Nami walked through the halls of her new high school with her older sister and the principal. Grand Line Academy was amazing. Each room had three normal walls and the fourth was replaced with a large glass window that looked outside. Each row of seats were separated by a flight of stairs that made the room look taller and bigger. It looked more like a University than a high school. Actually, it looked more like a mall than a high school. The Academy was a huge oval shaped donut that was three stories high. Each room had a giant glass window in them. The center was outdoors with a huge grassy field and a large fountain in the middle of it. The back of the school was gated and it held all of the sports related courts and fields. If it weren't for the tour, who knew where Nami would've ended up.

The tour of the famous high school ended by the main entrance of the building.

"Well Nami that was Grand Line Academy. How do you like it?" asked the principal.

"It's amazing," Nami replied with a smile. "I can't wait to start."

"That's the spirit." The principal laughed. "There's one more thing. The students here are separated into groups."

"Um... groups?"

"It makes the students feel less like an outcast and make them feel like they're a part of something. You and your group will have every class together. It goes on through high school and college and throughout life, depending on your decisions. You and everyone in you group will learn and train to become stronger."

"Okay. What group am I in?"

"The Straw Hat crew. You captain has already chosen you. Apparently, he finds you interesting." Nami felt flustered. The principal glanced at his watch. "I should be going. You know where your homeroom is, right?"

Nami nodded. "Thanks again…"

"Call me Rayleigh. If you have any problems, just stop by my room." He smiled before leaving for his office.

Nami took a deep breath before turning to her sister.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Nojiko.

Nami nodded with pure confidence. "The sooner I graduate the sooner I'll be able to find a good job and we'll finally be able to pay him fully."

Nojiko sighed. "I already told you. I can leave college and work two jobs. Maybe three?"

"And I already told you that that's not gonna happen."

Nojiko smiled down at her sister and gave her a hug. "Good luck." She let go and started to leave. "I'll be home by dinner!"

Nami took a deep breath and looked down at her map of the school. Her homeroom was on the second floor. She remembered passing through it during her tour with Rayleigh.


"Class, settle down!" yelled the teacher. When no one listened he yelled again. "We have a new student!"

Nami smiled uneasily at everyone while standing at the front of the classroom, watching as everyone took their seats. Just from standing in front of the whole class, she felt small. Everyone's uniforms were the same. The guys wore dark blue blazers -though some wore sweater vests-, a white buttons up shirt, a light blue tie, and brown pants. The girls' wore the same, but rather than pants, they wore light and dark blue skirts. Thanks to that, Nami didn't feel out of place. One person in particular was staring at her oddly with his head tilted to the side. And for some reason, his stare made her feel uncomfortable.

"Okay, this is-" the teacher started but was cut short.

"Mellorine~! Mellorine~!"

Nami looked up to see a blonde haired man with a heart shaped eye. He wouldn't take his eyes off her.

The teacher cocked an eyebrow. "As I was saying, this is Nami. She's new and it looks like she's a new member of the Straw Hats group." He turned to Nami. "Please take the empty seat next to Robin." He gestured towards an empty seat next to a raven haired girl.

Nami made her way up to her desk. It turned out her row was right next to the large window. Great, a seat with a view. The teacher then decided to give everyone free time for the whole period for everyone got high scores on a recent test.

Robin turned to Nami and smiled. "Welcome to the group. I'm Nico Robin. It's nice to finally have another girl in the group. You can tell it's mostly guys here." Robin gestured around the group surrounding them. She was right. There was only one other girl besides them.

"That's Vivi. She's smart, kind, funny, and pretty. She always puts us before herself. She's completely rich, too."

Nami blinked. "Really?"

Robin nodded. "Her father owns that large hotel and casino downtown. Alabasta Inn."

Nami glanced at Vivi. Her long flowing baby blue hair was pulled up by a ribbon and she wore gold earrings and she had all sorts of bracelets around both wrists. Nami could already tell those accessories cost more than what Nojiko made in a week.

"That's Sanji." Robin pointed to the blonde haired man talking to Vivi. Nami recognized him as the one whom had yelled 'Mellorine' earlier.

"He's a flirt. He goes after every pretty girl he sees." This made Nami blush. "He treats the girls in the group with more respect than the guys, but no one seems to care. He still cares for each one of them. Other than that, he's a cooking prodigy. His foster dad owns Baratie."

Nami's eyes widened. "He works at one of the most fanciest restaurants here?"

Robin nodded with a smile. "He's one of the chefs. He's waiting for the day he'll create his own restaurant thats far better than the Baratie." Both Robin and Nami turned to look at Sanji. Sanji noticed and smile. He waved before turning his attention back to Vivi.

"That's Tony Tony Chopper." Nami glanced up to see a little boy that looked to be the youngest out of all of them. He had chocolate brown hair and light blue eyes. He wore a pink cap with a white 'x' in the middle and his little blue backpack also had a white 'x' on it. He seemed short for his age which Nami estimated to be around 5'1.

"He skipped a few grades. He's only fifteen. He's kind and smart. Although, he'll believe anything you tell him. He's a doctor. He studies from his grandmother. He's really extraordinary."

Chopper having heard her began to do a happy dance. "Baka! Saying that doesn't make me happy."

"He looks happy." Nami turned to Robin.

"He's not good at hiding his feelings," Robin explained. "That's Franky."

