A/N And this my friends is what i call a wrap...i only finished two days before this years starts. LOL! But seriously thank you soooo much to all of you who have been with me from beginning to end, i love you all!

"Why are we doing this again?"

"You need to learn how to sense enemies behind you, ninety-five percent of the time if your battling one then there is another and they will come at you from behind."

"I know that, why am I blindfolded, is what I'm trying to ask."

"So you obviously can't cheat and look for me."

"Are you sure about this To-san?"

"Yes Kikyo, now begin."

Fine, fine, fine….Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

"Missed, again."

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

"Missed again."

Sakura sighed signed her name for the last time, closed the file, and gathered the various medical texts to put back on the bookshelves before standing only to be nearly run over by her eldest daughter.


"Sorry Kaa-san, don't laugh when To-san comes in okay?"

Shaking her head at her daughter's strange reaction she once again gathered the books that had fallen on the floor only to stand up and nearly be run over by Sasuke who stormed in the house heading in the direction of their bedroom, the seat of his pants black and smoking.

Cupping her hand to her mouth she yelled:

"Sasuke-kun, throw those pants away, they can't be fixed!"

Gathering the vegetables for the stir fry she wiped the tears of laughter away, oh dear she sure did love her family.


Sakura looked down to see her youngest daughter – Wakana – sucking her thumb one side of her pig tails clearly cut off.

"Arata cut my hwair Kaa-san!"