Kagamine, a girl with shoulder length golden hair and wide skyblue eyes was one of the cutest and most popular girl in their school. Her best friend, Miku Hatsune, the teal haired girl was their class representative.

Another reason for popularity is her surname: Kagamine...

Yeah, the same surname as Len Kagamine the international superstar.

Rin was sitting on her chair... spacing out as always. She sits on the last chair near the window. But the chair in her front doesn't has anyone sitting..

"Rin-chan!" Miku called the day dreaming girl with her usual kind aquamarine eyes.

Rin faced her best friend and sighed, "What is it, Miku?"

Miku giggled sweetly and feigned innocence "There's a new student"

"So?" Rin yawned, clearly uninterested. She might be cute but she often acts cold and indifferent. Miku however knew her sweet side

"Rinny...Don't be such a KJ"Miku scolded"At least show a little interest. It's the middle of the school year and who transfers that much?"

"You don't even know that person. Probably because of his...or her parents or something along those line " Rin then looked at Miku who was blushing slightly. She smirked.

"Rin?"Miku looked skeptical and questioning

"Ora ora"Rin smiled sweetly and winked "What a lovesick girl I'm handling."

"RIN!"Miku exclaimed with a cute tomato-red face. Rin laughed hard and they argued fo a while. After some time, Miku finally sat down on her chair which was close to Rin.

After quite some time...

Their pink-haired homeroom teacher arrived(which was usually in a bun) with her usual stern dark blue eyes. The teacher, Luka Megurine-sensei, was with an ordinary looking boy with dark hair and greenish blue eyes. He wore eyeglasses in which made him look nerdy in Rin's opinion.

"This is your new classmate, Rain Hiwatari. He just arrived from America yesterday. Everyone, please be nice to him. " Luka introduced

"Hajimemashite, I'm Rain Hiwatari. Please take care of me."His voice was very soothing and he was good looking himself.

"Hiwatari-kun, why don't you sit on the chair in front of Kagamine-san. Ah, Kagamine-san is the girl on the left of Hatsune-san. I'm sure you knew her"

"Hai.."There seemed to be a hint of confusion and surprise in his voice... well who can blame him? Kagamine Rin thought

As he went near, he greeted Rin with a sweet smile. He really looked familiar to Rin.

"Pleased to meet you, Kagamine-san" Rain smiled like an angel

Z: So... who is this Hiwatari Rain-kun?

Cheri:I don't know... his name randomly went into my mind! *smiles*

Z:You're annoying.

Len: Yeah... I'm not even here

Cheri: *whispers to Len*


Z: How come You're telling him!

Cheri: He's one of the main character

Rin & Miku: Can you tell us too?

Cheri: No... Z is still here. How about later?

Rin & Miku:SURE!

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