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Continuity: Uses the setting from the original X-Men movie trilogy, but ignores the events.

Rating: T, for minor profanity and mentions of sexual situations.


If someone were to ask Bobby Drake what he thought a vampire looked like, he would introduce said someone to Jean-Paul Martin. Dour as he was, Jean-Paul would be far from pleased at the prospect of suffering through such shenanigans, and Bobby would instigate the meeting just for the satisfaction of watching the scowl mar the other mutant's usually stony features.

While not a malicious person, Bobby couldn't help but enjoy the idea of antagonizing Jean-Paul, not that he had ever engaged in such an act. Despite barely speaking, Jean-Paul exuded an air of entitlement, as if he were the exception to every rule. He didn't speak often, but not because of reticence; instead he radiated the snobbish notion of being too good to speak to anyone. Over time, this grated upon Bobby's nerves, and Jean-Paul managed to unwittingly irritate him with so much as a roll of his strangely-colored eyes.

Even when he had first talked to Jean-Paul, the other teen had been remarkably unfriendly. This marked Bobby's lack of enthusiasm for conversations to come, and he found he was disinclined to speak to Jean-Paul, even though there was a part of him that wished to crack Jean-Paul's unshakable demeanor. Bobby couldn't explain this infatuation, but the other arrogant young man fascinated him.

But what vexed him the most was Jean-Paul's apparent unwillingness to care that others found him to be sullen and haughty. Jean-Paul had to know that others called him conceited and stuck-up behind his back, but Jean-Paul never lifted a finger to change that impression or worked to modify his behavior. This irked Bobby. Why was Jean-Paul so apathetic to being nice to other people?

When he first saw Jean-Paul, the only thought he had was to marvel at his resemblance to a vampire with his eerily flawless looks: sleek, black hair; pale, completely unblemished complexion; and tall, thin but athletic build; with lean, defined muscles. Of course, Bobby knew that Jean-Paul wasn't really a vampire because he was standing in a pool of sunlight and neither was he melting or anything, as the myths claimed, nor was he sparkling, like in that one vampire movie he had seen, the one with the really terrible acting.

His second thought upon seeing Jean-Paul was to wonder if he was a new student at the Xavier Institute. And the students were mutants, so if Jean-Paul was a student, he had to be a mutant, so what were his abilities?

Also, Bobby observed (totally impartially, of course), this kid was so pretty that he might steal the attention of all the eligible girls at the Institute. And that was not was Bobby wanted. Luckily for him, Rogue never had swooned over Warren like the rest of the girls, so Bobby probably still had a chance with her.

Although Bobby had initially only sauntered outside to find Jubilee and ask if he could borrow her DVD copy of Black Swan (Remy had recommended the film to him and said that it was an awesome movie.), he abandoned his mission of strolling along looking for the chatty girl. Knowing Jubilee's constant need for attention, she was probably preening in the middle of a group of people, showing off her new Dazzler T-Shirt and reveling in their attention, anyway, and Bobby was intrigued by the stranger walking along the path towards him.

Looking at Jean-Paul, it was plain for Bobby to see that the other was very . . . pretty. Not quite dazzling in the sun like the supposedly beautiful vampire love interest in a young adult romance novel, but he definitely had the looks to do so. Just "good-looking" wasn't enough to describe his fine features, not that Bobby had experience discussing the physically attractive attributes of other men.

But this kid looked like he had just walked out of the nearest modeling studio on an afternoon jaunt and happened to stumble across the Xavier Institute grounds. While Jean-Paul's face wasn't positively angelic, like Warren's, he was still on the same level of pretty, as if they were sculptures that had been carved by Michelangelo, or were male characters who were always surrounded by flowers and sparkles in those anime shows Kitty and Jubilee sometimes watched.

The two were only a few feet apart now, and Bobby spoke to the other mutant, doing his best to be affable. "Hey, you a new student here?"

Jean-Paul halted in front of him, but he looked at Bobby with all the warmth of a coiling rattlesnake. "Is that significant in any way?" His voice was cold and impatient. Though Bobby learned later that Jean-Paul was French Canadian, he spoke precise English with no trace of an accent.

Bobby was taken aback by his overt unfriendliness. His tone was defensive when he responded. "Well, yeah, I was just wondering- "

"Actually, ignore that," Jean-Paul said, eyeing Bobby with disdain. "I've just remembered: I don't care. Let's just both move along. I don't want to waste my time with a second-class citizen."

"What the hell did you just call me?" Bobby demanded, caught off-guard by his sucker punch.

A look of deep distaste was his only reply, and Jean-Paul started to walk again, moving towards him.

"What's wrong with you?" Bobby wasn't scared of this pretty boy, only angered by the absence of verbal response.

Jean-Paul simply continued to stare directly at him, his icy eyes locked onto to Bobby's. This reaction, or lack thereof, brought Bobby distinct discomfort, but he found himself enraptured by Jean-Paul's unique eyes and disinclined to break the shared gaze.

A fleeting emotion flashed across Jean-Paul's handsome features, evanescing before Bobby had a chance to decipher it. Yet for a moment, Jean-Paul's movie star aura seemed to fade, leaving him strangely human; the ice in his gaze melted very briefly, before resuming in an instant.

But then Jean-Paul's eyes, deep blue with hints of gray, reminiscent of an ocean covered with silver mist, passed right over him, as if he was nothing more than another piece of shrubbery. Even after Jean-Paul had woven swiftly around him, like a . . . shadow in the . . . night, Bobby remembered his cold gaze, within a handsome, yet blank face, unable to be warmed at all by the bright sunny day.


I like the idea of Remy convincing Bobby to watch Black Swan, so Bobby would be all, "What the hell is this?" throughout the entire movie. Also, he seems to have learned all of his information on vampires from watching Twilight.

Let me know what you thought of the story. Peace.