What's this? A actual CHAPTER story? GASP! Lol hey there guys :) Here's a new story for you. I was writing another one shot before this, but I just didn't feel it anymore as I reached the end. Hell, I'm the author and even I'm a critique XP Besides that, I've been thinking about this story for a while now and I've been dieing to write it :) So, with out further ado, I give you 'Hallow' (I know the names lame, but bare with me people!) Lol I do not own Inuyasha. Enjoy!

Kagome's POV-

"Kagome I'm bored!" the young fox demon cried, before collapsing dramatically into my arms which caused me to giggle. "What are you even doing?" he asked and I smiled before placing him on my shoulder so I could get back to work.

"Nothing really, just collecting some herbs for Kaede. These aren't found by the village, but she told me they're very helpful for illnesses" I explained, only to receive a half-hearted groan from the little guy. "Don't worry, Shippo, I'll-" I start but was cut off by a long, white, snake like demon that weaved itself through trees before me.

"K-Kagome, aren't those Kikyo's soul collectors?" Shippo questioned nervously, which caused me to give him a curt nod. "What do they want? Inuyasha's back at camp" he complained which caused me gaze at the creature as my eyebrows pulled together in frustration.

"I..don't know..but I think they're looking for us" I stated dumbly, which caused Shippo to freeze. "We should follow them" I decided before standing up, abandoning my basket of herbs, and walking towards the worm like creature.

When it saw I was approaching, it immediately turned around before entering the forest, stopping once to glance back at us as if it was urging me to hurry.

"Kagome! Why would we follow them! They'll lead us back to Kikyo!" Shippo wailed and I rolled my eyes as I ran after the serpent. "Come on, Kagome, you don't even like Kikyo! She's trying to take Inuyasha to hell! She's trying to take him away from us!" Shippo exclaimed, causing my heart to clench uncomfortably.

"If she needs my help, I'll help her...for Inuyasha's sake. He couldn't handle losing her again.." I muttered as I felt the very familiar jealousy flare through my veins.

Shippo groaned loudly, and I could tell that, even though he didn't like the idea in the slightest, he wouldn't argue anymore...for me at least. He knew as well as I did that losing Kikyo again would crush him, and neither of us wanted to see that happen.

He was right, however, I didn't really like Kikyo. I mean, can you blame me? Because of her, I can never be with Inuyasha, and he can never love me the way I love him. Not to mention she's tried to kill me on numerous occasions when I've only tried to help her.

Shippo on the other hand, didn't like Kikyo for of me. He didn't like seeing me so upset when Inuyasha would go see her, so that sparked a hatred of his own. After all, thinking of me as his mother tends to make him a tad protective and judgmental.

The soul collect finally stopped when we were standing in the entrance of a dark cave. Shippo immediately tensed, and I could hear him sniffing the air. When he visibly relaxed, showing there was nothing dangerous inside the cake, I squared my shoulder in an attempt to look brave and determined, before marching into the dark tunnel.

"Shippo, can you conjure your fox fire so we can see?" I asked, and he whimpered but nodded. Within seconds, a beautiful blue flame appeared in his palm, lighting the dark, damp cave a faded blue color.

Like most caves, the walls were dripping with bat droppings and other forms of moisture, and my foot steps echoed all around us, supplying that "eerie cave" feeling. Thankfully, however, the walk wasn't long before we found Kikyo sitting herself upon a rock. It took further observation to see she looked incredibly weak.

"Kikyo" I stated dryly, which caused her to look up as a greeting. Her eyes immediately darted to Shippo, showing that she hoped I would come alone, but after a second or two she turned her gaze back to me.

"I'm surprised you came" she commented, her voice and face stoic as always which I rolled my eyes, the ghost of a sneer evident on my face, before I put my hands on my hips.

"I'm not heartless. Now what do you want?" I asked, cringing at how bitchy I sounded. A small smile graced her lips at the tone of my voice, before she turned to stare vacantly at the wall.

"I requested you here to say farewell to Inuyasha and Kaede. I'll be crossing soon and I don't think I could handle saying good bye in person" she stated, causing my eyes to widen in alarm. "Why aren't you jumping for joy, you wanted me gone, did you not?" she asked, which caused me to glare at her.

