"Professor!" Dean Thomas called, "What do we do?"

"First I need to know if everyone is here." Minerva said, "Line up so I can check you off the list. Then I want all of you back to your dorm rooms and Prefects make sure no one leaves."

"What if we want to help fight?" A Ravenclaw boy asked.

"Make a list of those willing. No one under sixteen." Minerva stated several started to argue, "Everyone else will need to stay and protect the younger students still in the dorms."

"Professor?" a Hufflepuff asked after the roll had been confirmed, "Is it true about the Slytherins?"

"A few of his supporters in Slytherin held the others." Minerva stated, "Once they were able to overwhelm the few they came straight to us to warn us. Not all of Slytherin is bad."

"How did they find out? About Harry I mean." Neville asked.

"What about Harry?" Lavender asked.

"His real name is Harry Potter." Minerva answered to the gasps of most of the students present, "He lived through an attack by Voldemort last spring. We aren't sure yet how he found out that bit of information."

"So he's down in Hogsmeade facing him right now?" Dean asked.

"Most probably." Minerva sighed, "But we need to be here to protect the school and younger children. Harry is not alone. The Headmaster is there along with several teachers, Aurors and some other people."

"She's talking about the Order of the Phoenix." Neville stated, "Many good people are there, including my parents. We need to stay here out of their way and do what we can. Not all Death Eaters will stay in the main battle. Some will come here and try to defeat the school behind Dumbledore's back. We have an important job to do here. First we need people in all the highest towers watching the grounds for invaders. Next we need groups stationed at all the secret passages. I know of a few including the one we just came from. Anyone else who knows any let's make a list and start watch schedules."

A group of sixth and seventh years converged on Neville as Minerva watched proudly. She then shooed the younger ones back to their common rooms to start protecting them. Several of the older years that didn't want to participate in the fighting volunteered to watch from the towers.


"Sssseverus, so good of you to join us." Voldemort hissed.

"Master." Severus bowed.

"What can you tell me about the new boy at Hogwarts?" he asked.

"I assume you mean Harry Evanson?" Severus asked after a nod he started, "He's a fifth year Gryffindor. Same arrogant, pompous brat that the others are."

"I understand he lives with Sirius Black." Voldemort stated.

"I do not know Master." Severus answered.

"What does he look like?" Voldemort asked.

"Messy dark brown hair, brown eyes and glasses." Severus provided.

"How is he in classes?" he asked.

"He's good a potions." Severus admitted, "Prevented Weasley from blowing up the room today. I'm not sure about his other classes. Would you like me to find out?"

"Does he have a scar on his head?" Voldemort asked.

"Not that I have seen." Severus stated.

"I want a pensieve memory of him." Voldemort demanded.

After watching the memory Voldemort hexed Severus, "You should have known it was Potter."

"But he's dead." Severus ground out after the hex was removed, "You killed him last spring."

"Get out of my sight." Voldemort hissed, "Now to plan our attack."

Severus stumbled towards the door.

"Tomorrow is a Hogsmeade weekend." Lucius Malfoy called, "I can warn my son to keep Slytherin safe."

"Excellent." Voldemort said, "I can kill him before Dumbledore even gets close. Severus make sure you're healthy before tomorrow's attack."

"Yes Master." Severus said as he drug himself away from the meeting. He had to get to Hogwarts and warn Dumbledore he thought. But his pain from the curse caused him to pass out before he could move another step. The next thing he knew he woke up on the couch of the Malfoy's living room. He jumped up quickly and left via the floo not knowing how long he had been out.


"The students are in place to defend the school." Minerva's patronus stated, "The only missing students are Mr. Evanson, Ms. Granger and all four Weasley's"

Albus flicked his wand to send back a patronus. He stated he had all six of the missing students and the other help had arrived, "Thank Merlin Severus was able to get away."

"I still can't believe he's on our side." Fred stated while George and Ron nodded in agreement.

"He is." Harry stated, "I didn't tell you this before but he gave me fifteen points for keeping Ron from blowing us all up in potions yesterday. The detention I was assigned was going to allow me to watch him work. He really doesn't like being a terrible person all the time."

"Alright I want the five of you to guard Honeydukes." Albus said, "Make sure you are the last to use that passage to reach Hogwarts."

Everyone moved into their positions and not a moment too soon. Voldemort and the Death Eaters entered the town with a series of pops.

"Harry have you been waiting for me?" Voldemort hissed, "Check the stores and gather everyone here in the square."

"Yes I've been waiting for the longest time." Harry responded, "You're terribly slow. I see we're missing some residence of Azkaban."

