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"Ne Rin, let's go to Midorigaoka!" Miku said to her friend (though it seemed that she is forcing her)

"Why? I kow it's their festival and all but-"

"Len Kagamine and Mina Heartnet will be performing there! Onegai~"

"No use Rin," Mikuo whispered "She forced me too"

"Miku, I will not go there" Rin insisted

Miku tured to her dark look which creped the others even Mikuo.

"Are you sure ne Rinny?" Miku began in a threatening tone "You don't want others to see that right~"

Rin stiffened, "Miku… you are a devilish fiend"

"Thank you~" then she turned to Rain and Gumi who also stiffened "What about the two of you?"

"Sorry but we…Well we have some part time job to do"

Miku's expression finally softened "Too bad then"

Just then Akita Neru went near.

"Umm… Hiwatari-kun umm… would you like to go to Midorigaoka's festival with me?"

"Sorry Akita-san but I have some part time job to do" Rain apologized

"Eh! That's… That's too bad."

"Yes, it is" Rain smiled

Gumi watched the exchange with interesting glance.

"See you 'key~" Neru waved good-bye

Neru was fumed. How dare he decline her offers? Most guys would literally do anything with the snap of her well-manicured fingers.

Well, that was the charm of Rain Hiwatari.

But come to think about it, Mikuo Hatsune was somehow like him.

She shoved that thought away. Mikuo and Rain are absolutely nothing alike.

Rain was the perfect gentleman while Mikuo was the opposite.

"Well, Len-sama will be there ayway so it's fine I guess."

When Rin and company arrived in Midorigaoka, the line was to see the concert was long. It had so many people that she was separated with the twins.

Her phone rang.

"Hello Mikuo, where the heck are you?"

"Near the booth for the tickets to see this concert"

"That far!"

From Rin's point of view, it was indeed long. You can see the crowd gathering.

"Yeah, I would like to meet you but-"

Rin suddenly heard Miku's voice in the background. It was still quite loud despite the noise and screaming made by the others. "No! No! I don't wanna go back! I wanna see Kagamine-sama and Mina-sama " Miku wailed.

"As you can see," Mikuo continued "this idiotic person is in her stupid fan mode. I'm sorry Rin. Guess you have to spend the festival by yourself."

"It's fine. I'll get over it. I'll meet you once the concert is over"

"If I'm alive by then" Mikuo groaned then he hanged up.

Rin felt down. She doesn't want to explore on their own.


Rin turned to see Len Kagamine himself in a disguise pretty much with the one he had when they met.

"Len?" she murmured softly "I thought you have a concert."

"It will start an hour later. Mina and I were to sing only three songs"

"An hour?"

"Yeah. Let's explore right?"


Gumi was walking around the said school.

"Now where did that guy went?"

She was about to call "that guy" when she saw a golden haired girl running around with a boy.

"Mmmm… guess not"

On the other hand…

"Miku, when will the stupid concert start?" Mikuo asked as they watched the twentieth performance, a farce.

"Ummm… a hour later"

"A- an hour later?"


"And we are waiting here these damn minutes and that performance is still not up?"

"Well… Yes?"

"What is it really?"


Miku felt scared. Mikuo is not the type of person to be patient.

"Let's go home" Mikuo muttered, turning dark


Len was having fun with Rin. Suddenly his phone rang.

"Hello…. About to start? Yes… Sure"

Then he turned to Rin. "Sorry, it's about to start"

"Well.. good luck" Rin smiled to encourage him. Len blushed.

He held her hands, "I want you to see it too"

He felt hot… literally. For some reasons, he wants to impress her. Could this be love?

Mina Heartnet was finally ending her song.

"Boku no tonari sotto nemuru kimi wo omotte…Goodnight sweetheart"

Then she looked around the crowd, she waved her hands "Arigato!"

Her fans squealed in delight. "Next would be Len singing his song Spice"

When she exited, the crowd went wild (mostly the girls)

Len entered the stage which only made the screaming louder.

"Konnichiwa everyone especially you, ma ladies" He winked

"Kyahhhh~ !"

"Let's start now the fun. Spice!"

As he said it, the music started to play. His expression changed to that of a cold amused person.

"Gozen yoji no kooru de me o samasu "kinou dare to doko ni ita" nante iinogare to iiwake o kougo ni tsukaiwakete tanoshinde'ru "

Rin watched his performance. She had to admit that Le looked so appealing. But for her, the song doesn't match his true personality. He was after all sweet, caring and innocent.

Rin flushed at the way she was thinking.

Baka! Wasn't she in love with Rain?

Then that thought jolted her.

Could it be that Rain and Len are twins? Or is it more accurate to say that they are one person?

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Len: Rin why did you think that Rain and I are twins?

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Cheri: Speak English please


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