Nami looked up at a man with a weird and funky hairdo. He was very muscular and has an average built body. He had on sporty sunglasses which Nami thought made him look somewhat like a bully. He looked to be the tallest one in the group. He was leaning on the glass window talking to a man with a long nose.

"He's like a big kid. He's a real softy. He works out for almost five hours every day which explains the muscles. He and his adoptive brother own a car company, Rocketman."

Nami stared at Franky. 'A seventeen year old as co-owner of a large car company, daughter and part owner of a popular hotel and casino, and son and part owner of the fanciest restaurant in the city. These people are celebrities. They're all out of my league' Nami thought.

"The guy he's talking to is Usopp. He likes to make up stories he supposedly been through. Only Chopper thinks he's telling the truth. He owns a little weapon store with his dad. He's really skilled. He always hits his mark when handling a gun."

Nami shifted in her seat at the thought of someone bringing a gun to school. Robin noticed her panicked expression. She calmly put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry. He'd never use a gun on his nakama. He'd only use it when threat appears. No one in this group would ever harm one another. Besides, he's a bit of a coward," Robin whispered the last part. "He'd be the first to run and hide when something bad were to happen."

Nami smiled after having been explained. Usopp didn't look much like someone who would hurt a fly but considering he had a boney feature, Nami was impressed.

"That's Roronoa Zoro." Nami turned her direction towards Zoro. His hair was as green as grass. He had three identical gold earrings hanging from his left earlobe. He was average sized yet muscular. His tie was undone and it hung loosely around his neck. His button up shirt was undone halfway down his chest just above the upper part of his abs. Nami then noticed a scar just above his abs. If it weren't for the coat that went with the uniform, she would've had a better look. By the way he was dressed, he looked like the kind of person who would care less about what people thought of him.

"He sleeps most of the time in classes. He takes everything seriously but he still loves to have fun. He's a swordsman. He trains using santoryuu. He's really strong and can be mean but he has full respect for everyone in the group. He cares more about his katanas than girls so I wouldn't bother asking him out."

"Wasn't planning on it," replied Nami. Zoro was attractive, but even if the prettiest girl asked him out he would say no, so why bother?

"Who's the guy he's talking to?" Nami nodded her head to a raven haired man. She recognized him as the boy who stared at her oddly before. His hair was slightly long yet messy. He had a strawhat hanging on his back from a string that wrapped around his neck. His tie was loose and his uniform was a slight mess yet it suited him. He had a small scar under his left eye which Nami thought made him look mysterious yet tough.

"That's Monkey D. Luffy. He's our captain. He created the group. He chose each one of us to join and he cares for each one of us personally. He has the closest bond with Zoro since he was the first to join the group. He's a martial artist. He trains with his brother at the New World dojo."

"N-New World dojo? But they have the best fighters there. Is he…"

Robin nodded. "Top of the class with his brother. Some of the people here are scared to even go near him. He may be smart, but he acts like an idiot. He, Chopper, and usopp joke around all the time."

Nami smiled then she noticed someone staring at her from the top step of the stairs. "Who's that?"

Robin glanced up, then frowned. "That's Boa Hancock. Luffy's ex-girlfriend."

"What happened?"

Robin shrugged. "She got too clingy. She had to know what he did every single second of every day. She started ordering everyone in our group to do her bidding. Luffy didn't like that. And last but not least, she threatened me and Vivi to switch to another group or she'll get the principal to expel us. The last part really pissed Luffy off so he dumped her in front of the whole school."

Nami couldn't help but giggle. "That must've been fun to see for both of you."

Robin joined in her laughter. "The best part was when the guys egged her car and when Usopp put fart scented air fresheners in it."

Nami laughed louder making everyone in the group stop what they were doing and turn their attention towards Nami. Luffy couldn't help but smile. He had been watching them talk from the start. He loved watching the different reactions Nami had about each member. He frowned when both girls stared at Hancock but began to chuckle when Nami started laughing, assuming Robin told her the story about the car. There was something about Nami's laugh that made Luffy want to hear it again.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Zoro asked him.

"No idea."


Everyone sat by the fountain eating their lunch. Everyone also had the same lunch because the class they just came out of was cooking. Nami and Vivi sat on the fountain drinking their soda since they were already done.

Vivi turned to Nami. "I'm guessing Robin told you about Hancock?"

Nami nodded. "When did it happen?"

"Last year. She and Luffy went out for three months. We all thought it wouldn't last, though. We all hated her."

"What'd he see in her?"

"To be honest, I don't know. Granted, people here thought they would make a 'cute couple' and some already thought they werea couple so Luffy just kinda went along with it. Hancock was thrilled when Luffy said yes. But we weren't."


Nami cringed at how loud it was. "H-Hai, Sanji-kun?"

"I made you a sweet new desert to finish your lunch." He set down a small plate of chocolate cake on both of their laps. "Enjoy, Mademoiselles." He bowed before turning to Robin. "ROBIN-CHWAAAN!"

Nami took a bite, then smiled. "Sugoi!"

Vivi laughed before taking a bite. "You'll never hate Sanji's cooking."


Nami turned her head to Franky. Franky sat down next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "We got a new sister in the family! Say, if you were to choose between Cola or Pepsi, which would you choose?"

"Um.. cola."

Nami gasped at the sudden tightness of his grip. "I like you already!"

Nami laughed nervously. She then noticed Luffy staring at her from across the circle. Then he began to raise his can of soda in the air.

"A toast!"

The others began to raise theirs in the air as well.

"To our new nakama!"


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