"Yes quite a few actually." Voldemort stated. Before anymore could be said the Aurors and order members started to attack the Death Eaters. Not expecting the attack the initial wave did much damage to his troupes. Angered by the attack Voldemort turned his wand on Harry. Both yelled a spell at the same time and they met in the middle and connected. Voldemort was not expecting this to happen and was surprised but didn't show it.

"So how's your summer been?" Harry yelled as he tried to push the joint of the spells towards Voldemort, "Had a good time, lots of killing and torturing?" he didn't reply as he struggled to send the joint back at Harry, "I bet you didn't. I bet you found it hard to do anything. That would be my fault if you're wondering."

"What did you do to me?" Voldemort demanded.

"I didn't do anything to you. I just let you kill me, so really it's your own fault." Harry said as the joint moved closer towards the man.

"You can't defeat me." Voldemort was trying to move away and break the spell.

"I can. I've defeated you already." Harry said, "And now for the big finale." The joint of the magic reached Voldemort and blew him up and away from Harry, his body landing close to Dumbledore.

By this time most of the Death Eaters had been captured. It had been relatively easy as most of the Death Eaters were still weak from their time at Azkaban. Harry stumbled to his knees as Dumbledore declared Voldemort dead.

Ginny rushed out of the store and over to him. She grabbed his shoulders and held him steady. He looked up at her and grinned mischievously, "Marry me?"

"Of course you idiot." Ginny smiled through her tears of concern for his health and then smacked him lightly for worrying her so badly. Harry stood with her help and then kissed her fiercely. When they parted he held her close.

"I wish I could write to Tib." Harry sighed, "I need to apologize."

"Whatever for?" Ginny asked.

"He asked if you were my mate and I said no you were just a girl I saved. After we spent the evening in the hospital I knew I liked you but I still didn't see what he saw. I've missed you so much while I was gone I should have realized." Harry said running a hand through her hair.

"No way you're blind as a Balwhiler." a voice said. Harry turned and saw a doorway opening to his left, "Professor Wa explained that humans can't detect a soul mate until they kiss at the very least. Hello again Ginny."

"Tib, Professor Wa great to see you. Where's Glib?" Harry asked.

"He's home." Professor Wa said, "Well done you."

"Thanks I'm glad he's home. How are Glib's and Alta's fights going?"

"Alta should be finished soon; we'll stop by and visit him too." Professor Wa stated.

"Tell him congratulations from me will you?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Wa replied.

"I'm going to be leaving soon too." Tib said, "Events are aligning."

"Good luck, I know you'll win." Harry grabbed Tib's hand and shook it, "How's Healer Catrina?"

"Still beautiful as ever." Tib sighed, "I may yet convince her she's my mate. You've gotten taller than me now that's not fair."

"Keep dreaming about her." Harry laughed, "Humans keep growing until they're around eighteen. I could still get taller."

"So unfair." Tib growled the fur on his back standing on end.

"Hey if you got much taller you'd be too tall for Catrina." Harry smiled at his friends behavior.

"So true." Tib responded with a smile, "I'll have to use that on her."

"Sorry to cut this short but we have to return." Wa stated, "Alta's battle has begun."

Harry stepped back to Ginny's side and waved as they left.

"Oh Harry, Glib said to tell you congrats and wake up about Ginny you napler." Tib grinned as the door closed before Harry could respond.

"Do you want to explain how he knew me?" Ginny asked, "And what's a napler?"

Harry laughed and told the story of her arrival at his school from his point of view. He continued by telling her how he talked about her until they were sick to death of listening to him, "There is no word to translate napler. Best we could figure out it was like calling you a stupid idiot or something like that. Glibenon could never understand the concept of the word idiot so we decided that is what it must mean."

"Ok so what's a Balwhiler?" Ginny asked.

"He showed me a picture of that once." Harry said, "It has no eyes. Really freaky looking."

The awakening of Alice and Frank Longbottom…..

"Any changes yet?" Augusta asked the healer.

"I'm on my way to check now." He replied, "I don't want you to get your hopes up they've been in this state for a long time. Even if this potion works I'm not expecting results overnight."

"I'm well aware of how you think Jonathan." Augusta stated, "Come Neville."

"I'm right behind you Gran." Neville said nearly bouncing.

When they walked into the ward the healer was shocked.

"Hello." Alice said, "I'm Alice who are you?"

"Alice dear it's me, Augusta." she replied with a smile.

"Mum? But you look so different." she replied.

"Remember what the man said dear." Frank said, "We've been this way for a while. She's had a baby to deal with."

"That's right." Alice smiled, "When are you bringing Neville in."

"I'm Neville." he said from his grandmothers side, "You've been in here for fourteen years. I'm really glad you're back."

"Oh my." Alice said looking faint.

