Once Naris was trapped, it appeared that all his spell were undone. Everyone turned back to normal, the skies menacing appearance faded, and the castle returned to the spot where it truly belongs.

"Istvan, you little genius, you." Guin said, giving Istvan a pat on the back.

Everyone had crowded Istvan to see that they could still hear Naris and Astrias arguing within Naris's lamp.

"You just had to go and make that third wish, you stupid ego maniac." Asterias said.

"Just get your blasted flippers out of my face." Naris said.

"Shut up you moron." Asterias said.

"Don't tell me to shut up." Naris yelled.

As the argument continued, Guin grabbed Naris's lamp and walked over to the balcony. "I'll take care of this." Guin said. He turned himself into a baseball pitcher and began to wind his arm up at high speeds. "Ten thousand years in the Cave of Wonders should chill him out." Guin said, bringing his arm to a halt. Rather than throwing the lamp he flicked it, shooting it off into the desert of Parro.

As Naris's lamp shot out of sight, we could hear Naris's and Astrias's argument reach its peak. "I could have denied this job. I could have stuck with guarding another family." Astrias said.

"Shut Up!" Naris yelled as his lamp crashed into the dune that forms into the cave's head.

Istvan was watching Naris's banishment before noticing Sayori had walked up to his side. Now was as good a time as any to set things straight. "Sayori, I'm sorry I lied to you." Istvan said.

"I know why you did it." Sayori said. She would have been happier if Naris had exposed Istvan for nothing but a peasant.

Istvan looked down sadly. "I guess this is goodbye." Istvan said.

Sayori became frustrated. "Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair. I love you." Sayori said, hugging Istvan.

At this moment, Guin had come from around a corner and was saddened to see Istvan and Sayori be separated. Wiping a tear from his eye, he remembered something that could help the situation. "Hey, Istvan, it's no problem. You still have one wish left. Just say the word and you're a prince again." Guin said.

Istvan looked down at Guin's lamp and looked at him in confusion. "But your freedom." Istvan said. Guin was really willing to give up his chance at freedom for him.

"Hey, it's only an eternity of slavery." Guin said rather depressingly. "But, hey, with all the people here, I'm sure one of them would wish me free. Come on, Istvan, this is love, something no amount of magic can ever change." GUin said, pushing Istvan and Sayori closer together. "Istvan, you're never going to meet another girl like her in the next million years." Guin got closer to Istvan and whispered in his ear, "Believe me. I've looked."

Istvan looked down at Guin's lamp before looking at Sayori. He knew what he had to do. "Sayori, I love you, but have to quit pretending to be something I'm not." Istvan said.

"I understand." Sayori said.

"Guin, I wish for your freedom." Istvan said.

Guin didn't hear it at first. He thought Istvan wished to be a prince again. Guin rolled up his arms saying, "One bona fide prince pedigree coming up. I…" Guin stopped and registered Istvan wish. "Wait, what?"

"Guin, you're free." Istvan said, letting go of the lamp as it began to float in the air. The lamp glowed brightly as a magic wind flew out of the spout and enveloped Guin's body. Istvan and Sayori shared a glance before smiling to see Guin was finally getting his happy ending. As the wind increased velocity, Guin's wisp turned back into his normal legs and the handcuffs on his wrists detached themselves and vanished. What was most shocking was that the winds caused Guin's head to turn human. A leopard mask resembling the one on the side of his lamp appeared and vanished just like the hadcuffs.

Once all was said and done, Guin's lamp dropped to the ground, powerless. Guin, now human, picked up the small trinket. "I don't believe it. I'm free. I'm free." Guin said. Guin stopped and handed his lamp to Istvan, he had to test things to see if he was truly free. "Okay, buddy, wish for something. Something outrageous. Uh, wish for…wish for world. Okay do that." Guin said, bracing himself in case he had to grant the wish.

"Uh…I wish for world." Istvan said sheepishly.

"NO WAY!" Guin shouted in Ishvan's face before laughing. Ishvan simply rolled his eyes in amusement. Guin began flying around wildly yelling, "I'm free, I'm free at last." Guin grabbed a suitcase and began to stuff it with numerous clothes, objects, and whatever else he could see. "My time has come, I'll travel the world, I'll see great sights, I'll…" Guin stopped talking and looked down at Istvan, realizing he gave up his chance to be with Sayori.

"I'm gonna miss you Guin." Istvan said.

"Me too Istvan. No matter what anyone says, you'll always be a prince to me." Guin said. In an act of friendship, he hugged Istvan, crying sadly that everyone couldn't get his happy ending too.

"That's right." The king said. "As far as I'm concerned, you've certainly proven yourself. It's that law that's the problem."

"Father?" Sayori asked hopefully.

"Well, am I king or am I king?" The king asked rhetorically. "I do decree that from this day forth, the princess and/or prince may wed whomever she and/or he deems fit."

Sayori was shocked and then overjoyed. She ran over to Istvan and hugged him affectionately. "Him! I choose you, Istvan." Sayori said.

Istvan and Sayori were about to kiss, when Guin, now dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, swim trunks, sandals, and a cap, got between Istvan and Sayori saying, "Well isn't this just the best happy ending ever. Come on, big group hug, group hug!" Guni, still able to use the powers he had as a genie even though he was free, grabbed everyone. And I mean everyone. He grabbed Istvan, Sayori, Suni, carpet, the king, the queen, Rajah, Rinda, and Remus.

Guin looked at Istvan for a second. "Mind if I kiss the monkey." Guin grabbed Suni and kissed her on the head.

"No get off of me, don't, yuck." Suni said in irritation.

Guin released the entire group before taking to the skies. "Well, I can't do any more damage around this Popsicle stand. I'm out of here. See you round you crazy love birds. Yo, rug man, catch you in a few years because I'm history. No I'm mythology. Oh, I don't care what I am. You know why? I'M FREE! Ha-ha!" Guin shouted.

That evening, a celebration was held, not just for Naris's removal from power, but also Istvan's and Sayori's wedding night. Fireworks went off in the sky. However Istvan and Sayori, on carpet, decided to get a closer to the spectacle, with a familiar song playing.

Istvan: A whole new world

Sayori: A whole new life

Istvan, Sayori, & Chorus: For you and me!

As they kissed and flew off into the distance, they flew past the moon. The moon somehow came to life and began to laugh and turned around, revealing Guin's face. Suddenly, Guin's pushed the scene away as if it was a strand of film. "Made ya look." he said disappearing. As he put the scene back, everything was normal