"I don't wish harm on others, even if they tried to harm me, and even if the man I love, loves them, again, I'm not heartless, like some people I know" I offered before my gaze softened. "What do you mean you'll be crossing, I thought you wanted to defeat Naraku?" I whispered while Shippo tightened his grip on my shoulder and cocked his head to the side.

"This body, made of clay and dirt, can no longer hold these foreign souls. I shall decompose soon. I'll leave it to you to destroy Naraku" she explained, but even though I knew I should understand and leave it alone, that it was what she seemed to want, I couldn't. No matter how much I wanted to.

"You...you can't! Inuyasha will be devastated if you died again! You can't do that to him!" I yelled, and I watched her smile again as she closed her eyes. Out of no where, a soul escaped from her body before rushing towards the entrance of the cave, as if it were fleeing from her.

"Wait..you said your body won't hold foreign souls..what about your soul. Could you stay alive if you had your soul back?" I asked, causing her head to immediately snap up. Her brow furrowed together as she searched my eyes, trying to figure out exactly what I was saying.

"Surely you jest. You and I both know, my soul is in your body" she said, frowning at me like I was stupid. I wanted to glare at her, to tell her I was just trying to help, and if she was going to act like I didn't know what I was doing that good riddance, but I couldn't.

How could I? The thought of telling Inuyasha what happened left me standing there, awkwardly as I weighed my options. What if I were to tell him and he accused me of letting her die. God I don't even want to think about that. Also, I remember how he acted when he thought Naraku killed her. Another thing I don't want to think about, let alone happen again.

"I'll give you my soul" I blurted out, which caused her eyes to widen and Shippo to scream 'what!' in my ear. "That is, I'll give you part of it. I'll need enough to walk around, use my spiritual powers, and stay alive, but you could have most of it" I explained, and she studied me.

"Why would you do that? Why would you keep me alive. The man you love, loves me and you're going to give me your soul and let me live? After everything I've done to you? Why would you do that for me?" she asked and I quickly scoffed at the question.

"I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for him. I'll...I'll stay in the feudal era and help search for jewel shards, and I'll come and find you some how and give them to you so you guys can put the jewel together, but you have to promise to stay with Inuyasha, tell him why I'm doing this, and...and make him happy" I answered before wrapping my arms around myself in an attempt to hold myself together.

"You're a strange girl, Kagome, but I'm grateful. I'll heed to your requests" Kikyo stated, and our eyes met in a mutual understanding, despite Shippo's complaining.

"Alright. Show me what to do. When we're done, Shippo, you'll go back with Kikyo to camp" I told him, and he looked at me with tears in his wide eyes as if I just told him I didn't want him anymore. I picked him up gently, pulling him into a tight hug, which he quickly returned, before smiling softly at him and extending my arms to give him to Kikyo.

He started at her for a minute, and when Kikyo reached forward to take him, he immediately started crying, as he kicked and screamed, before launching himself into my chest.

"No! I'm not going anywhere without you! I'm not losing you! I'm not losing my mama again!" he wailed as he sobbed uncontrollably into my chest. "I-I-I g-going with y-you" he stated and I could feel my heart tearing to pieces because of his words.

I pulled him into a hug, as I whispered to him to calm down, and that everything will be okay as I rubbed his back soothingly. With that, I realized I couldn't lose him either. I wasn't going to hand him over to Kikyo either. He was like a son to me, even if I was young, and I was not giving this bitch my child.

"It's alright, Shippo, you can come with me. I want you with me too" I cooed, and he immediately looked up at me with tear stained cheeks. I whipped his tears away with my thumb before kissing him on the cheek and placing him on the ground beside me. "I'll never leave you" I promised, which caused him to nod as he tried to stop himself from crying.

With that I looked up at Kikyo, a emotionless expression on my face, as I nodded for her to continue. She simply stared back at me for a moment, as if trying to find hesitation in my eyes before approaching me slowly.

