~Charatcer Info~

Name- Sayori
Age- 20
Race (based on the anime)- Human
Hair Color- Long brown
Eye Color- Brown
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OtherStuff-You were adopted by the king and queen of Parros when were four years old and you don't know who your real parents are. You lived in Parros by the time you turned nineteen years old and you love your adoptive family so much even the twins Rinda and Remus, however, the king always kept you save in his kingdom because everyone except the ones outside the kingdom knows about your secret you have a birthback on the middle of your back that's shaped like two wings and whenever you sing a song while touching someone you actually can heal them, however, your birthmark glows everytime you do it so the reason for that the king had you become Naris's betrothed


Aladdin- Istvan

Jasmine- Sayori

Genie- Guin

Jafar- Naris

Abu- Suni

Iago- Astrias

Sultan- Remus

Razoul- Valerius

Rajah- himself