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She jumped from the bridge onto the open topped bus and landed roughly on her knees. The people were spooked but she cracked a quick joke and ran down the stairs. She heard the click of cameras behind her and rolled her eyes; tourists. She leapt out of the open door and landed clumsily on the sidewalk. She swiveled on her heel and ran in the opposite direction.

A convenient newspaper truck passed and she hitched a ride. She looked around then zeroed in on a running man in dark clothes that billowed slightly out around him; there was her perp and he was inhumanly fast. She tackled into him and was surprised at how solid he felt. She slammed him into the wall and was thrown slightly back when he swung his arm.

He pulled a weapon from his jacket and she quickly knocked it away, flinching from the flash it gave off when it landed. When she looked again, the thing was gone; whatever it had been to begin with.

"He's coming." The man sounded winded and frightened beyond belief, "He's coming and there's nothing you can do to stop him."

"Yeah, we'll see about that," she challenged as she reached for her cuffs. He lunged at her and shook her silently for a split second before throwing her to the ground and running across the street to the parking complex without a worry of the cars that almost hit him. She cursed lightly under her breath then pulled herself to her feet and ran after him, gun in hand.

A car honked at her and she absently waved it away, approaching the building cautiously. She looked down the incline then watched in amazement as the man she was chasing leapt high into the air and made the roof of the three story complex from one of the levels underground. Her jaw dropped slightly open but she knew what she had to do.

She came to one of the doors and shot the glass out willingly enough. This chase was becoming almost more trouble than it was worth and she wasn't even exactly sure why she was even chasing the man. It was obvious the others had given up from the feeble 'you got this one' she had heard when they had fallen behind; pudgy so-n-so's.

She ran up the flights of stairs until she came to a door that led outside. It opened before she could reach it and she leveled her gun. She saw him and his surprised face a few seconds later.

"Freeze, Scumbag, you're under arrest." The man backed away slowly and she followed just as quickly.

"You don't understand. I've failed him and now he'll kill me too. We're all going to die."

"Now you know that's not true," she tried to assure him calmly, "Just come down to the station and we can talk this over. No need to do anything hasty." The man was coming too close to the edge for her to be comfortable with the situation. The man blinked sideways. She couldn't afford to be distracted with whatever that had been so she logged it away later to deal with.
"What are you?" She asked in disbelief.

"It doesn't matter anymore," he supplied then leapt from the edge like an eagle spreading its wings to fly.

"No wait," she yelled but was too late to grab him. Even still, her hand reached out toward him just so later, when she was having nightmares about this, she could assure herself that she had done everything she could have.

"Sonuva…" she bit her tongue as the curse pried almost to freedom from her unsuspecting lips. She grabbed her walkie and called it in. "We've got a jumper at the…" It was just protocol but she hated it. This was only the second time she had called one of these in and she resented both of them for having made her to call it in ever.