"Focus on a part of you. Focus on something to keep you alive. Something worth living and fighting for. Once that is done, cup your hands in front of you and focus on pushing out everything but that. You're soul will immediately divide into two, and since you're willing to stay alive for that part of your being, it'll leave with enough to do so" she explained slowly and I nodded.

It wasn't hard to pick out something worth living for. The image of a certain half demon immediately filled my head, so I focused on my love for him. How I wanted to live for him, and how I would do anything for him.

Just as she commanded, I cupped my hands in front of my as if I was picking up water between them and focused on pushing out the remains of my soul, however, I never realized how painful it would be.

As the large white orb pulled through my chest, every inch of my body burnt. I felt like Sesshomaru's poisonous claws were digging into my chest and pulling my heart out as slowly as possible in an very successful attempt at causing me more pain. As the orb continued to be pulled out, I felt strangely hallow, like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween, and I felt my entire being because exhausted as if I've been up for months without sleep, yet I was unable to sleep.

Once the orb was completely out of my being, without hesitation, I pushed the burning object into Kikyo, willing it to pass through her body. As it entered her, her breath hitched, and she visibly cringed because of the pain. However, when it settled, a peaceful smile came over her lips as if she found something she was longing for for a while.

"I may not be living in the sense that I have a heart beat, or blood running through my veins, but this feeling is as good as it can get" she murmured, but I barely heard her as I examined my hands which actually had burn marks on them as if I placed them on a hot stove. "Thank you, Kagome" she stated, causing me to shake my head wearily.

"Just...remember your promise" I replied with a heavy tongue, feeling empty and tired. Honestly, I felt like I was the living dead. The only thing that made me remember I was still alive was the fact that I could faintly feel my heart beating in my chest.

She nodded, and together we excited the cave. The sun warmed my skin slightly, as well as Shippo who positioned himself on my shoulder, but I still felt wrong. There was really no way to express it, but I felt like I had to struggle to be myself.

"What did you focus on, to keep you alive that is?" Kikyo suddenly asked, and despite this feeling boiling inside me, I smiled sadly as I remembered.

"My love for Inuyasha. My desire for him to live because I'd rather him be happy them myself because I love him too much. As long as he's alive, I can keep going" I explained, which caused her to stare at me for a moment. "You should go, Inuyasha will be wondering where Shippo and I have gone" I said and she nodded.

She then motioned for her soul collects to follow, but instead, them swarmed around Shippo and I, acting as if they were trying to protect us. The biggest one of them came forward, face to face with Kikyo.

"This is where we part ways Lady Kikyo. We must now follow our new mistress, Lady Kagome, and keep her safe. It is the prophecy" it suddenly spoke, which surprised me slightly.

"Prophecy? What prophecy do you speak of?" she asked, and the larger soul collector returned to my side, quickly following the others as they circled us.

"We met a fortune teller, many years back, explaining to us a strange prophecy. 'Seek for thy spirit that lives as it dies, Thy mistress who seals her heart hidden by lies. Use thy power to protect thy lady's heart, A loving companion is thy's only part. Thy mistress with a merry, forgiving soul, Thy wench who's heart is all but a hole.'" he recited before going to face Kikyo again.

"At first we assumed the prophecy talked of Lady Kikyo, but now we see that we were mistaken. We must protect Mistress Kagome from this point on. We trust you shall be safe with the half demon" he finished, and to this Kikyo nodded before approaching me.

"Take my bow, I'll use yours. I assume you left it at camp?" she asked and I nodded before shakily taking the bow from her along with her quiver of arrows. "Send a soul collector to seek me when necessary" she instructed before headed in the direction of camp.

"Let's go Shippo" I stated, before slinging the quiver over my shoulder and taking Shippo to cradle in my free hand. "We should find a place to stay before night falls, I have a feeling we'll be traveling for a while tomorrow" I explained and he looked up at me sadly before nodding and nuzzling her neck affectionately like a small dog trying to comfort it's master, or in this case a child trying to comfort his mother.

With that being said, we took off in the opposite direction with the soul collectors circling around us creating a small barrier. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, and I wanted to curse Kikyo, but I couldn't seem to muster any sort of emotion at the moment, nothing beside sorrow.