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Chapter 1:

I yawned tiredly and reached my hand across my bed to smack the alarm that had been beeping non-stop. The sun was flittering in between the cracks of the blinds, glittering like gold-spun yarn on the floor, a promising start to a nice day. I pulled the covers back, swung my legs over, and reached my arms as far up as I could, stretching with all I had, then noticed a paper sitting on my nightstand.

It was a permission slip, signed and ready, to go on the field trip to the museum later that morning, a trip I was highly looking forward to. I got up and began going through the daily routine, brushing my medium, curly, auburn hair, teeth, grabbing all my stuff together, changing into light blue t-shirt and dark jeans, before heading downstairs to find my brother eating at the table.

"You're up early," I commented as I reached for the fridge and pulled out some orange juice, filling the glass on the counter that had been left out.

"I've got some things to do today, figured I'd get a head start and be home early," he said picking up his bowl of finished cereal and carrying it to the sink.

My brother's name is Sethos, but everyone calls him Seth instead. He's older than me, about seven years older to be exact, and takes care of me whenever my parents go on long-term business trips. He stands around six feet and has shaggy black hair, I always thought it would get in his face, but he never seems bothered by it, and , like everyone else in our family, has white eyes. He's a competitive swimmer, ranking high up in the professional leagues and has a lot going for him this next year. It's the off season, so coming and "baby-sitting" me, as one would put it, isn't too much of a problem for him.

"Like what? Looking for a real job?" I laughed and pulled a poppy seed muffin out of its wrapper and bit into it.

He smiled at me and rolled his eyes.

"I have a job, and I make more money than you will in a year, you remember that when you turned down swimming," he said with a chuckle, rinsing his plate off.

"I'm perfectly content to stay in the uncompetitive side of things, thanks. Besides, I get second-hand glory from having you as my brother, and I have no problem in basking in that!" I said and pulled my jacket on whilst balancing a huge muffin in my mouth.

He smiled and flicked his hand towards me, his way of saying I'd better be off to school soon.

I hop down our stone path towards the street and began walking the five minute walk to school. My name is Aislinn, I'm seventeen years old, a senior at Maryanna Kruse Academy for girls, and I live in one of the most secluded spots in Vermont that's so small, it's not on any map. I'm not particularly close with anyone in my school, so I don't spend a lot of time with friends. Despite that it's an all-girls school, I've had my share of guys I've dated, none of them ever getting anything, or getting far for that matter. I relish a good challenge, but would rather be living an adventure if given the chance. But for now, I have an ordinary life, with ordinary struggles. Little did I know, my life was going to change very soon.

My parents are extremely career oriented business people, working mainly in Interior Design, traveling around the world all the time. They've always been good at it, our house is the type you read about in those Better Homes and Gardens magazine (we've had multiple photo shoots done in it as well), and are hired to service famous people everywhere. It's pretty rare I ever see them, but I've spent most of my life with Seth, so he really feels like my only family.

Last I knew of, they were designing a chateau for the prince of Spain, and wouldn't be back for some time, months probably.

I smiled cheerfully as different neighbors said good morning and waved at me. Small town, but it was a nice one, lots of old people lived their retirement years here so it was great to grow up in. One such neighbor, Mr. Anthony dipped his hat to me as I rounded the final corner to school.

He was a small stout man with balding hair, and a soft, friendly, white mustache above his lip. He owned a small house that was always decorated beautifully with flowers of all colors throughout all the seasons, even in winter he was the only man I ever knew that could still keep his flowers blooming. A mysterious, and impressive, feat he was always kind to everyone and would never hurt a fly.

"Good morning Mr. Anthony," I called and smiled brightly, the sun warming my back as I stood.

"Good morning Aislinn! Off to the museum today aren't you?" he asked, always informed on school events as if he were a student.

"Yes, we've been studying Greek Mythology for some time now and our teacher thought it would be wonderful to go and see some of the artifacts we'd been studying for ourselves," I adjusted the bag on my shoulder that was beginning to slip and began walking once again, not wanting to be late.

"Ah! Greek mythology! One of my most favorite subjects!" he smiled with a twinkle in his eye, as though he were keeping the greatest secret in the world, and only he knew it.

"You must come and see me when you get back, I want to hear all about it," he said and turned to resume watering the bluish purple flowers in front of him.

I nodded before he turned and continued, a bit faster to the gate, and went inside the massive brick building, ivy crawling up half of it. I walked past all the chattering groups of girls, who were giggling and standing along the hallways, and made it to my locker to stow away all the books I'd been carrying in my bag about Greek Mythology.

I'd loved the subject long before we'd started studying it, and was even more addicted to it now that we had. Each god or goddess and how they were related, how they acted, what their lives were like. I didn't particularly dislike any of the Gods, except perhaps Ares and how anger filled he could be all the time. However, I did favor a particular God more than the others, and despite everyone else's opinion, liked Hades, God of the Underworld most of all.

The first bell rang annoying in the echoing hallways, and I began making my way through the crowds to homeroom, where we'd be leaving shortly anyway to go to the museum. I sat down in an empty seat by the window, gazing out at the sun filled sky, excited to see what I would remember.

"Alright everyone, bring your permission slips up to my desk and get your things together, we'll be leaving as soon as everyone's ready," my homeroom teacher Mrs. Grine called. I stepped in line behind Maddy Price, the perfect blonde, skinny ass, stuck up nitwit that believed she ran the school.

"Hey Aislinn, you ready to see some cute statues?" she winked and her friend Ginna snickered behind me saying, "I bet they're naked ones too!" and with that half my section in line began laughing profoundly.

I rolled my eyes and set the paper on top of everyone else's before returning to my seat, rubbing one of my cloud white eyes as though dirt was lodged in it. It stung painfully, but stopped after a moment. It took a few more minutes for everyone to turn in their papers and then we all gathered up our stuff to leave. Old desks scraped across the floor with shuddering noises as girls flocked out of the room as fast as they could.

I stood carefully grabbing my bag and followed out behind everyone else, a bright smirk plastered on my face as I look forward to what I was about to see.