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Prelude: Departure from Nova VII

Nova VII

December 17, 3051

It was a cold morning, the wind howling through the seemingly endless canyons of steel that made up the innermost workings of the spaceport. The lifeless giants sitting in their berths would be leaving the following day, to meet with the majestic ships that hung in orbit. Yet amidst this maze of steel, hundreds of men and women moved from berth to berth, checking each DropShip for anything either missing or out of place. All it would take to ruin the launch would be one bolt out of place, one small switch in the wrong position, and there would be nothing that could save the people on that ship. DropShips were very sensitive machines, and were especially prone to failure on the snow-covered world called Nova VII. The harsh environment of this world made Typhoons look like a mild breeze in comparison.

The men and women were techs, in charge of the maintenance for the DropShips that were the life line for the entire clan. It had been years since the clan had entered their self-imposed exile in January of 2824 after the anihilation of Clan Wolverine. The techs however, were preparing the DropShips for the journey that would return the clan to the Inner Sphere. It was time for them to begin the journey home.

DropShip Nova's Queen

Primary Spaceport, Nova VII

December 18, 3051

An air of confidence settled over the assembled warriors as their general crossed the hanger deck in front of them. They would be the first to leave the surface of Nova VII on this historic day, and their cousins in the Inner Sphere would have no idea what they were up against. The general stopped in the center of the hanger and spoke to the group of warriors that stood before him.

"Men, you are about to embark on the most important journey of your lives. I am proud of each and every one of you, and I wish you the greatest fortune, the greatest battles, and the greatest destiny. We have remained with each other on this cold, cruel world, and we have survived. Today is the end of our exile, and the beginning of our legacy! Our former brothers in the clans will not expect us, and they may resist our return. Let no warrior stand in your way, let no city fall from your hands once you have gained it, and let no other claim what your blood has been spilled to claim! We are but a legend to the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, but let them see what we have become, WE ARE WARRIORS!"

At these last words, a thunderous cheer rose from the assembled soldiers and the deck shook as the mighty DropShip lifted off of the surface and into the air, the journey back to the Inner Sphere finally underway. Many more DropShips lifted off into the skies of Nova VII, following the leading ship and ascending to the waiting JumpShips.

JumpShip Silent Feather

Orbit above Nova VII

A single man stood on the bridge, watching the last DropShip rise from Nova VII. A sigh echoed from the back of the bridge as the door whispered open. As the crew filed in, the man took his place in the Capitan's chair, and began running through the pre-jump checklist. His ship was the first JumpShip to be equipped with inertial dampeners, making the acceleration couches that were arrayed across the bridge unnecessary. Just as the Capitan finished reviewing the checklist, the order to jump came over the ship-to-ship com system. He acknowledged the order, and his ship executed the jump along with the rest of their considerable fleet.

Gone were the days of exile, and upon them were the days of war.

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