"Come here Neville and tell us all about yourself." Frank was just as shocked as he wife but he was able to hide it a bit better.

"I'm a Gryffindor." Neville said proudly sitting on his father's bed, "I'm going into fifth year. Preparing for my OWLS. I love herbology and charms. I'm friends with my dorm mates Ron, Dean, Seamus and Harry. I don't know what else to say."

"I love herbology too." Alice said.

"We need to keep your visit short today." Healer Jonathan said, "Once we have all our tests and we're sure they won't be going back we'll let them go home."

"We'll ready your room." Augusta said, "With any hope you'll be home before the week is out."

"Then we can learn more about you." Alice patted Neville's arm.

"And I want to learn all about you." Neville hugged each of his parents before he left. As they left the hospital Neville broached a new subject with his grandmother, "Dad's going to need his wand back."

"You are right dear." Augusta stated.

"So can we go by Ollivander's on the way home?" he asked.

"Fine." Augusta grinned, "I guess it's about time. You have to promise to work hard at school."

"Gran I always work hard at school." he stated, "Maybe I'll do better with a wand that has chosen me."

"Whatever you say Neville." she patted his arm as he rolled his eyes in frustration.

Professor Wa picks up Harry …

"I just can't believe he's going to do this." Lin Wa looked at his favorite healer, "This is just… I can't find a word bad enough."

"Relax Lin." Catrina said in a soothing manner, "He'll only be alone for a few seconds."

"If that woman cat doesn't leave with him you'll have to chase her away." he grumbled, "Does Terin have the other one?"

"He wasn't able to get the man but he saved the wand and of few of his possessions." she replied, "He says they're sending him to their prison without a trial. He's beginning an investigation. It doesn't look good for him though."

"I've told them the man is innocent." Lin Wa grumbled, "Why don't they just listen to me."

"You are prejudiced." Catrina chuckled, "You've been watching this too long."

"They're gone, open the door please Watcher." Lin Wa stated.

The door opened and Lin Wa reached out and snatched a basket off the doorstep of Number Four Privet Drive. He pulled it through the doorway and into the safety of his home.

"Not very little." Catrina said.

"He's fifteen month old in their time." Lin said, "About age four to you."

"Ok so he's really small." Catrina corrected, "Where will you put him."

"With you." Lin grinned, "He has some problems you'll need to fix. Don't worry about the soul piece in his head there are other plans for that. You couldn't remove it without killing him so don't try please."

"I won't." Catrina grinned at the baby, "So how long do I have to keep him?"

"Until he's trained enough to be at school." Lin Wa said, "He hasn't learned how to walk, talk or use a bathroom on his own."

"Great." Catrina said sarcastically, "Well I guess you little one will be the fastest ever to learn to do that on your own won't you."

"Probably." Lin agreed, "Can you just feel his magical potential. It's amazing. We'll have to keep him well in hand. That much power can't go dark. It would destroy that world and we would have no hope to stop it."

"The truth comes out then." Catrina said, "You aren't just mooning over a baby, you do still have that world's existence at heart."

"Of course. Just because the Scholars can't see it yet." Lin said, "It's the same reason they don't believe me about that Black man. He cared to much for the family there is no way he gave them up."

"Time will tell Lin. Time will tell." Catrina took the sleeping toddler and moved off towards the infirmary.

The next morning when Harry woke up he looked out of his crib to see a large cat walking on two legs, "Kitty."

"Good morning." Catrina said walking over to the crib, "How are you feeling today."

"Mummy?" he asked.

"I'm sorry but she can't come to you." Catrina said in a soothing voice, "Do you hurt anywere?"

"Owee." Harry said patting his head.

"Let me just get you something for that." Catrina said. She pulled a vial from the table and held it to his lips, "Drink up this will make you feel better. Now lay back down and we see if that owee doesn't go away alright?"

"K." Harry replied and laid back down.

When Harry woke a few hours later the kitty was still close by, "Da?"

Catrina turned towards the noise and tried to smile but it was a bit watery, "I'm sorry Harry but Da can't come either."

"Pafoo? Mooy?" he questioned.

"No I'm sorry." she shook her head. Tears were coursing down the chubby cheeks when she reached into the crib and picked him up, "Don't worry Kitty has you and will take very good care of you."

"Kitty is it?" Lin Wa asked as he walked into the room.

"Hush Lin. He's very upset. Everyone he knows is gone." she admonished him.

"I know, just teasing you." he said, "You aren't looking very happy either. I was hoping to get a grin from you."

"Maybe later." she replied.

"Kitty, potty." Harry interrupted.

"I think that means bathroom." Lin grinned.

"Thanks for that." Catrina said sarcastically.